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Multi Cultural Team Management


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  • 1. Multi-Cultural Team Management
  • 2. Working in a rapidly changing globalized environment, we have to deal with people who speak different languages and live by different customs and values. 6/25/2010
  • 3. As a manager, you will have to vary your managerial style to suit each individual’s needs and find common ground to cope with issues across cultural boundaries. 6/25/2010
  • 4. Some of the challenges faced are… 6/25/2010
  • 5. Cultural differences. 6/25/2010
  • 6. Lack of proper communication. 6/25/2010
  • 7. Difference of communication styles, working styles and quality of work.
  • 8. Difference in time zones .
  • 9. Cultural differences at the work place are taking priority. 6/25/2010
  • 10. How do you as a manager, manage multi-cultural teams? Many successful managers use four-point strategies to tackle problems related to multicultural team management. They are:
  • 11. Adaptation
  • 12. Physical intervention 6/25/2010
  • 13. Administrative involvement 6/25/2010
  • 14. Exit 6/25/2010
  • 15. Just as every person is unique , so too is every culture. It allows us to share a richness of experience if we can allow ourselves to be open to it.
  • 16. The most commonly used methods to deal with multi-cultural teams are…
  • 17. Communicate goals/objectives openly and clearly. 6/25/2010
  • 18. Identify conflicting areas of interest and practices for each culture. 6/25/2010
  • 19. Coordinate cross-culture training sessions.
  • 20. Focus on connecting corporate strategy with brand strategy for clients.
  • 21. Recognize any progress and provide positive feedback. 6/25/2010
  • 22. Treat individuals as individuals. 6/25/2010
  • 23. Trust and Motivation.
  • 24. If your male employees are from a culture where they consider women not their equals, don't put them on a co-gender team. 6/25/2010
  • 25. Give people a chance to participate in discussions and debates. 6/25/2010
  • 26. Working with a cross-cultural team is significantly challenging as the manager must develop strategies to cope not only with differences but also motivate the team to be productive and efficient.
  • 27. Despite the challenges, there are advantages too, such as…
  • 28. People from different cultures bring with them an array of creative and innovative experiences and ideas.
  • 29. Multi-cultural teams have the advantage of 24-hour work rotations.
  • 30. Offices across various geographical locations.
  • 31. A multi-cultural team has the potential to address various business issues.
  • 32. “ Culturally, it's a good thing because neighborhoods become multicultural and we get to understand each other a little better. “ - Clarence Boykin’s