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Aventus knowledge series negotiation skills Nov 2010
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Aventus knowledge series negotiation skills Nov 2010


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Aventus Knowledge Series Negotiation Skills Aventus Partners
  • 2. Negotiation skills N egotiation is something that we do all may be negotiating with the finance function the time both in social and business for HR department’s budgets. contexts. In fact extensive studies have been conducted to establish that At home we are negotiating with our family anything that is the outcome of a members in a multitude of ways. From the negotiation is negotiable. program that the family watches on TV, to the purchase of a new house, to which Think about the things that you will not restaurant to go to on a weekend and many negotiate on, and those that you would be such. willing to negotiate on? It is an important business skill as well as In an organization environment we all a life skill .Countless books have been negotiate either within the organization or written on this subject ranging from best outside the organization. Sales personnel sellers like Ed Cohens “You can negotiate negotiate with clients when selling the anything” to research projects focusing on company’s product or services. A software negotiations and dispute resolutions in engineer may be negotiating with the client international conflicts that can change the on the scope of the project. An HR manager history of mankind. Why get trained on negotiation skills I sn’t it something we are all familiar with? enables us to identify the style that is deployed by others , think a couple of steps Negotiation is not to be viewed negatively, ahead of the other party and clearly set the or something that one does only under agenda for the negotiations. duress as is commonly perceived but can be used as an effective process to build long It will help us define for ourselves situations term partnerships, create value and as when one will negotiate and when one understood in its traditional sense resolve withdraws gracefully. disputes. We become more skilful in the use of Some of us proudly say “we don’t negotiate information, exercise of power and “. If you are one of those, or are familiar with managing time the three critical variables in someone pause and think - what are the any negotiating process. opportunities that one is missing out when one adopts this stance. We begin to discern the real value that other people place on the ‘negotiables’ (the items A substantial body of theory and knowledge that are negotiated). is now available on this subject. Formal training helps one take advantage of this We learn to place demands without being knowledge. ashamed or reluctant, we look at ways in which needs can be assessed, we In addition it helps us decide on the appreciate better the sources of conflict, we negotiating approach that needs to be used learn how to make concessions and close depending on an understanding of the the interaction to satisfaction context , develop flexibility in our style , Aventus Partners 1|P age
  • 3. Typically the courses range from one day /simulation we are essentially slipping into a training sessions, to 5 day sessions and are situation .However we are interpreting the aimed at making participants: scenario based on our life experiences and world views. Our emotions and feelings are 1. More aware of the process and the truly yours. Have no doubts -the way you key elements in a negotiating behave in a simulation/role play is situation essentially you. 2. Familiar with alternative strategies available to negotiators and skills to Think about a child whom you know well and choose among those alternatives to have observed closely. It could be your child achieve a desirable settlement when he was young, could be your 3. Cognizant of their preferred nephew/niece, neighbour’s kid. Does the Negotiating styles and their ability to following resonate? be flexible depending on the situation. They demand to know "Why". They are 4. Sensitive to their thinking and persistent and creative. A rejection merely behavioral patterns /habits while whets their creativity. If they move past the negotiating parental "Because I said so", they may They provide a structured means to analyze overcome the objection. negotiations and a set of tools to improve negotiation skills. They do not give up easily, and ask for more than they want. They do not take "No" for an Simulations and role plays set in variety of answer. They know that 'no' means 'maybe'. contexts, from simple two-party encounters to complex multiparty scenarios are the Since kids hear 'no' as 'maybe', they relish predominant modes used to develop this skill. Learning by doing has been proven as the opportunity to convert 'no' to the 'yes' the most effective mechanism for self column. For instance, Surya asked, "what if I awareness and initiating behavioural do tomorrow's homework today? Then Abhi change. and I can go to the mall until dinner.” How often do you see adults display these We will participate in a set of activities where we would be assigned roles. In a role play behaviors? Know Yourself Better The questionnaire below will help you analyze your own proficiency levels on various facets of this skill. Think of situations in the past, look at the behaviours you exhibited, recollect the way you felt, the thoughts that went through your mind and rate yourself on the following scale. Aventus Partners 2|P age
  • 4. I am aware of alternative negotiating styles Yes somewhat No I am aware of my predominant negotiation style. Yes somewhat No I am able to adopt different negotiating styles /approaches Always Sometimes Never appropriate to the situation, including the other parties’ style. I am able to gather the critical facts and information relevant to a Always Sometimes Never negotiating situation including the needs of the other parties. I am able to make my demands clearly and confidently. Always Sometimes Never I am able to make concessions and trades effectively. Always Sometimes Never I am able to identify my sources of power and use them Always Sometimes Never effectively. I am able to use negotiating situations to build long term Always Sometimes Never relationships I am comfortable at the prospect of an impending negotiation Always Sometimes Never Average I would rate my negotiation skills as Out Standing Very Good Below Average Improvement in this skill will impact To To a great To a Very my business/professional and Significantly some extent limited extent personal life extent Aventus Partners 3| P a g e
  • 5. Aventus Partners is an HR solutions firm that enables clients Acquire, Develop and Manage talent. E- mail: Offices: Aventus Partners 40/48, Ground Floor, Pocket 40 EPDP Road, CR Park, New Delhi-110019 Phone +91 11 40561242-45 Fax +91 11 40561241 Aventus Partners 919, 2nd Stage, Varthur Main Road, Tubrahalli, Bangalore- 560 066 Phone +91 80 3253 7215, +91 80 2854 3089 Aventus Partners Personal Chamber, Natham’s House, Chittoor Road, Cochin- 682035 Phone: +91 484 3248780 AVENTUS PARTNERS Bangalore | Delhi | Kochi