5 technologies that have changed our lives


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5 technologies that have changed our lives

  1. 1. 5 Technologies that have changed our lives • And 5 that we are really excited about seeing!
  2. 2. EMAIL • When was the last time you bought stamps? • Some advantages of Email – Distance is no factor – Time is no factor – Can send to multiple people at once • Some disadvantages of Email – A birthday card by Email? – Reply all, whoops! – Less personal
  3. 3. iPods • Instead of 5 shelves of albums, you have one iPod • Advantages of iPods: – All of your music is within reach – Portable: Can be played anywhere – Playlists for events and parties – Can get music directly from Internet • Disadvantages of iPods – Aesthetic experience of holding the new album – Less value
  4. 4. Smartphones • Phones are no longer just for talking • Advantages: – Can do everything that a computer can do – No such time as “dead time” – Find everything (files, pictures) – Latest news, weather, games – Great resource for price checking • Disadvantages: – Less eye contact – More accidents
  5. 5. Facebook (and other social media) • Watch the grandkids grow up before your eyes • Advantages of Facebook: – Immediate updates on family & friends – Touch bases with people from past – Create events and track attendees – Send private, instant messages – Chat with a group of users at once • Disadvantages of Facebook: – Too much information? – Not enough time for it all
  6. 6. Skype • Video calling is finally here! • Advantages: – Keep in touch with loved ones, see how they are really doing – Conference instead of face to face – Can talk with several at once – Can be used in place of a home phone, and used internationally • Disadvantages: – Intrusive? – Connections not always so good
  7. 7. And now some highly anticipated technologies
  8. 8. Google Glass • Think of a computer without the computer • What is it? Take a look! • Consider the possibilities: – Interactive Gaming – Skype without a computer – Quick reference – Navigating – Driver’s education (in a simulator!)
  9. 9. Smartwatch • Now, think of a computer that you wear on your wrist • Curious? Take a look! • What can you do with it? – Everything that you do with your computer – And, things like unlock doors, operate speakers in your home, access control panels in home – Can integrate with features like sleep analysis, fingerprint sensors and other health data
  10. 10. Geolocation • Goodbye privacy, Hello real time advertising • Previously, Internet helped us find the What • Geolocation technology provides the who, where and when • Works with social networking such as 4Square which provides “check in” potential • Possible uses: – Marketing to the person based on where they are and what they like – Find your friends who are nearby – Provide reviews on businesses – Find local deals
  11. 11. 3D Printing • And you thought ink was expensive! • How can we explain it? Try this short video. • If you can sketch it, you can create it • Think of the possibilities: – Plastic toys that look like the kids – Quick replacement parts – Medical implants (yes, it is possible!) – Quick prototypes for inventions
  12. 12. Google Fiber • Internet for all (quick and free to boot!) • Superfast (up to 1000 Mb/sec, compared to average 10Mb/sec most of us have) • OK, so it is only in one place now (Kansas City) • And, there have been some problems • Main problems: Infrastructure and money • Good news: Other providers are searching for similar products (Gigabit Squared in Chicago) • Note on Gigabit Squared: They are working with senior care service that uses 2 way video to reduce costs of health care. Allows recently released patients to confer with doctors from home.
  13. 13. Bottom line on technologies • New technologies are cropping up quicker than we can develop them • Technologies on the horizon may not become viable • And a future technology that can change our world may be completely out of our range now • Exciting though to consider all of the possibilities.
  14. 14. Thanks for listening!