The Life of St. Ignatius


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The Life of St. Ignatius

  1. 1. The Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola
  2. 2. Places Ignatius Went Paris Azpeitia Pamplona JerusalemSalamanca Manresa Alcalá Barcelona Rome Montserrat
  3. 3. Back tomap Azpeitia • Ignatius Loyola (Inigo de Lopez) was born here in 1491, a year before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. • In 1521, after the cannonball shot, Ignatius was taken here to heal • This is where he had his conversion experience
  4. 4. Back tomap Pamplona • In May 1521, Ignatius was shot by a cannonball, completely breaking one leg and badly damaging the other. • Now days, they have an annual “Running of the Bulls”
  5. 5. Back tomap Montserrat • This is a monastery in Catalonia, Spain • Ignatius came here first after he healed to have his sins absolved. It took three days. • Ignatius switched his clothes, which distinguished him as nobility, with a poor man for the man’s torn sackcloth
  6. 6. Back tomap Manresa • Ignatius began to mortify himself, but was discouraged from it by the Dominican priests • In a cave near Manresa, Ignatius created the Spiritual Exercises • Ignatius also had a vision of the crucifix telling him to gather a group of men to serve God
  7. 7. Back tomap Barcelona • Spain’s second largest city, after Madrid • Ignatius began his ministry here, by caring and praying for the sick • Ignatius went to school with schoolboys here at the age of 33
  8. 8. Back tomap Paris • In 1528, Ignatius reached the University of Paris to complete his studies • It is here that Ignatius meet two of the first members of his Company, Francis Xavier and Peter Favre • Paris is still a large tourist spot today
  9. 9. Back tomap Rome • The Vatican is located in this city • Ignatius first came here to get permission to go to Jerusalem • Later, he came here to have the Society of Jesus made into a religious order, as well as serve as the Jesuits’ first superior • Ignatius of Loyola died in Rome on July 31, 1556
  10. 10. Back tomap Jerusalem • Ignatius came here in 1523 for a pilgrimage • Ignatius had to leave due to war, which made him realize that he was not to form his company there
  11. 11. Back tomap Alcalá • Ignatius began his college studies here • He was forced to move to Salamanca to continue his studies due to the Spanish Inquisition
  12. 12. Back tomap Salamanca • Ignatius resumed his studies here, but then moved to Paris to finish his studies since the Spanish Inquisition wouldn’t leave him alone