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  • Discuss outcomes of the case study or class simulation.Cover best practices.
  • Summarize presentation content by restating the important points from the lessons.What do you want the audience to remember when they leave your presentation?Save your presentation to a video for easy distribution (To create a video, click the File tab, and then click Share.  Under File Types, click Create a Video.)
  • Passion

    1. 1. Our first humanitarian efforts in the DominicanRepublic was at an orphanage. We, like manyothers thought that was where the poor live.
    2. 2. With a group of children from the orphanage. Working Toward Mastery Achieve MasteryProjects Worked On Get Experienced Get Familiar Time Spent
    3. 3. Putting together little toys with the children
    4. 4. Next we started taking gifts to the staff at our resort. Doing Your Best Work • Working from home • Working offsite • Technology requirements
    5. 5. Everyone was so excited to take gifts home to their children!
    6. 6. Our first visit to a poor area
    7. 7. This woman lived in this tiny house with 6 very smallchildren. Our daughter gave her $10 and it was like shehad given her the world.
    8. 8. Our first walk with “Papa”(below) to an impoverishedarea near our resort.
    9. 9. Handing out used clothing to the poor.
    10. 10. The church inMaggiolo
    11. 11. The bathrooms for the whole communityof over 350 people.
    12. 12. The water supply forthe community of Maggiolo
    13. 13. Where the people showerand get their water
    14. 14. Thecommunity market
    15. 15. Doing the laundry
    16. 16. My January 29, 2011 facebook message home to my friends and family who were coming• Wow. I just had a most incredible experience. One of our guides that we have know for a long time took us on a walk to a poverty stricken area that is just minutes from our resort. We didnt even know it existed. Unbelieveable experience. I was in tears and couldnt help it. We gave away 20 peso bills equal to 60 cents and people were fighting to get to us. We had a suitcase of used cloths. I couldnt believe how they were crowded around just to get a used t shirt. Please bring lots if you can. West Jet allows one 50 lbs suitcase per person that you can bring for free. Ive been to orphanages, schools, poor areas etc but Ive never seen anything like what I saw today. Wow. We brought 300 lbs of humanitarian. It is almost gone already. I have saved some of it for other weeks but it could be gone today! Toys, cloths, hats, shoes, treats--- anything.
    17. 17. Our return tothe communityto pass outclothing.
    18. 18. Luis, who we met at ourresort, invited us to his home.
    19. 19. Luis and Kathy’s kitchen
    20. 20. A home in the area where Luis lives
    21. 21. Passing out clothing in thecommunity of Javilliar.
    22. 22. Hands held out formini chocolate bars.
    23. 23. Waiting to enter ourdistribution center forclothing.
    24. 24. Another home in the area
    25. 25. Our friend Jose Fernandezwho is pastor at threechurches and has createda free school whereall children can attendincluding the Haitians.
    26. 26. The homes in the area whereJose is Pastor.
    27. 27. Our first visitto Jose’s school
    28. 28. Where Jose toldus he wouldbuild a playground
    29. 29. Jose’s kitchenHe spends themoney he earnsworking at theresort to paythe teachersat his school.
    30. 30. Jose’s dream was to feed the children in the schoolone meal a day. Now we send money every monthto feed 165 children each day.
    31. 31. With our help, many of the children nowhave uniforms. Some of the children startschool at age three.
    32. 32. Taking gifts to the children
    33. 33. The school supplies webrought with us fromCanada.
    34. 34. More school supplies
    35. 35. Luggage full ofschool supplies The playground before and after.
    36. 36. Though poor herself, thislady has been conducting aChristian street ministry withthe vey poor in this area forover 20 years.
    37. 37. The children all linedup to learn aboutJesus from theirteacher.
    38. 38. Louise, sitting on the sidewalk with the children.
    39. 39. Sandra withthe children
    40. 40. Buying food packs at the localMarket to deliver to the needy.
    41. 41. Heading out to deliver food packs
    42. 42. Deliveringfood packs
    43. 43. This elderly lady hadbeen flooded from her homeand lived in a make-shift shackof cardboard and tin.
    44. 44. Visiting the hospitalNotice the mattresses.People are required tobring their own sheets.
    45. 45. Joan and Louise givingbaby packs to new mothersat the hospital.
    46. 46. Assembling babypacks at Louise’s home
    47. 47. Baby packs ready to take tothe Dominican Republic
    48. 48. We pass out baby packso everyone we see who is regnant or has a new baby.
    49. 49. HandicappedOrphanage
    50. 50. LaVerle holding a childIn the orphanage.
    51. 51. This little boy is 10 years old.
    52. 52. Taking food for the children
    53. 53. Louise’s granddaughter,Barbara with one of thechildren in the orphanage.Barbara made bibs for allthe children.
    54. 54. This baby was severely burnedOver 90 % of his body. Withoutintensive medication and care,he would have died.
    55. 55. With the help offriends and familyin Canada and the USA,we were able to raise$4200 for medications,doctor’s care andsurgery for the baby
    56. 56. The baby’s father is aBishop in a local congregationin the Dominican Republic. The family lives in veryhumble circumstance.
    57. 57. Recovering
    58. 58. The amazing transformationin only eight months.
    59. 59. We were invited fordinner in the bishops home.The home is approximately, 8’x14’and six people live there.
    60. 60. Preparing to pass out clothing to Passing out clothing the workers at the villa.At the villa
    61. 61. Staff lined up to get clothing Discussionfor their families • What we can learn from Jeremy • Best practices • Take-aways
    62. 62. Workers coming for Summaryclothing for theirchildren. • Define your challenges – Technological as well as personal • Set realistic expectation – Mastery is not achieved overnight • Keep your eye on the goal – Mentorship programs
    63. 63. Sandra settingout clothing forthe workers.
    64. 64. Staff coming for clothing
    65. 65. Resources some Visiting homes of the• <Intranet site text here> workers. <hyperlink here>• <Additional reading material text here> <hyperlink here>• This slide deck and related resources: <hyperlink here>
    66. 66. Former staff at the resort, now unemployedShe is a single mom with three children and has noincome. QUESTIONS?
    67. 67. The bathroom (upstairs) andAPPENDIX shower for this Community.
    68. 68. Outdoor kitchen
    69. 69. Visiting another home.
    70. 70. Inside the home
    71. 71. Inside Louise’slivingroom, packedto go January 2012
    72. 72. Loading upthe supplies
    73. 73. Our wonderful friends who own a little shop at the beach
    74. 74. We invited an extended family of 8 to stay with us at ourVilla for 2 days. These children had never seen a bathroom.
    75. 75. Ours friends enjoying a coupleof days of luxury.
    76. 76. Treating the children topopcorn and swimming.
    77. 77. Sharing our poolwith our friends fromthe Dominican
    78. 78. Sharing our meal with our friends
    79. 79. We paid for a pasta nightand our friend, Amarilis preparedfood for 300 children.
    80. 80. Four of Louisa’s grandchildren giveaway hundreds of their own toys and stuffies they brought from home.
    81. 81. Another school we support
    82. 82. Taking valentine treats to the children
    83. 83. Passing out hygiene kits to member of the community
    84. 84. Shoes for ourfriends inMaggiolo
    85. 85. Louise, walking to Maggiolo with two of her sonsto pass out shoes.
    86. 86. The home where we passed out shoes
    87. 87. One veryproud newowner ofa pair ofshoes.
    88. 88. Passing out candy
    89. 89. The lady in the window has no leg. The little boy in theorange shirt was making sure she got candy too.
    90. 90. Our friendAlbania standingin the doorwayof her home.
    91. 91. Our new distributionfacility in the processof being built.