UCSA SL Demo 2009


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A demonstration of UCSA International's Virtual Solutions department. Second Life and examples of our builds.

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UCSA SL Demo 2009

  1. 1. Unique Customer Service Approach UCSA International ”The Elite Business Development Networking Brokerage Firm” UCSA International Inc. is a Small, Hispanic Woman Owned Business The information in this document is UCSA International Inc. Confidential and Proprietary, and is intended solely for the addressee(s). You may use and apply the information for the intended purpose only and should not copy or disclose its content to others.
  2. 2. • Second Life was created in 2003 by Linden Research Inc. – It is a FREE downloadable client program – Users are referred to as "Residents" who interact through motional avatars. – A 3D Virtual modeling tool that fosters creativity and facilitates collaborative forums. – Second Life's world (called "the grid") is divided into 256x256m areas of land, called Regions or Islands or Sims (short for "Simulators"). Each Region is simulated by a single server • As of August 2009 – currently there are 16,331,131 resident accounts (1,378,127 in the last 60 days) • Second Life uses an internal currency called the "Linden Dollar" (L$). $50M in user-to-user transactions are traded nearly every month • In 2008, Second Life was honored at the 59th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for advancing the development of online sites with user-generated content.
  3. 3. User to User Transactions – Store facing  USD to $L traded on the market and virtual goods purchased
  4. 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBHikzs7DWM Designed By UCSA UCSA designs Avatars in your likeness or  one of your dreams!
  5. 5. Sustain Key Business Principles Through Second Life® Accountability Measure performance  Q&A and Feedback Sessions Customer Surveys Conduct Live Presentations and Interactive Simulations Modernization Provide Second Life ®cutting‐edge technology Support and achieve performance and service objectives Integration Provide integrated interactive service to customers Increase operational effectiveness Customer Value Provide an effective, efficient and economical option for business and  management services  FREE downloadable software Improve customer understanding of your organization
  6. 6. UCSA SIM SOLUTIONS            As a premier solution provider for Linden Labs in Second Life and working as a liaison we provide customer feedback and requirements to them as well as providing our customers with the updated information and new enhancements. Here are a few benefits to using Second Life within your organization.
  7. 7. THE UCSA LIBRARY The Library has been established as a venue to provide a place to access new reading material such as; white papers, books, magazines. Discuss with the material right at your fingertips! Books can be copied for transport and protected through encryption! Perfect for bookclubs, social networking  We can distribute magazines, white papers, groups, discussion groups or personal  Books, newsletters, periodicals, and any other  reading! printed source to your groups!
  8. 8. THE UCSA Library Bookstore UCSA has established an agreement with Amazon.com with links to purchase reading material directly from them. You can also reserve our library for “Book Signing Receptions” and order books directly from the author’s website Interfacing any website is as easy as a click of the  button.
  9. 9. OUR BOARDROOMS Our Boardrooms has been established as a venue to provide a virtual meeting place. Your company will save money on travel costs while providing a mechanism for your teams to meet. As many companies have national and global representation our boardroom makes it easy for you to meet in a multi-dimensional location. Meet with up to twelve co‐workers with  video, PowerPoint, podcasting and typed chat  Secured access, privacy settings, and  recording! concierge services included!
  10. 10. THE CONFERENCE CENTER The Conference Center has been established as a venue to facilitate presentations and large meetings. Your company will save money on travel costs while providing your employees with the ability to virtually attend, learn and implement best practices all within one virtual room. Attendees can even take a presentation with them, without exposing your slide graphics or notes! Dynamic PowerPoint demonstrations, RSS feeds,  UCSA offers each presenter easy to use  website integration, question handling, crowd  controls for room presentations. Sequence  control and much more! slides with a click of a button.
  11. 11. Large Screen Theater UCSA Network Portal offers a large screen movie theater to house your next video presentation, movie gathering, or multi-media showcase! Capable of housing 45 Avatars, our Theater can easily be used as a stage or movie theater!
  12. 12. THE VENDOR SHOWCASE . The Vendor Showcase has been established as a venue to showcase products and services. The middle booth is reserved for our Monthly Featured Presenters (company and topic information). Interface with your customers and visitors  Featured presentations and vending spaces  through kiosks built with informative  provide customers important information  presentations and videos! about your business.
  13. 13. THE TRAINING CENTER The Training Center has been established as a venue to provide virtual training. Your company will save money on travel costs while providing expert training to your customers and your internal employees such as; computer certification programs, software systems, new employee orientation and refresher training Training rooms come with polling facilities,  Provide students means for secured sign‐on  videos, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations and  connections, take away materials, one on one  so much more! tutoring, or group consultations!
  14. 14. TRAINING Orientation Training - Familiarizes the user with the Second Life client and is conducted in Second Life “In-World”. Shave weeks off the learning curve with this 2 ½ hour, fun and interactive training. SIM Maintenance Training – This SIM Maintenance course is offered to UCSA customers who have purchased designs from us. This course is designed to teach a small team on how to operate the various builds found upon your SIM.
  15. 15. UCSA Control Room •Real‐time protection and remote monitoring of secured areas •Authorization Lists any sqm boxed area •Group or individual setting within secured areas •Remote and non‐intrusive security features to remove threats appropriately
  16. 16. • AO - animation overrider. A script that can be purchased in Second Life for use by an avatar to substitute more lifelike walks and poses for the default animations. • AV, avatar, Avie - a character in Second Life, usually referred to as a person or a resident. A new resident is a newbie. • Chat - words typed in chat or voice chat • Grid - the basic structure underneath all of the Second Life world. The grid is subdivided into thousands of regions simulating physical surface geography. • Help Island - A tutorial area in Second Life. Another is Orientation Island. Help Island (HI) allows activities to be selected and is not mandatory. • Instant message, IM - a private one-to-one message sent to a specific person who need not be at your current location. • Lindens, Linden dollars, L$ - SL money that has a fluctuating exchange rate like any other currency. The virtual currency can be traded for US$ or US$ can be used to buy L$. • LSL - Linden Scripting Language used to program objects in SL. • Newbie, Noob - new resident of second life. • Orientation Island - the tutorial area where all new Second Life users start out. Unlike Help Island, Orientation Island (OI) is directed and mandatory. • Preferences - a set of configurable usage parameters for the SL viewer. They are used to control how the viewer looks, sounds and feels to the user.
  17. 17. • Prims, Primitives - the raw objects from which everything in SL is constructed. Linden lab provides these so anyone can build. Every object, clothes, houses, furniture, cars, plants, etc. are created from prims by the people who use SL. All things are created from these basic building blocks. • Region - a simulation, as in a virtual region of the Second Life world that simulates a physical environment. • Resident - an avatar or character in Second Life. A new resident is a newbie. • Rez, Rezz - refers to the sharpening of the image seen on the computer monitor screen. – Resonate • Second Life, SL - the 3-D virtual world published and maintained on the Internet by Linden Research Inc. (a.k.a. Linden Lab) • Second Life Time, SLT - the same as Pacific Time in California because Linden Lab as headquarters are in San Francisco • Sim - simulation, as in a virtual region of the Second Life world that simulates a physical environment. A sim, also called a region, is an area hosted by a single server CPU. • SLURL - short for Second Life URL, a web address for a place on the virtual world Second Life. URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, the address of a page on the Internet. • Teleport, TP - a main method of moving around SL. It is an instantaneous transport from one set of coordinates to another. Teleporting is not the same as flying
  18. 18. To schedule a personal demonstration of our capabilities, products, and services please contact us today at sales@ucsaintl.com or Visit us at http://www.ucsaintl.com Unique Customer Service Approach International A Small, Hispanic Woman Owned Business