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How to join empower network

  1. 1. How To Join Empower Network by mpn | on January 17, 2013
  2. 2. When Did Empower Network Start?Empower Network got started on Oct. 31, 2011 and has paid outover $20,000,000 to it’s members so far. Even after the firstyear, the company is continuing to experience rapid growth.In the first week of November 2012, Empower Network did theunthinkable and paid out over $1,000,000 in commissions to theirmembers in just a week’s time. That fact alone puts EmpowerNetwork into a category of its own, as it continues to pioneer one ofthe biggest movements and active communities on the internet.What Is The ‘Prosperity Team‘?We’re a team of savvy, like-minded entrepreneurs who are leadingthe way towards a more successful tomorrow and prosperous lifefor you and your family. We’re also considered one of the mostactively-engaged and sought-after teams inside the EmpowerNetwork community because we give you a 100% hands on, up todate, and practical approach towards delivering real results in yourEmpower Network business.
  3. 3. We recently joined forces with team ‘Love and Light’ and team ‘Simple Freedom’ toprovide you with an enormous amount of training and support, in addition to what you’llget from Empower Network’s products. That includes live daily webinars with the topleaders on our team where we give you step-by-step assignments to complete everyday, conference calls, a private audio library, “over the shoulder” videotraining, marketing tools, done-for-you traffic co-ops, and the opportunity to see whatreal 6-figure earners are doing every day so you can legally “steal” their secrets!Plus…we’re just a fun and motivating group to be around. :)What Does It Cost To Get Started?Empower Network has five different products that you can choose from. The onlyrequired purchase to participate in the income opportunity is the $19.95 affiliate fee.With that said, over 99% of our affiliates also choose to also be a customer of one ormore of our five products. The Basic Membership is $25/month and the Inner Circle is$100/month, but remember, you’ll get your investment back with only one person yousign up since they pay you 100% commissions.
  4. 4. What Is Empower Network?Empower Network is an internet marketingcommunity that gives it’s members the powerto create massive results in any businesswithout experiencing the commonproblems, challenges, and pitfalls most peopleexperience when starting a business.In addition to the world-class informationproducts, elite internet marketingtraining, and superior blogging platform;Empower Network’s affiliate program paysout 100% of the commissions on all productsales and allows their members the chance tocreate a life-changing income from thecomfort of their own home.
  5. 5. We also do daily calls here’s are scheduledtime of are daily calls…On our “Prosperity Team” we are focusedand dedicated to help you succeed!Here Are Just A Few Of Our Prosperity TeamBenefits that help people stick with us! Daily “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Calls –Monday-Friday (Morning)… Daily Internet Marketing Webinars –Monday-Friday (Noon)… Daily Action Assignments & Accountability Facebook Group Mastermind… Training Site (All Recordings & TutorialTrainings)… Marketing System & Pages That Do All TheHeavy Lifting For You…And Most Importantly A Partnership TopInternet Marketers, Offline Marketers, 6 & 7Figure Income Earners!
  6. 6. How Fast Can I Make Money?It depends….how fast do you want to? Wehave people who earn thousands in their firstmonth….first week….or even their first DAY.Making money fast is simple when you’reusing a proven system that pays you 100% ofthe money when a sale is made, so it alldepends on how quickly you can get intoaction and follow our system!Will I Get Personal Support?When you join the Prosperity team, not onlywill you have the support of the entire teamvia our online community, you’ll also getaccess to our Live Daily Masterminds hosted 5days a week by 6-figure earner, Mike Hobbs!On those live trainings he answers anyquestions you have about marketing and givesyou copy/paste daily assignments that aredesigned to take you from $0-10,000 permonth in 90 days or less.
  7. 7. How Much Money Can I Make?The amount of money you can make is completely up to you.Without knowing who you are, what you look like, or whereyou came from, we can tell you that the two most importantfactors that influence and impact your ability to achievegreatness and success in any business are your Mindset andAttitude.If you get in right now with an ‘ALL IN’ mentality (giving this100% of your energy), follow the step-by-step action plan wegive you, and work furiously until you have abreakthrough, absolutely nothing can stop you from makingany amount of money you desire.There are people who join with the intention of making anextra $1000 to $3,000 per month and then there are otherswho consistently earn upwards of $1000 – $3,000 per day!It really boils down to your personal goals, aspirations, anddreams, along with how much willingness and work, energyand time, effort and resources you desire to put into thebusiness to obtain your money making visions.
  8. 8. Are There Any Monthly Expenses?We recommend a 3rd party autoresponderservice for managing your email list. (You canuse GVO, Aweber, or GetResponse. Most of ususe GVO). However much you choose to spend on marketing is entirely up to you. As a team we will show you a variety of cutting-edge marketing methods and you can choose which ones best fit your budget and time commitment.
  9. 9. How Does the Compensation Plan Work?They use a very powerful form of affiliatemarketing that works like this: when youmarket your Empower Network link online(using the methods we teach you), the peoplewho visit your website will watch apresentation about our products andopportunity. When they get started, EmpowerNetwork pays out 100% of their productpurchase to you.For example, let’s say you have 10 Basic($25/month) customers on your team….youwould earn $250 every month for making thosesales.
  10. 10. Pretty cool, right? :)Also, our company numbers show that around 50% of yourcustomers that purchase the $25/Month Basic Membership willupgrade to the $100/month Inner Circle Membership.To use that same example, if you have 10 customers at the BasicLevel and 50% of them upgrade to the Inner Circle….that’s another$500 you earn from the same customers.So you can potentially earn $750 in MONTHLY income with only10 people on your team!And that doesn’t include the potential income you can make whenthey choose to buy any of the other Empower Network products!SIMPLY PUT: You don’t need an army of people on your team tomake a life-changing income with Empower network. You canliterally earn your first $1,000 in this business TODAY! (See ourincome disclosure below)
  11. 11. Is This “One-Time” Money or Residual Income?Our Basic and Inner Circle Memberships are subscription-based and customers payfor them monthly. So, when you make a $25 Per Month “Basic” sale or a $100 PerMonth “Inner Circle” sale, you’re going to continue getting paid that amount everymonth as long as that person is a customer.On the other “one-time” product purchases, such as:The Costa Rica Intensive – $50015K Per Month Formula – $1000Costa Rica Masters Retreat – $3500You earn a one-time ‘crazy high’ commission…Plus, the customers who purchase those products have life-time access to themand are qualified to earn 100% of the money each time they make a sale.. FORLIFE!Do you Guarantee That I’ll Make Money?Nope. You might make a lot, or you might not make anything…
  12. 12. Here’s why:You might not take action. You might lose interest inthings quickly. You might be lazy. You might be one ofthose people who says you’re willing to do what wesay, but when you’re shown what needs to bedone, you simply don’t do it or do somethingcompletely different.Or you might be one of those people who DOES takemassive action. You WILL give this your complete focus.You CAN follow a step-by-step system. You ARE seriousabout your future. You WILL do anything it takes toreach your dreams and goals. Bottom line, if you justgot jacked up reading that and thinking about how badyou want this, we can help YOU!So ultimately, the choice is yours. If you’recoachable, trainable, and just follow our step-by-stepsystem, there’s no reason in the world why youshouldn’t expect to get fantastic results.
  13. 13. How Can They Afford To Pay Out 100%Commissions?Amazing, isn’t it?Empower Network is a truly uniqueopportunity (one of a kind)This company doesn’t even take a percentageof the sales!Instead, the company has a flat $19.95monthly affiliate fee that covers theirexpenses and pays for the homeoffice, customer serviceagents, programmers, desgners, etc.By using this model, the company can pay out100% commissions on every product sold(minus credit card processing fees).
  14. 14. Can I Make Money Without a ‘List’?Yes, of course!As a matter of fact, one of the company topearners started the program without a list.Today he earns $70,000 to $100,000 PerMonth and built his list from scratch with thestrategies he learned inside the EmpowerNetwork training.If you have already have a list, that will giveyou a nice little boost, but as long as you’recoachable and trainable, we’ll show you howyou can have hundreds of interested peopleon your website (watching the presentation)within the next 24 hours!
  15. 15. Where Is Empower Network Located?The corporate office is located in St.Petersburg, Florida.So, If The Company Is Based In Florida, WhyDoes David Wood Live In Costa Rica?Because it was his dream, so why not live it? :) So, Where Does David Sharpe live? He just bought a new house in St. Petersburg. Does Empower Network Provide Support? Yes. The company has a support team of over 20 people who can help you with any concern or questions about the products or opportunity.
  16. 16. Plus, as a member of The ProsperityTeam, you also have access to our live dailymastermind, as well as our ‘team only’training community that includes all of thesame marketing materials that we use tobuild our businesses: pre-written automatedfollowup letters, video tutorials, “over theshoulder” training, marketingresources, social media tools and muchmore…Best of all, there is NO cost for this additionaltraining and support, it’s 100% FREE when youmake a decision to become a member of TheProsperity TeamDo I Need A Merchant Account? Paypal?Not at all! Empower Network has their ownin-house payment system that’s included inthe $19.95 affiliate fee.
  17. 17. Do I Need To Build My Own Website?Nope! When you join as an affiliate, you will immediatelyhave access to a full catalog of lead capturepages, presentation pages and other resources that areyou’ll use to build your business.Plus, as a member of The Prosperity Team, you get accessto even more resources at no additional cost.Just cause we want you to win!When and How Do I Get Paid?Affiliates are paid every Friday. Your commissions aredeposited into your E-Wallet account (see above). Fromthere, you can either transfer it to your checkingaccount, withdraw it from an ATM machine or spend itwith our own MasterCard debit card.
  18. 18. Do I Have To Attend Meetings or Host Parties? Well, you could, but do you really want to? We want you to make money from home….not from someone else’s home. ;-) So, you’ll never have to do 1-on-1 presentations in coffee shops….do little milk- and-cookie parties in people’s living rooms….or stand up in front of a hotel meeting to explain anything. This is about you making money by using a simple online marketing system for about 1-2 hours per day.What About Company Conventions?Empower Network hosts 3 or 4 large training events each year.They’re unlike any other company event or meeting you’ve everseen and it’s a perfect opportunity to meet other people in thecommunity, find out what top earners are doing to earn hugeincomes and enjoy a new part of the world that you may nothave experience yet. These events are fun, exciting andaffordable for anyone. (Tickets for our last event started at $99.)
  19. 19. Do I Have To Do Phone Prospecting?Nope, we actually don’t allow it until aftersomeone is already on your team. ;-)I’m just kidding of course, if you love to callingleads all day, go for it, but we don’trecommend it if you want to to build abusiness and live the life of your dreams.That’s what it’s all about, right?Do you REALLY dream about being on thephone all day?Didn’t think so…Many of our top earners haven’t picked up aphone to call their leads in years. The onlinesystem is designed to provide your prospectswith all the information they need to make arelaxed and intelligent decision withouttalking to you personally.
  20. 20. Where Do I Get Leads? We’ve got you covered. The Empower Network products will teach you how to get HUGE amounts of traffic to any website. You will not be “buying leads” or cold calling people. We’re going to show you the secrets of top-producing MARKETERS so you never have to worry about leads again!I Already Have A Home Business. How Will Empower Network Help Me?That’s great! Many of our affiliates (including some of our top earners) actually havemultiple businesses and use Empower Networks tools and training to get hugeresults in their other income streams.Ultimately, Empower Network is a training company: we provide you with theinformation and resources that you need to learn how to have dozens of peoplegetting started in ANY opportunity without having to prospect, do home parties, dohotel meetings, do 1-on-1 presentations or any of the hassles that are normallyassociated with the home business industry.Empower Network is for anyone who’s serious about taking their income to thenext level….whether your primary business is Empower Network or something else.
  21. 21. Can I Do This Part-Time? How Much Time Does itTake?Most people start part-time alongside whatever elsethey’re currently doing: a job; another business;raising children, etc.So you can start in Empower Network with as little as45 minutes per day and then “scale up” from there asyour income grows. Some of our top earners are onlyworking in Empower Network 2-3 hours a day andearning tens of thousand of dollars per month.Will You Meet Me At The Local Coffee Shop So We CanTalk About This Business?Probably not. Mostly because a.) all the informationsomeone needs to get started is available online andb.) because of the weirdo factor.But, more importantly, look at it this way: do YOUwant to have to drive around meeting people incoffee shops to make money?
  22. 22. I doubt it.We don’t either. And one of the best parts about this business isthat you can work the business from anywhere in the world if youhave a laptop or an iPad or a smartphone.Your ability to make money has nothing to do with explaining thebusiness personally to anyone else. And that means you’ve gotmore free time to do the stuff you want to do.And we think that’s pretty awesome. :)I’m Completely Broke. Can You Get Me Started And Let Me Pay YouBack Out Of My Future EarningsNo. And here’s why:You’re asking me to be more committed to your business than youare. And that’s not how success works.I get that you might be in a financial bind. But instead of asking fora hand-out, you need to step up, be the leader and realize a simplefact: you do not have a shortage of money. You have a shortage ofIDEAS.
  23. 23. Turn off the TV….turn off Facebook….turn off your mobile phone…..get a pencil andpaper. And write down 10 ways that you can come up with the money within 24 hours.It’s simpler than you think.I Know That Some People Need A Low-Cost Opportunity. But What About Someone WhoWants To Make BIG Money? Can I Earn A Super-Sized Income Here?Short answer: absolutelyOur “The $15k Formula” product pays a $1,000 commission….and our Masters Programpays a $3,000 commission. Our top earners here earn over $100,000 per month inpersonal net income….and some of them have earned as much as $47,000 in a single DAY.DISCLAIMER: Those are big numbers. Not everyone is going to do that. And not everyoneis TRYING to do that. But, you should be aware that the potential is there….and theresults you get will be a reflection of your personal efforts, commitment, time and energy.For the full legal income disclosure, see the link at the bottom of the page.
  24. 24. If enjoyed today’s post please ‘Comment like & share’ this page so someone else canbenefit from it! Name: Amy Dee Phone: 419-574-1890 Skype: amy.dickey71 P.s. Work With Me And We Will Go Far