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This presentation is an overview of the many possible ways to locate your Target Market (Audience) on the various social media platforms. This was presented to the awesome group of individuals at …

This presentation is an overview of the many possible ways to locate your Target Market (Audience) on the various social media platforms. This was presented to the awesome group of individuals at Third Tech Tuesday (#3RdTT) at the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce.

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  • 1. Social Media: Finding Your Target Market Michelle Post, Ph.D. Certified Social Media Strategist PDF Available:
  • 2. Lessons to Learn ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS What is a Target Market? Why is Knowing Your TM Important? Finding Your Audience on Pinterest Finding Your Audience on TW Finding Your Audience on FB Finding Your Audience on G+ Finding Your Audience on LI The Types of “Graphics” Personify & Empathize
  • 3. What is a Target Market? Traditional Definition “A specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services” (, n.d., para. 1) Today’s Definition • Helping others with their success, whether it is via a product or service. • It’s not about the selling, its about the caring. • Solve a problem. • Ease a pain. • “See a need, fill a need” (Rodney Copperbottom, Robots) ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 4. Why is Knowing Your TM Important? ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 5. The Types of “Graphics” • Demo-Graphics - Statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it • Psycho-Graphics - The study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research • Socio-Graphics - The characteristics that influence the way people receive and perceive messages • Geo-Graphics – The use of geolocation (geographic information) in the process of planning and implementation of marketing activities • Techno-Graphics - How the does population uses technology. • Social-Graphics – How social is your audience and where are they online ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 6. Personify & Empathize Personify Your Audience • Give your audience a name, (e.g., Lily) • What is their age? • Where do they work? • What is their lifestyle? • Are they techno-savvy? • Do they a spouse, kids, or pets? • What do they look like? • Create an avatar of what your audience may look like (Hint: • The more you can personalize your audience, the more you can connect with them. Empathize With Your Audience • Use an empathy map • No your audiences pain point • “What matters is not what we find interesting, but what our target audience does” (The Measurement Standard, 2014, para. 13). • “The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they love” (as cited by Michelle Wright, 2014, para. 1) ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 7. Finding Your Audience on FB • Facebook Pages • Facebook Groups • Facebook Page Insights – Demographics – Geographics – People Reached – People Engaged • Facebook Power Editor – Audience Definition • Facebook Graph Search • Search for hashtags • Follow competitor’s pages ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 8. Finding Your Audience on G+ • Follow key people & influencers • Create Target Audience • Google+ People • Google+ Circles • Google+ Groups • Google+ Hangouts • Google+ Communities • Review the top trending topics • Search for hashtags & keywords ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 9. Finding Your Audience on LI • Optimize your profile with keywords from your business • Use LinkedIn Advanced Search • Search your contacts • Search People • Search Groups • Check out your competition ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 10. Finding Your Audience on Pinterest • Popular pinners • Popular topics • Popular boards • Pinterest Group Boards • Checkout competition boards • Pinterest Business Analytics • Tool - Tailwind ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 11. Finding Your Audience on TW • Twitter Analytics • Search for hashtags & keywords • Listen to niche Tweets • Measure the Retweets • Twitter Cards • Analyze your followers • Target keywords in Twitter Bios • Twitter’s “people search” • Find active users and followers in your industry • Twitter’s Advanced Search • Twitter Lists • Tool - Followerwonk ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 12. Putting it All Together ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS Find & Reach Your Audience 1. Your Purpose 2. Ask Questions 3. Create a Persona 4. Find where they are online? 5. Create a strategy to reach them 6. Engage – Don’t Sell
  • 13. Final Thoughts • This presentation only scratched the surface of some of the ways to find your audience, there are still so many others ways . . . ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 14. RESOURCES AND MORE ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 15. Resources: Articles • Marketers Just Want to Get to Know You (with Data) - Want-Know-You-with-Data/1011079 • VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: Search Powered Psychographics - powered-psychographics-195078 • The Vital Importance Of Understanding Your Target Market - essentials/the-vital-importance-of-understanding-your- target-market-6d0c9c44a0b6 • Cold, Hard Content Marketing Stats -
  • 16. Resources: Reports • 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report - marketing-industry-report-2014/ • Social Digital Mobile 2014 - mobile-2014/ • Social Media Demographics - and-social-media-2014-2 • Social Networking Fact Sheet - networking-fact-sheet/
  • 17. Resources: Infographics • 10 Tips For Smart, Targeted Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] - tips_b55386 • 55 Interesting Social Media Infographics - • Do you know your target audience on Social Media? (Infographic) - • How to Choose Social Media Platforms (Infographic) - • The State of Marketing 2014 - center/digital-marketing/2014-state-of-marketing-infographic • Understanding our Audience on LinkedIn -
  • 18. Resources: Marketing Statistics • Content Marketing - marketing-stats/ • 2014 Marketing Statistics - marketing-statistics-infographic/ • 2014 Social Media & Marketing Statistics - media-marketing-statistics-2014-160016146.html • Inbound Marketing Statistics - stunning-inbound-marketing-statistics-0937976#!bAUowk • Mobile Marketing Statistics -
  • 19. Resources: Sites • City Data - • Clickz - • InternetLiveStats - • InternetWorldStats - • MarketingLand - • PewInternet - • SearchEngineLand - • StatisticBrain - • Target Marketing - • US Census Bureau -
  • 20. Resources: Blogs • 11 Easy (But Insightful) Ways to Perform Market Research on the Fly - market-research • 50 Questions That Helps You Define Your Target Market - • How Do I Reach My Audience? - • Personas: The Art and Science of Understanding the Person Behind the Visit - understanding-the-person-behind-the-visit • The Social Media Hacker’s Guide to Creating Targeted Audience Groups - media-hacker-guide/ ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 21. References Demographics. (n.d.). Retrieved from (n.d.). Target market [Blog post]. Retrieved from Geographic. (n.d.). Retrieved from Leiter, M. (2014, February 11). How to choose social media platforms [Infographic]. Retrieved from choose-social-media-platforms/ Psychographics. (n.d.). Retrieved from Socio-graphics. (n.d.). Retrieved from Technographics. (n.d.). Retrieved from ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 22. Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  • 23. #3RdTT Workshops for 2014 • Sept 16 - Creating a Social Media Campaign for Brand Awareness • Oct 21 - Content Curation Tools are Cool • Nov 18 - Keywords are Key • Dec 16 - How do you measure up? Performing a Self-Social Media Audit ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS