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Global Financial Group Deploy Director Global Financial Group Deploy Director Document Transcript

  • ® Director and xStream Industry: Financial Services Objectives: • Lower latency substantially in high-speed financial transactions • Boost network performance to meet growing 10G needs • Optimize legacy investment • Boost overall IT productivity and efficiency • Support visibility, availability and manageability across architecture • Implement sophisticated monitoring of business-critical data Approach: • Deploy Director and Director xStream to enable aggregation, smart filtering • Employ Deep Packet Inspection for improved monitoring • Implement real-time static and dynamic load balancing • Raise network availability with built in redundancy Technology Improvements: • Avoided tool oversubscription while raising performance • Added ability to manage complex device implementations • Improved security with a total hardware solution • Enabled support for copper or fiber media • Raised availability with hot-swappable components • Allowed for utilization of both 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps links and tools Project Outcomes: • Optimized the data center for monitoring and compliance • Gained total visibility across all types of traffic • Achieved a truly scalable, cost-efficient architecture • Lowered capital expenses, reduced need to purchase new tools. • Readied network for healthy growth Building a High-Efficiency, Ultra Low-Latency Data Center Architecture This pioneering European financial services organization addresses the needs of businesses, institutions, and high-net-worth private clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in its own country. Founded in the mid-nineteenth century, the organization has grown to more than 60,000 employees who maintain over four hundred offices in dozens of countries. As a cornerstone of its client financial management, the organization performs private banking and financial advising, investment banking, and asset management. The scope of its capabilities, its decades of experience, and its sophisticated insights make it a valued partner in the financial decision-making of both public and private entities. Enabling the Highest Data Center Performance and Security To sustain its position as a global leader, the financial organization sought a vendor and architecture that would enable the most effective possible data center network monitoring and analysis. The bank chose Net Optics as a vendor because of its deep experience in the financial sector, as well as its growing suite of scalable solutions that handle high traffic volumes while protecting the security of the business-critical network and applications. Because the financial organization is responsible for data integrity, it also needed ultra-high visibility to meet stringent records and compliance requirements. Net Optics Director and Director xStream Data Monitoring Switches proved ideal for these purposes. Net Optics’low-latency monitoring solutions help networks to run at peak performance, optimizing the ability of financial companies to execute transactions at high velocity and outpace their competitors. “It is imperative that we create and maintain a world-class data center, as every second in the financial markets counts,”said the organization’s Low Latency Engineering/ Architecture Manager.“We chose these Director solutions because they are secure, reliable solutions that deliver unsurpassed monitoring access capabilities.” Director and Director xStream: Mastering Intensive Data Center Challenges Rapid evolution of the data center has created boundless new business opportunities, but urgent monitoring and management issues have arisen at the same time: multiple vendor devices, proliferating threats, cost concerns, scalability, 10G demands, compliance concerns—and more. Significantly, the latency requirements for applications in the financial services realm are much less forgiving even than those of VoIP and network gaming. Director is an innovative smart filtering solution for optimizing different types of traffic on high-speed 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps links. It filters and sends traffic to the right tools in the financial organization’s instrumentation layer so tools can handle more traffic, more links, and more protocols than ever before possible. This capability is particularly important Global Financial Services Group Deploys Net Optics Director™ and Director xStream™ In Its Data Centers to Meet Challenges of Network Monitoring, Latency, and Data Analysis An international bank and financial consulting enterprise needed a flexible, easily manageable solution to handle soaring traffic volumes—enabling total visibility to keep its network secure and available CASE STUDY – FINANCIAL 1 “With superior insight and analysis of our IT health, we’ve now standardized on Net Optics solutions as part of our infrastructure.” —Low Latency Engineering/ Architecture Manager
  • Engineering for Low Latency in the 10G Environment The financial services company monitors with Director and Director xStream to achieve the low latency that is vital to its sector. Director xStream features ultra-low latency silicon and uses cut-through architecture to provide blazing speed on all packet sizes—short or long, and regardless of traffic type. Director xStream can deliver latency of less than one microsecond—including multi-level filters. With hardware throughput of 240 Gbps (and no packets dropped), the solution fully protects the integrity of the financial organization’s network traffic. Director xStream’s innovative Tapflow™ filtering distributes to the organization’s monitoring tools only traffic that is of interest for their respective purposes. In addition, the high number of available ports, and the flexibility of the module based architecture make these Director solutions optimal for the organization’s purposes. This is the level of performance that it needs to maintain the safety of its financial transactions. Multiple Capabilities for Managing the Complex, High- Speed Financial Network Both Director models enhance network performance by providing superior insight and analysis of IT health. This capability enhances the financial organization’s overall business efficiency and raises the quality of services it offers clients. Deploying Director and Director xStream throughout the financial organization’s data centers proves that Net Optics improves business results through cost-effective monitoring and superior network performance. Both Director and Director xStream enhance the organization’s network performance by providing superior insight and analysis, improving overall business efficiency and increasing the quality of customer service. The organization can now standardize on Net Optics solutions, which scale easily to meet the demands of growth. to this financial organization because its massive volumes of business-critical traffic travel at exceptionally high speeds and can afford no latency or intrusion. Offering the industry’s highest cost-effective port density in a 1U solution, Director xStream is a powerful resource for flexible, total protection of multiprotocol traffic. It allows this financial organization to leverage the potential of 10G networking while achieving total visibility, data protection, unrivaled performance and smooth manageability. Both Director solutions also enable the organization to derive full value from its 1G and 10G monitoring tools. SFP+ ports enable Director xStream to support both 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps links and tools, with any type of copper or fiber media. Director xStream automatically performs data rate and media type conversions—saving on CAPEX because the financial organization can apply tools to links with dissimilar media rather than purchasing new tools. For example, traffic from a 10-Gbps fiber link can be filtered or load balanced to multiple 1-Gbps copper-interface monitoring tools; multiple 1-Gbps LX links can be aggregated to a 10-Gbps SR monitoring tool. 2 Tap Into Your Network® Net Optics® is a registered trademark, Director and Director xStream is a trademark of Net Optics, Inc. Copyright 1996-2012 Net Optics, Inc. All rights reserved. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the individual companies and are respectfully acknowledged. Net Optics, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice. MonitoringLatency Application Monitoring Net Optics Director xStream™ Trading Servers Access Monitoring High-Performance Trading Applications UsersUsers On-Site End User Applications Remote User Applications Net Optics Director™ Trading Monitoring Management Port Console Port