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Divya cv(chandigarh)0007

  1. 1. CURRICULAM VITAEDIVYA THAKUR1023 Sec 18 C, ChandigarhEmail:thakur_divya@yahoo.comContac No: 9653514362 & 01722776081ObjectiveTo work in a challenging environment and marketing that builds up confidence and invokesmy creativity to utilize the best of my abilities and also to give leadership qualities in orderto contribute my best efforts towards growth and welfare of the organization.Specialties The design and synthesis of molecular solid-state structures The theory and processing of raw oxide material (e.g. alumina oxide), andadvanced material that are polymorphic, polycrystalline, oxide, and non-oxide ceramics The design of processes related to the manufacture of refined productsTraining Profile Training with SBSCET, Ferozpur. From June 2008 to July 2008.Learn: That was the work shop training in which I attended Electric, Machine, Welding,Foundry and Carpentry Work shop and I learn lot of thing. Internship with Ind Swift Lab Pvt Ltd DeraBassi, Punjab. From June 2009 to July2009.Established in 1995 Ind-Swift has fast evolved towards a business model that isfocused on deep-rooted domestic presence and leveraged on high-value matureregulated markets along with considerable growth in emerging markets:Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd. (Manufacturer of APIs)Ind-Swift Laboratories Inc. (US Subsidiary)Ind Swift MentholProject Experience at Ind Swift Lab:Project Title: Designing of heat exchanger.Description: In my project, I determined the size and cost of Heat Exchange after thatdetermined the number of tube N for approximate heat transfer area.
  2. 2.  Internship with Punjab Chemicals and Crops Protection Limited Derbassi,Punjab. From July 2010 to Dec 2010PCCPL has a comprehensive product portfolio, strong brand presence & a widedistribution network. PCCPLs products are well accepted in the domestic retail market &are also exported to large MNCs & brands across 60 countries covering 5 continents.Project Experience at PCCPLProject Title: Optimization of absorption towerDescription: In PPCPL, I learned a lot about absorption tower. I optimized howproduce sulfuric acid in the high concentrations and analyzed it. Major Project with SBSCET, Ferozpur. From Jan 2011 T0 May 2011Project Experience at SBSCETProject Title: Design of acetaldehyde plant and the design were made bydehydrogenation process.Description: At the time of major project, I worked on block flow diagrams whichare very simplified diagrams, or process flow diagrams that represented of units, streams,and fluid systems of chemical plants or processes.Scholastics: B.Tech (CHE) from SBSCET Ferozpur, Punjab Technical Uni. (2007-2011).Aggregate Percentage: 65% Intermediate from Govt. Girls Model Senior Secondary School Chandigarh, CBSEboard (2007).Aggregate Percentage: 67% High School from Govt. Girls Model Senior Secondary School Chandigarh, CBSEboard (2005).Aggregate Percentage: 57%PERSONAL SKILLS: Adapt to learn new technology very fast Team Player Ability to perform under pressure Hard-workerExtra Curricular Activities: National level basketball player. Participated in the Organizing committees in college fests. Participated in various Sports activities. Participated and won many Quizzes’, Debates, essay writing, paper readingcompetition national and state level. VICE PRESIDENT of college fest society
  3. 3. Personal DossierDate of Birth: 26 March 1990Fathers name: Mr. Ashok ThakurLanguage known: English, Hindi, PunjabiReferences will be provided on request.