1 A03 Week4
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1 A03 Week4 1 A03 Week4 Presentation Transcript

  • Assignments
    • Overall, the marks were great!
    • Lots of interesting topics
    • Following instructions….
    • Next time, please staple your projects!
  • Next assignment…
    • Using your storyboards and one-sheet proposal as a rough guide, create a 10-slide presentation in Powerpoint 2003 (or other presentation program) and upload to Slideshare. Do not indicate your name anywhere in the slideshow.
    • The criteria are the same regarding the slides and the information contained within, that is
    • Three of the screens will contain a graphic and a block of text.
    • Two of the screens will contain charts, one will be a pie chart and the other is your choice.
    • One screen will be text only.
    • Two screens will contain full-screen graphics.
    • Two of the screens are up to you but I suggest that if you are referencing outside sources that you reserve one screen at the end for citations.
    • Another idea might be to create an original piece of art in Photoshop if you want to try out painting and drawing in Photoshop.
  • Evaluation
    • Checklist for Slideshows. Out of 14
    • Content corresponds with the pitch ie extends the creative content.
    • Exact specifications as outlined above.
    • Checklist for Uploads. Out of 14
    • Marks for successful upload.
    • Marks for the title being correct, ie student number + title
    • Marks for description + proper spelling.
    • Marks: Evaluation of design sensibilities once it is up on Slideshare.
    • Beware, if the fonts are all over the place because of faulty PDF procedure (if you used something other than ppt03) marks will be deducted.
    • Go to http://www.slideshare.com
    • Username: mprimrose
    • Password: mcmaster
    • Please DO NOT change the password.
  • Uploading Your Project
    • Click the “Upload” tab
    • Click “Browse and select files…”
    • Navigate through your computer to find your finished project.
  • Naming Your Upload
    • The title of your project should be your student number + a short title.
    • Fill in a short description.
    • Input some keywords that are relevant to your project.
  • Compatible File Formats
    • Presentations: ppt, pps & pot (PowerPoint), pdf, odp (OpenOffice); Keynote users can save as PDF.
    • Documents & SpreadsheetsNew!: doc, rtf, xls (MSOffice), odt & ods (OpenOffice) & PDF.
    • If you’re using Office 2007, save as a legacy file.
  • Finishing Up
    • Once you’ve filled everything out, click “Publish.”
    • You need to allow some time for the site to convert your original project into the Slideshare format.
    • A link to a status page will be provided if all goes well.
    • Check out the presentation to make sure it looks right!
  • Reminders…
    • Please don’t mess around with other peoples’ projects.
    • Include your tutorial section number in your short description.
    • If something doesn’t look right when you’re finished, fix the problems, delete the first version and re-upload.
    • Marks are being given for correctly following the instructions!
    • Don’t leave it until the last minute!
  • Questions?
    • Feel free to create your own Slideshare account.
    • Email me ASAP if you need help.
    • [email_address]
    • Remember, I can only reply to emails sent from your McMaster addresses.
    • Good luck!