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The purpose of this power point is to establish a very basic acquaintance between the viewer and the tradition/culture of tattooing. (T15)

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0768236 - Tattoo You

  1. 1. (Laratt)
  2. 2. “ Shilling (1993, 1997) described the deliberate modification of one’s physical size, shape, appearance, or ability for movement as purposive ‘body projects’, and contended that such projects are integral in constructing and representing identity over the life course.” (Atkinson 219) (Unk08)
  3. 3. “ Tattoos, along with scarification, body piercing, and other forms of body modification, are seen as universal features of ‘primitive’ society. These practices have been found in the earliest archaeological records from the Upper Palaeolithic era and are understood to be visible indicators of age, social status, family position, tribal affliction and so on.” (DeMello 10) (Western tattooing traditions stem from) “Roots in Japanese, Polynesian, and Melanesian (i.e., “tribal”) tattooing, as well as Chicano street tattooing.” (15) “ Contemporary tattooing has evolved from a practice that was originally imported from the islands of Polynesia and later transformed into a form of working-class folk art.” (10) “ For the majority of the twentieth century tattoos were read as an embodied mark of otherness and were commonly associated with criminality, mental illness, and deviant subculture groups.” (Kosut 73) Contextualizing Tattoo Culture
  4. 4. What is Tattoo Flash? “ Usually several designs are placed on each sheet. These sheets are displayed in tattoo studios on the walls, on racks or in books. Customers can browse through these pictures to choose a tattoo or to get ideas as to what they want.” (Joey Ortega, Kingpin Tattoos- Harker Heights Texas) (REBEL8 – BLOG) (Hudson) (Prick Magazine)
  5. 5. Tattoo Regret “ A majority of Americans with tattoos (83%) do not regret getting them, while 17% do feel regret. The survey found that regret for getting a tattoo was highest among tattooed Republicans (24%) and among those living in the South (21%). And, the reason cited most often for feeling regret about getting tattoos was "because of the person's name in the tattoo" (16%).” (Tattoo Facts & Statistics)
  6. 6. Single image (THE RAD REPORT)
  7. 7. “ The tattoo community is a real community in the sense that it is experienced by tattooed people across the country; and yet it is differentiated by class and status among other features, such that it often seems to exist in pieces more than a whole.” (DeMello 3) “ Note the changes in demographics and the evolution of the tattoo itself, from a standardized, formulaic design executed by a craftsman to a custom-designed, fine art image executed by a professionally trained artist.” (4) A Modernized Perspective of Tattooing (Tv Guide) (Unknown)
  8. 8. Personal/Emotional Responses After Acquiring a Tattoo (Tattoo Facts & Statistics)
  9. 9. (Hand Tattoos [BMEink.com Tattoo Gallery])
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