MLA Poster Presentaton 2010 - Virtual Learning Commons for Nurses


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Prepared by M. Puterbaugh, M. Shannon and H. Gorton

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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MLA Poster Presentaton 2010 - Virtual Learning Commons for Nurses

  1. 1. The Virtual Learning Commons for Nurses: Using Second Life (SL) to Support Nursing Education Authors and Contributors: What They Are Doing: Mark D. Puterbaugh , Librarian; Malinda Shannon, Research Assistant; Heather Gorton BA, Research Assistant JinJu Kang RN BSN; Hyun Mi Lee RN BSN; Mi Young Lim RN BSN; Swoo Alexandrov, Librarian; Joy Dlugosz, Librarian; Aina Kuo, Librarian and Translator Eastern University, Warner Memorial Library, St. Davids, PA Have you made contacts through VLCN? Yes 35% Objective: With funds from the Donald A. B. Lindberg Research Fellowship of 2008, the Virtual Learning Commons for Nurses (VLCN) was created in the virtual online social world Second Life (SL). As part of the project, a series of basic information literacy classes were offered to nurses using SL for edu- cation and recreation. This provided a means to foster social and professional interaction of nurses from a variety of backgrounds and evaluate SL as No a tool for promoting socialization and professionalization among nurses and those supporting nursing education. 65% Methods: In-person observation and real-time interaction provided a subjective analysis of the project. Surveys and quizzes using in-world tools provided objective analysis of the nurses’ learning experience in the VLCN and in generally in SL. Conclusions: SL provides an excellent tool for nursing education and social interaction. However, SL requires a significant investment in finances, per- sonnel time and social capital to make it an effective tool Rating the VLCN and SL on a Scale from 1 to 10. “Thank you very much for this chance to participate .... This would definitely improve our chances in meeting people from all over with the same professional background in RL.” How would you rate your SL class experience? Score 7.9 How would you rate your SL experience overall? Score 8.2 Rate the learning materials found at the VLCN. VLCN Facts: Score 7 Rate the VLCN as a place to make personal or professional contact. There have been 4 Eastern University Nursing Score 7.6 How would you rate SL as a place to meet people? Informatics classes introduced to SL through the Score 7 VLCN. How likely is your attendance to additional VLCN events? Score 7.6 How likely is your attendance to additional VLCN classes? Currently 17 Information Literacy Friday open Have you made social contacts in SL? Score 6.6 class sessions have been presented. No 17% 15 Video Tutorials were created to run in the VLCN, as a tool “First I would need to be able to find VLCN on Teaching 10 Island on for library instruction. Yes the map.” 83% 22 PowerPoint presentations were created to run in the “I haven't had much time to explore VLCN yet, but would love to learn VLCN, as a tool for library instruction. more about it. The couple times I did stop by the sim was empty. “ The SL Group Learning Commons for Nurses boasts over Who They Are: 115 members. Professional Status MSN 26% To date, over 200 individual visitors have come to the VLCN site on Teaching 10 Island. BSN 26% PHD 22% RN 22% Other 4%