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Vision on Future Networks

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Future Network

  1. 1. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.FutureNetworksMarie-Paule Odini – HP CMS CT Office
  2. 2. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.Macroforces
  3. 3. 25M apps4B people online31B connected devices450B online interactions, per day
  4. 4. Digital Native BehaviourRecent study of teenagers and theirMobile phone / Smartphone usageTexts per month?Minutes on voice per month?4072 texts17 minutes of talk time ......
  5. 5. Accelerating Innovation & ChangeThe InternetClient/ServerMobile, Social,Big Data & The CloudDatabaseERPCRMSCMHCMHCMPLMMRMAmazon Web ServicesOpSourceIBMGoGridRackspaceJoyentHosting.comTata CommunicationsDatapipePPMAlterianHylandLimeLightNetDocumentsNetReachOpenTextPaperHostXeroxGoogleHPMicrosoftSLI SystemsEMCIntraLinksJive SoftwareQvidianSagesalesforce.comSugarCRMVolusionXactlyZohoAdobeAvidCorelMicrosoftPaint.NETSerifYahooCyberShiftSabaSoftscapeSonar6AribaYahoo!QuadremElemicaKinaxisCCCDCCSCMCost ManagementOrder EntryProductConfiguratorBills of MaterialEngineeringClaim ProcessingInventoryManufacturing ProjectsQuality ControlBusinessEducationEntertainmentGamesLifestyleMusicNavigationNewsPhoto & VideoProductivityReferenceSocial NetworkingSportTravelUtilitiesevery60 seconds400,710 adsrequests2000 lyrics playedon Tunewiki1,500 pingssent on PingMe34,597 peopleare using Zinio208,333 minutesAngry Birds played23,148 appsdownloadedUnisysBurroughsHitachiNEC BullFijitsuADP VirtualEdgeCornerstone onDemandCyberShiftWorkbrainKenexaSabaSoftscapeSonar6SuccessFactorsTaleoWorkdayWorkscapeExact OnlineFinancialForce.comIntacctNetSuiteSAPNetSuitePlex SystemsCash ManagementAccountsReceivableFixed AssetsCostingBillingTime and ExpenseActivityManagementPayrollTrainingTime &AttendanceRosteringSales tracking &MarketingCommissionsServiceData Warehousing98,000tweetsFinancebox.netFacebookLinkedInTripItPinterestZyngaZyngaBaiduTwitterTwitterYammerAtlassianAtlassianMobilieIronSmugMugSmugMugAtlassianAmazonAmazoniHandyPingMePingMeAssociatedcontentFlickrSnapfishYouTubeAnswers.comTumblr.UrbanScribd.PandoraMobileFrame.comMixiCYworldQzoneRenrenXingYandexYandexHerokuRightScaleNew RelicAppFogBromiumSplunkCloudSigmacloudabilitykagglenebulaParseScaleXtremeSolidFireZillabytedotCloudBeyondCoreMozyViberFring TogglMailChimpQuickbooksHootsuiteFoursquarebuzzdDragon DictioneBaySuperCamUPS MobileFed Ex MobileScanner ProDocuSignHP ePrintiScheduleKhan AcademyBrainPOPmyHomeworkCookie DoodleAh! Fasion GirlMainframe• Change how technology isconsumed & value it can bring• Open up new business models• Remove current inhibitors &unleash power of innovationNew technologyaccess methods
  6. 6. Faster and Faster …1.9 kbps 14.4kbps 2Mbps 100Mbps …1G 2G 3G 4G1981 1992 2001 2011x7 x14x50
  7. 7. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.Networktrendanddrivers
  8. 8. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.9
  10. 10. - what were we talking about last year?Megatrends 2012• Analytics/Big Data- $1.5B market in 2011, CAGR 8.2%• Globalization- Everything & everyone becoming connected• Social networking/communications- Rapidly replacing email & SMS• Ecosystem players- Apple & Google dominate, Amazon will emerge• Machine to Machine (M2M)- 15B connected devices, $300B revenue 2012Everything to the cloud
  11. 11. - what is shaping the behavior of our customer for the next 3 years…Megatrends 2013 - 2016• Integrated Ecosystems- Amazon Appstore in 200 countries andgrowing , Facebook …• The Internet of Things- 50B connected devices by 2015- 143M in 2012 to +300M cellular M2Mconnections by 2016• Mobile Device Battle- Android, iOS, Win 8, Samsung domination• LTE & broadband everywhere- Traffic explosion, video, VoLTE, OTT- 72 countries by end 2013, 195 commercial• Virtualization, NFV-SDN- Re-engineering , flexibility, software- 260 attendees at ETSI NFV in AprilLTE deployed LTE deploying
  12. 12. Size – Complexity – Rate of ChangeWhat’s Changed?Internet/WANAggregationCoreData Center/CloudsEdgeDistributionCoreCampus/Branch/Mobile ExplosionServer EdgeIaaSPaaS SaaSNaaS*Too manyspecializedappliancesThere is noperimeter anylongerAbility to changepolicy too slow forvirtualizationPoor multi-tenancy supportSpeeds are 100G+Everything as aService* Network as a ServiceExplosion ofnetwork traffic &sizeConnecteddevices
  13. 13. Can no longer turn a blind eyeSystemic Network Architecture Issues• Network utilization not optimized• Appliances no longer fast enough• Chokepoints exist everywhereInefficiency• Managing enormous sea of devices can be overwhelming• Too easy to make configuration mistakes• Too many protocols involvedComplexity• Ability to change configuration in a timely manner is difficult• Poor ability to respond to workload changes• Static routes & SLAs, too difficult and too slow to introduce new servicesRigidity
  14. 14. What is NFVAbstraction of Virtual Machines from physicalhardware• VM Controller acts a centralized software program for VM’s• Centralized intelligence of virtual to physical relationships• Dynamic and programmable VM, Storage & Network• HP Implements via variety of methods including VMWare & KVM• HP leading NFV standardization at ETSIKey Benefits• Provides opportunity for rapid instantiation of new machines• Use cases for all types of Data Centers from SMB to Carrier• Can enable simplified management VM ControllerApplicationsx86VM’sOS’VM ModelVMController- architecture that leverages IT technology for the NetworkHypervisor
  15. 15. What is SDNAbstraction of control plane from forwardinghardware• Network control plane as a centralized software program• Centralized intelligence of network topology• Dynamic and programmable network, interaction with applications• Implemented via variety of methods including OpenFlow protocol• Contributing in ATIS SDN Landscape teamKey Benefits• Provides opportunity for rapid innovation in networking• Use cases for all types of networks including Enterprise Campus,Service Provider, Cloud, Data Center• Can enable simplified management through network virtualizationApplicationsInfrastructureNetwork OSNetwork APISDN ModelControlPlane- an emerging software based virtual network architecture
  16. 16. Top NFV Telco PrioritiesSolution Description Benefit of NFVVirtual EPC Core LTE (MME, PGW, SGW) Cost (COTS), scalabilityVirtual Appliance Firewall, NAT, Isec, VPN, etc Cost reduction (COTS), flexibility (SWdownload)Virtual CPE consumer Set top box, ADSL router Opex reduction , SW download,colocation of applications on COTSVirtual IMS CSCF, HSS, MRF, PCRF Cost reduction, scalability (up &down), colocationVirtual Base Stationand Cloud RANBTS, RAN, small Cell on COTSand SW , VMCost reduction COTS, colocation ofapplication (ie Radio, CDN) , controllerin Cloud for multiple BTS (central mgt)Virtual CPE enterprise Enterprise Firewall, NAT, Time to deploy (SW download) ,
  17. 17. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.19Content IDDatabaseDNS WorldIP PartitionCDNMng, Logger CDN & ISPAdmin PortalCDN Mgt(Fault, Perf,Config)End PointUse Case NFV-SDN: CDN (Content Delivery Network)TrackerTopologyDNSOSSLoggerLevel One:The Control PlaneLevel Two:The Regional serviceLevel Three:The End pointslocal cachingSDN ControllerSDN ControllerSDN ControllerAPICDN Managementroutingroutingrouting
  18. 18. traffic rerouted via SDN to virtualized IMS CoreUse Case NFV-SDN: Virtualized IMS infrastructureVirtual IMSSDN Cloud(virtual Data Center)IMSService #1IMSService #2IMSService #3Ex: M2MMobileFixedSDN SwitchSDN controllersSDN networkNW applicationsEx: M2M deviceapplicationTraffic ControlPoliciesTraffic
  19. 19. open standards enabling many partnersPAN HP NFV - SDNNetworkingCompute & StorageHypervisors ControllersApplicationResource Management & OrchestrationApplication• HP Telco applications (HSS, CSCF, IVR, CDN) on NFV• 3rd party application testing & certification• Standards-based application integration APIs• Centralized resource fulfillment and assurance• Hypervisor and network vendor independence• HP OpenFlow controller (beta)• Partnerships with all major hypervisor vendors• Blade system Matrix, 3PAR Storage• OpenFlow enabled switches• 750+ Private Cloud and Public Clouds with HP CloudSystemHPNCMSPan-HPCOTSOSS
  20. 20. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.22Slide 22DEMYSTIFY VIRTUALIZATIONIPSEC POC on HP HW – DL 380 Gen 8 Widely accepted that virtualisation reduces performance compared to running on “bare metal” but here’s a realapplication where it improves performance: Scalable IPsec solutions are required for FONera roaming WiFi and LTE services.Investigated lowest cost IPsec solution for BT’s FON WiFi service.Requirements: Null encryption, 3DES IKE, ~80Kbps/tunnel, millions tunnels, high tunnel set-up rate.Tested the KAME solution bundled in the Linux kernel (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) achieved 7K tunnels.Used KVM (redhat 6.3) with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS virtual machinesIPsectunnelsperDL360serverNumber of E5-2667 Cores3.2Gbps3.8GbpsPacketsdropped!1.2GTunnel set-uprate= 100/sec Bottleneck was a single core being used toterminate all IPsec tunnels. How to use more CPU cores? Rewrite the code  Or use KVM and run multiple virtual Linuxkernels to load share the IPsec tunnelsacross multiple cores WithoutVirtualisationWith VirtualisationSource: BT , shared in multiple public events
  21. 21. NFV – Network Functions VirtualizationNetwork application running on COTS HWCentralized Management of E2E:Infrastructure, Virtualization & AppsAutomated elasticity (scale up & down)Network Application running in a Virtual Machine4 different levels of maturityLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
  22. 22. Phased approach for service providers2013-2015NFV-SDN ProjectsSingle-purposeelementsControl PlaneApplicationPlaneDataPlane• Move telco applications to NFV(ie IMS, EPC, Cloud basestation ): SW based & Cloudsolutions• Introduce Openflow(switches and controller)NFV-SDN Cloud2014-2016Control PlaneApplications PlaneInfrastructure PlaneSaaS ServicesVirtual Service ProvidersSaaS Services SP#5Infrastructure Plane Control PlaneSP#4(SDN IaaS)Applications PlaneSDN API SP#3(SDN ASP)SP#2(mobile)SP#1(fixed)2015-2020
  23. 23. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.ThankYou