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Destination branding Workshop_Creating_a_Place_Brand
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Destination branding Workshop_Creating_a_Place_Brand


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Part Two of the Destination Branding Workshop via About Tourism

Part Two of the Destination Branding Workshop via About Tourism

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology

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  • 1. By: Manolis Psarros @about_tourism Destination Branding Workshop
  • 2. Creating a Place Brand in this part:
  • 3. Why branding matters? Brand Knowledge Brand Trust Brand Loyalty Creating a Place Brand For Tourists: Because they would choose a destination brand only when they can trust it. For Destinations: Because a trusted brand brings about tourist loyalty. Source: Brand Knowledge, Trust and Loyalty { A Conceptual Model of Destination Branding/ Cathy Hsu Liping - A. Caiy
  • 4. “Destination branding, is about creating a sense of place and telling a story’’ Tom Buncle, Yellow Railroad International Destination Consultancy Creating a Place Brand
  • 5. ‘... the worst thing an aspiring community, country or any other type of place could do is not intervene in their own image creation and ignore branding concepts’’. Joao R. Freire, Place-Branding Expert Creating a Place Brand
  • 6. Martin Homlish, Chief Marketing Officer SAP - Wall Street Journal, September 2000 “Every time you communicate with your audiences, you either build equity in your brand, ……………. or you destroy it.” The Challenge Creating a Place Brand
  • 7. The Facts Image and identity are becoming more important in enabling destinations to stand out in the crowd (YouGov 2008) – 55% of corporate decision makers found it difficult to differentiate between locations on the basis of ‘hard’ economic facts – 65% say it is becoming harder – 92% say that image and profile are becoming more important – 60% say that factors such as culture have become more important in the last 5 – 10 years – 85% of investment decision makers want to invest in a place whose values reflect their own company Creating a Place Brand
  • 8. The Answer Distinctive Memorable Personality - sense of place - a story Authentic Co-Creative Place-Making (policies, innovations, events, structures, investments and symbolic actions) Creating a Place Brand
  • 9. In order to manage place-brands successfully and therefore reduce the gap between identity and the standardised true (or image), it is necessary to understand the variables that compose the brand. Creating a Place Brand Joao R. Freire, Place-Branding Expert
  • 10. Place Place Creating a Place Brand Topography /scenery Public realm Public art History Architecture © 2007-2009
  • 11. Products Products Creating a Place Brand “Own” products Claimed products
  • 12. People Creating a Place Brand Culture Attitude Reputation Famous / infamous
  • 13. A good place to: live work do business invest buy from visit Feel of a Place Tourism Immigration (new skills) Diplomacy Inward Investment Exports Quality of Life (residents) Creating a Place Brand
  • 14. The Branding Process ETC/UNWTO Handbook on Tourism Destination Branding Destination Audit Segmentation Analysis SWOT Analysis Stakeholder Perception Consultation Consumer Perception & in depth TO interviews Competitor Analysis Stakeholder Consultation to close gap between consumer & stakeholder perceptions Brand Development (brand pyramid/wheel) Incorporate Brand in Marketing Communications Create a Brand Advisory Group Monitor Brand Performance Refine Brand (including any new consumer research & stakeholder consultation on an ongoing basis Creating a Place Brand
  • 15. Brand Essence Positioning Statement Brand Personality Emotional Benefits Rational Attributes What is the essential nature & character of your destination? What Makes the Destination Stand Out from Everywhere Else? How would the Destination like to be seen and described by its main audience How Do they Feel about the Place? What do visitors like to see and do? What influences business/investments decisions The Brand Development Model Creating a Place Brand
  • 16. Brand at the Core of all Marketing Activities Brand Imagery Design Style Marketing Campaigns Brochures, Print, etc.Website Logo Behaviour Creating a Place Brand
  • 17. Strongly Branded DestiNations generally: Make very clear promises that are kept over time Stay relevant—functional attributes coupled with “intangibles” Provide value for the resources required to invest / visit in that country Have loyal stakeholders Deliver the benefits that stakeholders desire and hold credible Have unique brand equity involving strong thoughts and feelings Are dependable and deliver consistently against expectations Have an ability to be identified under different conditions Are less vulnerable to competitive neighbouring markets Source: Ruth Stanat via the Branding Strategy Insider Blog
  • 18. Poorly Branded DestiNations generally: Make vague promises that change over time Have very low general equity and low emotional commitment Have “spotty” reputations, create doubt Have little loyalty, rely on pricing and promotional incentives Source: Ruth Stanat via the Branding Strategy Insider Blog
  • 19. ‘In fact, if destination marketers only remember one piece of advice, it had better be this. Do not think about what to say next; think about what to do’’. Simon Anholt
  • 20. Coming Soon.. Branding Strategies in Action