THE ECONOMY  OVERVIEWWe are happy to see the back of an year that            With the USA heading into an Election year, w...
This is likely to have both a short and long term        While a lot of schemes have been announced, theadverse impact on ...
The bigger impact on the individual tax payer’s           The revised targets for 2011-2012 were not met,pocket would be t...
We foresee a drop in the global demand for manmade fibre, over the next 1 year’s time. Mining and resources will continue ...
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Aventus Partners Business Financial and Human Capital Outlook 2012-13


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An annual forecast of business , financial and human capital trends that we foresee in india for the year 2012 -13 basis our analysis and understanding of the current economic and business environment.

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Aventus Partners Business Financial and Human Capital Outlook 2012-13

  2. 2. THE ECONOMY OVERVIEWWe are happy to see the back of an year that With the USA heading into an Election year, we canalmost brought Europe and the rest of the world expect policy paralysis in the global markets, whiledown to its knees. The Greek economic crisis, and people watch with bated breath the outcome of theSpain, Ireland, Italy and Portugal economies pulled US elections and this will have an economicback from the brink this year and we may have overhang globally. Added to this the government’sdeferred the problem in true European fashion, but profligate expenditure policies, based more on dolethe bad news still hangs over our heads like a toxic than actual development, we believe that we are incloud for another slow year aheadIn India, most of the last year was spent by the This year saw crisis in the Airlines sector in India,Government and the RBI alternately looking at one the automobile sector chugged to a slow standstill,another trying to bring inflation in control and by and the real estate sector is paralysed practically.October, the throttling rate of interest rates was We expected policy decisions in these areas, morebeginning to show on the inflation. It has been on a towards the formation of some long term strategicsteady downward spiral, but the underlying financial initiatives to create a level playing field; instead weproblems that caused it in the first place need to be have seen some paltry handouts to keep thecorrected comprehensively before we come to a industry quiet. Added to the fact that this was thesituation wherein we can say we have a complete last big opportunity to do something worthwhilecontrol on inflation. The Government did not meet before India went into an election budget the nextits tax collection targets which fell short of the year, we were disappointed to see no movement onrevised targets by Rs. 50,000 crores, but we the Direct Taxes code (DTC), Unified Goods andmanaged to scrape through on the original budget Services (GS) Tax regime and no clarification on oiltargets on tax collection subsidiesWe at Aventus Partners believe that the While the budget may have overlooked thesegovernment will follow a wait and watch components and the DTC will take at least anotherpolicy before loosening the purse strings year to come into play and the Unified GS may yetagain for borrowing to pick up momentum be introduced this year, the oil and fertilizer subsidy cannot be delayed any longer. The off balanceThough inflation has come under control in the sheet items will be need to be addressed very soonrecent months, we at Aventus Partners believe that before they create major imbalances in thethe government will follow a wait and watch policy economybefore loosening the purse strings again forborrowing to pick up momentum. Though the The budget proposes to tax angel investmentsGovernment’s Economic Survey predicts next year’s received by start ups/entrepreneurs, by treating theGDP growth rate at 7.6% +/- 0.25%, in truth, the premium received over and above the face value ofGovernment will have to settle for a number closer the shares as other income for the purpose ofto 6.8 to 7% in the next year as well computing tax. Venture Capital funding however has been exempted
  3. 3. This is likely to have both a short and long term While a lot of schemes have been announced, theadverse impact on entrepreneurial activity in the HR fraternity was closely watching the progress ofcountry, as entrepreneurs are already short of funds the PF department’s notices to companies on theat the start up stage, and will be further constrained issue of PF deductions on the basis of basic pay andfor finances to commercialize their ideas not consolidated CTC. This issue has not been addressed by the Finance Minister in any form inLong term capacity building through up gradation of the budget and consequently the case is up to theknowledge and skills has received some impetus Supreme Court to adjudicate onthrough an increase of 18% in budget allocation foreducation (up from Rs. 52060 to Rs. 61047 crores). On the DTC front, while the FM was confident ofHowever, the primary issues of the drop in quality launching the DTC from this year initially, it hasof education and skills as reflected through various been postponed by another year, due to lack ofstudies might continue to hurt the economy and the consensus building, but there has been onecountry on account of the refusal of the development wherein the slab structures for IT forgovernment to treat the sector as “Not for Profit”, individuals has been aligned to the DTC. Alsothereby impacting long term competitiveness another provision that has been in existence for some time now, is the exemption of the investmentsThe increase of service tax from 10 to 12% will also in NPS, companies may want to seek professionaldirectly impact the competitiveness of private advice on how to go about providing relief to theservice providers like training academies, learning employees and also regaining their compensationcentres, etc. structure to provide this facility to mid career employeesWe believe that FDI in retail, pensionreforms, insurance sector overhauls, all have The income tax exemption limit has beento be carried out and will be accomplished raised to from Rs. 1.8 lacs to Rs. 2 lacsindependent of the budgetary process The proposed tax slabs are as followsOver the years, most of the budget relatedannouncements have been delayed, postponed or 0-2 lacs 0%announced independent of the budgetary processbecause of the government’s lack of initiative andsuccess in building consensus among the 2-5 lacs 10%constituents of the coalition. We believe that FDI inretail, pension reforms, insurance sector overhauls, 5-10 lacs 20%all have to be carried out and will be accomplishedindependent of the budgetary process. Thegovernment has introduced GAAR this year, which Above 10 lacs 30%we believe is a good and comprehensive measureto prevent aggressive tax avoidance. However, the The limit of the peak rate has been increasedchanges suggested in the Finance Bill to the from Rs. 8 lacs to Rs. 10 lacsretrospective taxation of transactions where thebulk of assets are located in a retrograde A 20% reduction in Securities Transaction Tax isstep. The government will be tempted to open a lot proposed. Just prior to the budget the PFof transactions that would have been within the law Department had announced that the rate of interestat the time, but the worry is that coupled with the payable on provident fund accounts for the yearGAAR, may lead to harassment of the companies would be 8.25%. THE ECONOMY OVERVIEW
  4. 4. The bigger impact on the individual tax payer’s The revised targets for 2011-2012 were not met,pocket would be the increase in service tax across the original numbers were. There was an apparentthe board from 10 to 12 percent. Clearly, the shortfall of Rs. 50,000 crores, was this actually adirection of the GST initiative will be key, in terms shortfall, or did the government manage to meetunderstanding where the peak rates for services will the original BEbe arrived at closer to the date of the GST rollouts The Finance Minister has been candid that this hasThe sectors who will find a bit of relief are been a services sector driven economic recovery.textiles, infrastructure and agriculture. What should also be kept in mind that the investment cycle for capital investments in the services sector is very short, so if there are anyThe sectors who will find a bit of relief are textiles, adverse sentiments, the services sector can stopinfrastructure and agriculture. Clearly the emphasis investments rapidly and the lag will not be noticedhas shifted back to getting onto a more aggressive for a significant period of time before the collectiontaxation philosophy because the Government targets for the half year and full year are in.believes that the worst is behind us. But without the Therefore the mechanism to monitor the growth ofacceleration in the reforms process, and the spectre the services sector was something we expected toof inflation not yet fully under control, it will see, by were disappointed to see that it was notremains to be seen if the optimism of the touched upongovernment converts to success on the ground interms of getting back on the growth trajectory Gold prices are have gone up, thanks largely to an increase in the customs duty. With precious metals,The automobile sector has been struggling under the government should refrain from making policyhigh interest rate regime, the same for interest rate announcements in advance to prevent hoarding,sensitive sectors like consumer durables and real which we believe has already started in anticipationestate. Our belief is that the government’s view of of the increase in ratesthe restoration of growth in capital creation wouldlead to demand generation based on trickledown Human Capital Outlook, 2012-13economics is short-sighted. Government spendingneeds to be brought under control, and there seems We expect that the changes in the tax provisionsto be no sign currently of going back to the FRBM in will have a positive influence on the employees atterms of a return to austerity. Also the speed of entry levels in organizations. The decision to re-jigmeaningless legislation of schemes that are difficult the tax slabs, leaves some money in the hands ofto monitor and will lead to a growth in bureaucracy the individual which is a good factor in the short toat the Central and State levels medium term. Sector wise the outlook continues to be subdued for Real Estate, Consumer Durables andIn the absence of an economic recovery, the Automobiles and the Banking Sector. Telecombanking sector will be increasingly burdened with Sector will see growth in the handsets business,NPAs; this trend is bound to increase with the however, the growth in services business will not beprocess of economic recovery stalling. If that comes as robust as in the previous years. We believe thatto a halt because of a cascading Euro problem there will be a pick up in the infrastructure sector,which is still not completely gone, we are going to with a lot of governmental pressure will come intohave a significant reduction in tax collections for the play to complete pending infrastructure projects onyear ahead account of the election year ahead. Textiles should see robust growth, also on account of the cottonIn the absence of an economic recovery, the demand growing worldwidebanking sector will be increasingly burdenedwith NPAs THE ECONOMY OVERVIEW
  5. 5. We foresee a drop in the global demand for manmade fibre, over the next 1 year’s time. Mining and resources will continue to command a premium and people in this sector will see robust opportunity growth in the next 1 yearWe foresee a drop in the global demand for manmade fibre, over the next 1 year’s time. Mining andresources will continue to command a premium and people in this sector will see robust opportunitygrowth in the next 1 year. IT and ITES may have a slightly subdued year on account of the ongoingeconomic turmoil, growth opportunity for professionals will continue to be present in this marketThe private equity sector will have to hold on for a long haul, the lack of primary demand and the mutedstock market will play the role of softeners in this business for the year ahead. We believe that themarket activity will pick up briefly by October, but will drop by February, 2013 Human Capital Outlook, 2012-13 Aventus Partners is an HR solutions firm that enables clients Acquire, Develop and Manage talent. REACH US @ +919895345133 +919810215872 +919810608607 New Delhi office Bangalore office Cochin officeAventus Human Capital LLP Aventus Human Capital LLP Aventus Human Capital LLP40/48, Ground Floor, Pocket 40 919, 2nd Stage, Personal Chamber, Natham’sEPDP Road, CR Park, New Delhi-110019 Varthur Main Road, Tubrahalli, House,Phone +91 11 40561242-45 Bangalore- 560 066 Chittoor Road, Cochin- 682035Fax +91 11 40561241 Phone +91 80 3253 7215, Phone: +91 484 3248780 +91 80 2854 3089