First grade power points

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  • 1. Story Planning First Grade
  • 2. Text Manipulation • Students begin the year by creating their own shelf markers. This gives them experience with the toolbar.
  • 3. We changed the size, color and shape of our names. We used these as shelf markers.
  • 4. Our next step was to use the tool bar in a different environment.
  • 5. First we made a plan.
  • 6. We took the time to design our presentations.
  • 7. Thinking about what we want to share….
  • 8. And how we want it to look.
  • 9. We turned our designs into…
  • 10. Into Power Points. All About Me angela
  • 11. We learned how to take pictures of ourselves. And how to insert them.
  • 12. My name is angela
  • 13. All About Me By Brandon
  • 14. We were introduced to transitions. And we loved them.
  • 15. We were shown how to adapt transparency. All About Me Bykailyn
  • 16. My favorite story is the DUC GOT THE COKKE
  • 17. And of course we played with the text. ALLABOUTME By Miranda
  • 18. My Name is •Miranda We worked together.
  • 19. My favorite book is Magic Puppy and Magic Kitty.
  • 20. We tried a lot of different tools. All about me By Marcellus
  • 21. My favorite story is pig and Gerald
  • 22. My favorite part of the story is pig
  • 23. All About Me By Sameerah
  • 24. My name is sameerah
  • 25. My favorite story is Bad Kitty.
  • 26. My favorite part of the story is when the owner gets mad.
  • 27. This was our time to play and explore. Next time, we will try even more.