Geoffrey chaucer
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  • 1. Geoffrey Chaucer 1340-1400 Kayla White Ashley Jennetten Carley Shoemaker 1st Period British Literature
  • 2. The Beginning• circa 1340- Geoffrey Chaucer is born in London.• As a child, he learned several different languages including French, Latin, and Italian
  • 3. Family & Early Life• His father, John Chaucer, was a successful wine merchant and deputy to the king’s butler.• John Chaucer married Agnes Copton (Geoffrey Chaucer’s mother).• 1357- Chaucer became Elizabeth de Burgh’s (a noblewoman) page due to his father’s connections.
  • 4. His Education• He was well educated, but it is unknown if he went to an university or not.• His works show that he could read French, Latin, and Italian.• There is belief that he could read and write before he went to school.• It was thought that he attended St. Paul’s Almonry Grammar School.
  • 5. His Jobs• Chaucer worked as a page, a soldier, an esquire, a diplomat, a customs controller, a translator, justice of the peace, member of Parliament, Clerk of the Works of Westminster, Commissioner of Walls and Ditches, and Deputy Forester of the Royal Forest.• In between 1359-1360 he went to France to fight in The Hundred Years’ war with Edward III army.
  • 6. Literary Works• Canterbury Tales- Chaucer did not begin writing the stories until he was in his 40’s• After loosing his employment in 1385 he had a period of great creativity producing most of his best poetry including Troilus.• One of his important works was the house of fame which was written between 1374- 1385• Book of Duchess
  • 7. Experiences that Affected His Writings• Chaucer had a life, which affected his work greatly, and gave him many different topics to write about in his poetry.• Such as serving for the kings of his time and going to Florence for war and for trading. Things like this is what made him start to write.• Hundred Years’ War