E-Tourism- Online Business Strategy (by Damian Cook)
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E-Tourism- Online Business Strategy (by Damian Cook)






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    E-Tourism- Online Business Strategy (by Damian Cook) E-Tourism- Online Business Strategy (by Damian Cook) Presentation Transcript

    • WHAT?
    • SO WHAT?
    • THE FUTURE IS ONLINE• 58% of all travel is now researched, booked bought and sold online• 96% of travellers start their research on the internet• Travel sales are expected to double this year, exceeding $300 Billion
    • Leading Source for Travel Information
    • THE FUTURE IS SOCIAL• 30% on average of all time online is spent social networking• Facebook is one of the largest populations on earth with over 850 Million people• Social media is more popular and powerful than TV and print media combined
    • Avoiding Extinction
    • Where are the Young?Half of the world’s population is now under 30They are your current and future market... andthey can be hard to pin downIf you are looking for them: one billion of themare online...
    • North Europe Asia America 418m 738m 253m Middle East 57mCentral/South Oceania/America 179m Africa Australasia 67m 21m
    • Net Generation• Are you ready for them?• The first ‘digital generation’ has arrived- aged between 11 and 31• They grew up with access to computers and the internet• Vastly different from previous generations
    • They’re Awful• They have no attention span• They don’t read books• They are addicted to pop culture• They are immoral- and have no shame• They play ultra-violent video games• Right....?
    • Wrong• They are smarter- IQ is on the rise• They research, write and read more than any previous generation- some teenagers are writing over 10,000 words a month online• They are safer and cleaner• They get behind causes- Ask Obama• They have highly advanced visual and problem solving skills through gaming and challenging entertainment
    • Passive vs Interactive
    • They Think Different• They read 7 books, 2,800 web pages and over 1,300 Facebook profiles each year• 69% never read a newpaper... ever• They use the Internet more than they watch TV• They are connected to extensive and trusted networks of friends• They increasingly use their phones rather than their computers
    • Freedom
    • Customization
    • Scrutiny
    • Integrity
    • Collaboration
    • Entertainment
    • Speed
    • Innovation
    • Our Users Are In Control
    • eMarketing Strategy
    • Old business models don’t fit into New Technology
    • Look at Yourself• Who do you sell to?• How do you sell it?• What is your value structure?• What is your yield from each client?
    • Your Product• What are you selling?• What choice do you offer?• What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?• A real challenge for tour operators• How are you different to the rest?
    • A Tale of Two Eyes• Selling the same product side by side is a real challenge
    • I’m THE BEST!!!!! No YOU’RE NOT
    • All the world in one country
    • In a market controlled by search and social media it is too crowded and noisy tomake bland generic statements
    • Key Messages• These definitions will help you:• Structure your content• Create messages to communicate• Identify terms your potential customers will be searching for online• Identify conversation about similar content in social media groups that you can join and engage with
    • Don’t just focus onentry... Focus on Exit
    • 3 Means of Conversion
    • (A) BOOKING
    • BOOKING• The most logical conversion• In response to a call to action the client clicks and makes a booking• This requires realtime e-commerce enabled online reservations• An enquiry about booking is not technically a booking
    • (B) ENQUIRY
    • Doing Business Online
    • Get A ButtonON EVERY page...
    • Shopping Carts• Best for Trip Planners or Itinerary Builders• Allow you to progressively add inventory from different offerings on your site• Tallies a single price for payment
    • Up Selling• Upgrade their spend via special offers during the sales process• Educate them with extra information as they go• Demonstrate Added Value• Leverage impulse upgrade to a suite $99
    • Cross Selling• Partner with local suppliers to add services, tours and excursions• Offer special discounted rates• Demonstrate Added Value• Leverage impulse
    • Never Compromise Conversion
    • A Good Booking Page• Simple- a direct call to action• Realtime Availability• Concise Attractive product summary• Special offers• Ability to Upsell, Cross-Sell or See Other options• Easy to use System
    • Critical Points for Conversion Customization
    • Be secure and offer secured paymentsBe sure your hosting, server and connectivity is 100% in order Never have a mid-booking disconnect
    • Let Them Pay as they Please Accommodate as many payment types as possible.Adding alternate payment type including offline has been proven to increase conversion by upwards of 10%.
    • Take a careful look at your page structure- do not overload your booking page with text, graphicsand make it an endless scrolling process to reach the BOOK button.Don’t be afraid to repeat your booking button or a booking hyperlink on a single page.
    • Reduce the number of steps in your order process. Use a timeline to tell users how long it will take to complete their booking. For most travel booking sites, the order process should be simple enough that the average order takes less than five minutes.PERSONAL DETAILS travel DETAILS payment Confirmation done
    • Minimize the number of required fields. The orderform should not only be short and easy, it should "feel" short and easy. Make sure only really required information is ‘required’For Example: Not everyone has a street address REQUIRED*
    • Collect essential contactinformation (email address and phone number) in the very first step of your booking process.This will allow you to follow up with users who abandon their bookings.Contact these potential customers and offer to assist them to complete their bookings.
    • Add an ‘Are You Sure?’ request to anyone backing out or cancelling a booking- to avoid accidental loss of a client
    • Remember that customers make mistakes.Enable them to go back and change the details as they book. Make certain that the ‘cart’ or form automatically recalculates tax, charges, add ons etc. Don’t give RESEND warnings
    • State any booking limitations early in the process. If you are unable process credit cards, take Diners Club, take offline payments or payments from certaincountries- state this clearly and visibly in advance. Don’t frustrate them with a pointless booking. Do give them other options.
    • Be sure your customers can easily see and anticipate total booked cost.Do not surprise them with hidden or excessive charges, which are a leading contributor tobooking abandonment, cancellations and client rage.
    • $2,800 only*• plus 28% tax• plus 15% service• plus handling fees• plus booking charge• plus Govt. levy and taxes• plus misc. charges
    • Provide drop down boxes for set information: Credit Card types Expiry dates Country of origin Any others
    • Remember to include: Privacy Policy statement Terms and Conditions CheckboxSecure Payment Symbols and details
    • Support your customers: Toll Free Numbers Live Chat Skype Details
    • Provide Calendar links for arrival and departure information:CHECK IN CHECK out
    • Provide Further Info Text Boxes for areas of potential difficulty (such as CCV) what’s this?CCV CODE ! The ccv code is the last three digits on the reverse of your credit card used to authorize your payment securely
    • Confirmation• Always provide a confirmation page with their confirmed booking and reference number• Send them an email• Let them download and print receipts and confirmations• Send an SMS if possible
    • Management• As conversion increases and online becomes a leading channel for your business- be sure you can manage the volumes• Ensure seamless conversion measurement between your reservation and commerce providers• Consider creating a full time online manager
    • But How do you drivethose conversions?Join us later...