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Easy Searching in PubMed (Chinese Version)
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Easy Searching in PubMed (Chinese Version)


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A quick introduction to using PubMed.

A quick introduction to using PubMed.

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  • 1. Easy Searching in PubMed PubMed 資訊網站 簡 易 使用指南 Updated Wednesday, March 10, 2010
  • 2. Presented by Mark D. Puterbaugh Information Services Librarian And Malinda Shannon Research Assistant Warner Memorial Library Eastern University St. Davids, PA 19087 Translation by Aina Kuo, Librarian
  • 3. We are searching for article information about distance education and nursing. 我們搜尋有關護理學生遠程教育的研究文章報告之資料。 The results list provides over 5,000 hits. 資料索引總數 : 5,000 Searching in PubMed
  • 4. Choosing the Limits link provides one means of reducing this number to a manageable and relevant size. 選擇‘有限制選項’ , 使這張相關的資料索引之名單減低到比較容易處理。 We can select articles from nursing journals and in English to set a limit on the results. 我們可以限制選擇之結果只有護理的英語研究學報。 Setting Limits and Searching in PubMed
  • 5. The limiters reduced the number of results on our list to reflect articles from only nursing journals. 選擇 ’有限制選項’,使這張相關的資料索引之名單,只集中於護理學報期刊的文章 。 Setting Limits and Searching in PubMed A list of suggested searches is presented to the right of the results list. 在 資 料 網站 查尋結果名單的右邊 , 是早先前查尋 之 歷史。
  • 6. Working with Results in PubMed Select a title to view the article information. 選擇一個主題,開始查尋學報文章的相關資料。 .
  • 7. Working with Results in PubMed Once selected an abstract of the article appears. 一旦 選擇文章 之 摘要 To the right of the abstract, related articles are suggested. Some of these are links to full-text available on the Internet or PubMed Central. 在主題摘要的右邊是例舉之相關 全 文連接點。其中有一些是可利用資訊網站,或 PubMed Central 來查尋。
  • 8. Working with Results in PubMed Results with full-text available through PubMed Central provide a link to the article. 經由連接點搜索 PubMed Central 的 資訊網站 , 可找到文章 之 完整全文。
  • 9. If you choose to look at the article information another link is provided to the full-text on the information page. 如果您選擇一 篇 文章資料,可利用索引連接點找到全文。 Working with Results in PubMed
  • 10. Selecting the link will display options for the available article. 經由這個連接點,可找到在 PubMed 所 收集的文章。 Working with Results in PubMed
  • 11. Working with Results in PubMed When full-text is not available check the Library’s A to Z Journal List on the website. The Library may own the journal in paper or in electronic format. 如果沒有找到整體全文,可利用本圖書館之 A 到 Z 學報名單,找到本館 所 收集的紙張學報,或者網路上面的電子學報。
  • 12. Can’t find the article in the Library or Online then use Inter-library Loan. A form is available on the Library’s website. 如果找不到在圖書館裡或網上的學報文章,可使用館際互借程序取得。申請表在圖書館的網站上可以找到。 Working with Results in PubMed The Librarians can request the article through FirstSearch, Rapid ILL or through Docline. 圖書管理員可帮助您經由 FirstSearch 、 Rapid ILL 或 Docline 取得文章。 Be sure to have the journal title, article title, and the author’s name. Any other information is useful, but these are the basics that the Library must have to request an article. 請務必有學報期刊標題、文章標題和作者的名字。 其他的資料是有用的,但是這些是圖書館互借程序請調文章時需要的基本要求。