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November 2009—Co-Author on report. ...

November 2009—Co-Author on report.
• Report entitled, “Educating, Elluminating and Entertaining, creating fabulous online courses.” Conference Presenter—2009—Sloan-C online and blended learning conference presenter in Orlando. Paper proposal reviewed by Sloan-C for inclusion in the “15th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning and Educational Technology.”



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Sloanentertainingpresentationbeioct2009 091025222159 Phpapp01downloadrevisedaftertypo Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Entertaining, Educating and Ellluminating
    A Triple “E” Teaching Philosophy in Action
  • 2. It Is the Show Time
    A fifteen minute live lecture
    Topic: fertilization
    Instructor: Dr. Bei Zhang
    Participants: Students of Bio261
    Where: Elluminatelive!
  • 3. Fertilization
    Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Benjamin Cummings
  • 4. Where Does It Occur?
    Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Benjamin Cummings
  • 5. Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Benjamin Cummings
  • 6. Practice and Rehearse
    Do the solo
    Practice with colleagues
    Rehearse using recordings
    Two roles in one show
  • 7. The Show Begins
    Not just solo
    Make your student the star
    Have fun together
  • 8. Bei asked me to share how I as the Academic Technology Specialist have promoted Elluminate on campus to enhance learning. Elluminate has become a major technology tool we use to enhance learning and it is very widely used on campus
    First strategy—We at Thomas University had a Kick off program to promote best practices in using elluminate. Many faculty were required by Academic Affairs office and VP of University to attend. Great turnout and faculty became excited about elluminate to enhance interactive teaching and learning.
    Elluminate employees conducted training.
    I (the Academic Technology Specialist) was invited to dept. meetings to train faculty and staff on using elluminate and I geared each presentation to department specific ideas for using elluminate.
    Tech. committee support --Ties in with vision and mission of TU for Technology infused teaching and learning.
    Presented professional development workshop and numerous quick start training sessions to show faculty how elluminate can be used.
    Created accounts and virtual offices for all faculty and staff and reached out to faculty and staff to show all on campus how they could use it to benefit their program.
  • 10. Set up various Meetings and Sessions to teach faculty to use elluminate
    Promote quick start trainings on campus on using elluminate
    Offered faculty opportunity to have the Academic Tech. Specialist attend the first few sessions faculty had with students as tech back up in courses and this helped faculty build a comfort level in using elluminate.
    summer innovators workshop on elluminate and
    virtual office hours every Tuesday for an hour drop in time to learn elluminate or blackboard.
    Faculty were thrilled to learn they could do elluminatetutorials, classes and even have guest speakers and have these sessions recorded and be available for viewing later.
  • 11. Quick start trainings included powerpoints that reinforced what faculty were learning that were put in elluminate sessions for hands on training. Also, the 12 powerpoints were emailed to faculty requesting them or posted to faculty sharing blackboard site for training purposes.
  • 12. I try to make elluminate sessions appeal to all learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Tactile—faculty and students are taught to interact online with whiteboard tools
    Faculty were assured that my office (Academic Technology) would offer regular year round orientations/trainings for students to get trained in using elluminate and faculty knew students could ask me for assistance if they had technical issues or contact Elluminate’s 24/7 help.
    I taught faculty how easy elluminate is to use since we integrated into blackboard
    Trainings for faculty are geared towards needs of each department with examples of using elluminate in terms of best practices from other universities
    Student Support Services,Tutoring, library and other offices like Alumni Relations and Admissions Office and Academic Advisors learned to use elluminate.
    MOCK CLASS SESSIONS were offered where faculty got to try out conducting classes in elluminate.
    I encourage faculty to attend Elluminate’s own moderator trainings which are excellent in addition to our own Thomas University training.
  • 14. Webpage with student and faculty elluminate resources on it and workshop training schedule
    Students wanting an orientation to elluminate can click on the following link to learn about elluminate: 
     Students can test to see if their computer is ready to use elluminate by going to
    Faculty/Staff Support
    Faculty can receive online and hybrid course instructional design support, multimedia support, and academic technology training (including blackboard, softchalk, video, and elluminate) by contacting Mary Prentice at
     Faculty wanting to use elluminate can view an elluminate orientation and quick reference guide by clicking on the following link:
      In addition, faculty learning to use elluminate can receive training by clicking on the following link:
     Elluminate Technical Support Representatives are available to assist 24-7 with elluminate concerns by calling: Toll Free: North America:               866-388-8674         866-388-8674, option #2
     Student Support
  • 15. I tried to show faculty how elluminate allows faculty to do many of the same things like quizzes and polling as they would in F2F class. Faculty learned how to use emoticons and hand raise tools that offer faculty and students chance to give each other feedback (virtual handclap, smiley face, confused look, etc). Students in online class can even raise their hand and get called on by the teacher in virtual classroom. Elluminate allows faculty to offer entertaining and educational class sessions or study sessions
  • 16. Questions?
    Thanks for attending. We welcome questions or comments.
    Thank you. Bei Zhang and Mary Prentice of Thomas University