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Penny George Institute for Health and Healing Outcomes Report
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Penny George Institute for Health and Healing Outcomes Report


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2010 Outcomes Report for the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

2010 Outcomes Report for the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. mind clinical care researchbody spirit penny George institute for Health and Healing tm education O v e rv i e w a n d O u t c O m e s r e p O rt 2 0 1 0 Founded by the George Family Foundation and the Ted and Dr. Roberta Mann Foundation
  • 2. penny George™ institute for Health and Healing O v e rv i e w a n d O u t c O m e s r e p O rt 2 0 1 0 Table of Contents 1 Letter from the executive director 2 approach to care 5 Foundation of excellent care 10 education and community Outreach 12 research 15 the role of philanthropy 16 volume, Quality and Outcomes measures 20 publications and presentations, 2007-2009 24 staff Listing 27 about abbott northwestern Hospital 28 accessing abbott northwestern
  • 3. Overview Letter from the Executive Director Lori Knutson, RN, BSN, HNB-BC as the largest hospital-based program the Livewell Fitness center goes beyond traditional of its kind in the country, the penny fitness training to help clients use exercise to George™ institute for Health and promote health. this includes people whose health is Healing is setting the national compromised and who want to return to good health standard for enhancing health care or optimize their health through exercise. it also serves through an integrative health approach. we do this by: as a fitness center for employees of allina, abbott • blending evidence-based complementary therapies, northwestern and children’s Hospitals and clinics of integrative medicine and conventional western medicine minnesota. the Fitness center is engaged in outreach efforts with corporate partners and local businesses that • providing direct service to inpatients and outpatients are interested in developing an integrated approach to • educating health care professionals employee health promotion. • teaching the community about health promotion and personal responsibility for health penny George institute researchers are actively investigating many aspects of integrative health, • conducting research to identify best practices and the including the use of integrative modalities, the economic impact of integrative health. impact of integrative health services on specific this Overview and Outcomes report highlights the patient populations and the health care system, and accomplishments of the penny George institute’s programs the effectiveness of lifestyle change programs. these and services in recent years. we have continued to expand initiatives are critical to developing best practices and and enhance our inpatient and outpatient services by working gaining acceptance for integrative health services. collaboratively with our colleagues throughout the hospital. Our practitioners provide 900 inpatient visits a month, the penny George institute’s holistic approach is also and our services have had a measurable impact on patients’ reaching across the allina Hospitals & clinics system. self-reported pain and anxiety scores. we also have 700 visits when a new facility opens in 2010 to house unity a month in our Outpatient clinic. Hospital’s virginia piper cancer institute®, the penny George institute will be part of it. patients will have on-site access to a variety of integrative services and through our transformative nurse training (tnt) program, complementary health therapies. nurses from abbott northwestern Hospital and other area hospitals are acquiring the knowledge, skills and confidence in partnership with the Bravewell collaborative, we are to enhance care through an integrative and holistic approach. also engaged in the broader endeavor of advocating for in partnership with the Bravewell collaborative, we sponsor the role of integrative health in health care reform. we physician and nurse practitioner training in integrative believe that approaches like health promotion, wellness medicine through the center for integrative medicine of the and treating the whole person—like the penny George university of arizona. through local, regional and national institute promotes—can help to shape a more effective conferences, we teach a wide range of professionals about and efficient health care system. we are excited and proud transforming their health care practice with integrative to be part of this effort to improve health care for all. approaches. Our ongoing classes and programs for the community on topics like yoga, stress reduction, nutrition and fitness attract more than 800 participants a year. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 1
  • 4. approach to care Holistic Care that Empowers Patients Founded in 2003 through the support of the George Family Foundation and the Ted and Dr. Roberta Mann Foundation, the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing has created a national model of patient care built on the foundation of integrative health. Through its range of inpatient services, Outpatient Clinic, LiveWell Fitness Center, integrative health research, and community and professional educational programs, the Penny George Institute is the nation’s largest hospital-based integrative health program. 2 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 5. integrative health is defined as an approach to health care that places the patient at the center of care. it focuses on prevention and wellness and attends to the physical, psycho-social, emotional and spiritual needs of each person. integrative health is more than simply adding healing therapies to a range of services a hospital provides. it is a holistic approach to health care that advocates treating the whole person and involving the person as an empowered partner. integrative health also recognizes the value of conventional medicine in treating many chronic and acute conditions, as well as its limits in dealing with the complex needs of the whole person. integrative health: institute. patients are referred for inpatient • advanced its research capabilities and • blends conventional medicine with integrative services by a physician, nurse or partnered with leading integrative evidence-based complementary other caregiver, or they may self-refer. medicine clinics to evaluate the therapies and integrative medicine impact, efficacy and effectiveness of • values relationship-centered care each month, the penny George institute’s integrative medicine/health services • promotes a partnership between the team of integrative health professionals • launched new partnerships focused patient and caregiver provides enhanced care through more on health promotion with major than 900 inpatient visits and 700 visits to employers and formed consulting • recognizes the whole patient and his its Outpatient clinic. more than 60,000 relationships with other health care or her individual needs inpatient visits have been made since 2003. organizations • focuses on healing as much as curing • created unique clinical rotations in • emphasizes patient empowerment since its inception, the penny George partnership with northwestern Health and personal responsibility institute has: sciences university that develop • advocates health promotion and • created the largest hospital-based inpatient skills for Oriental medicine prevention of illness through integrative health program in the and therapeutic massage students. education and coaching. country • transformed chronic depression and Care Across all anxiety care through its outpatient resilience training program Each month, the Penny Centers of Excellence • emerged as a national leader in George Institute’s team at abbott northwestern, the concepts of cancer care and cancer survivorship in partnership with the virginia piper of integrative health integrative health are fundamental to the cancer institute and the sister Kenny professionals provides care the hospital’s staff has provided for decades. the penny George institute’s team rehabilitation institute enhanced care through of health professionals supports this work • established a medical fitness center that more than 900 inpatient by providing inpatient services throughout has been recognized by the american visits and 700 visits to its abbott northwestern, including medical/ Heart association Outpatient Clinic. surgical areas, the minneapolis Heart • developed an advanced nursing institute®, neuroscience institute, education curriculum and mentorship Orthopaedic institute, sister Kenny® program that leads to board certification rehabilitation institute, spine institute, in holistic nursing womencare and the virginia piper cancer P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 3
  • 6. Transforming Health Care integrative health, with its emphasis on health promotion, self-responsibility, wellness and treating the whole person, is critical to transforming the health care system. For example, the penny George institute’s work focuses on improving a person’s overall health and well-being and puts the patient at the center of care. patients have access to integrative services, such as physician consultations, ayurveda, Oriental medicine and complementary therapies, and classes or individual instruction on nutrition, fitness, resilience training and mind-body stress reduction. the goal is to empower individuals to take personal responsibility for their health, a vital step in improving the health of our patients, communities and nation. in recognition of the role that integrative health can play in health care reform, the institute of medicine (the health arm of the national academy of sciences) hosted the summit on integrative medicine and the Health of VISION the public in February 2009. scientists, clinicians, policy experts and industry The Penny George Institute seeks to leaders convened to address the principles of integrative health that could transform health care by blending form the basis for effective health care reform. the summit also highlighted the art of healing and the science of research results and success from clinical practice sites across the country, curing to optimize the health of the including abbott northwestern’s penny George institute. whole person—mind, body and spirit. through its partnership with the Bravewell collaborative (, the penny George institute is helping to shape a national model of hospital-based integrative programs and services. Founded in 2002, the Bravewell collaborative mISSION is a community of leading philanthropists who work together to transform our The Penny George Institute health care system and improve the health of the american public through the will transform health care advancement of integrative medicine. For example, Jeffery dusek, phd, research locally through the provision of director at the penny George institute, is the lead principal investigator on outstanding integrative care to a grant application to the national institutes of Health that seeks to expand patients and employees in all resilience training to two Bravewell collaborative research centers. the penny George institute also is helping to establish integrative health best practices as a settings across Abbott Northwestern member of the Bravewell clinical network by sharing information and lessons and its related institutions. The learned through Bravewell’s publications and online resources. Penny George Institute will transform health care nationally through the development and Bravewell Clinical Network (Bravenet) dissemination of integrative care · Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine practices that demonstrably · Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine enhance quality, ensure safety and · Coordinating Center: Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University School of Medicine reduce costs. · Duke Integrative Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine · Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University · Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, University of California, San Francisco · Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, Abbott Northwestern Hospital · Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine · Simms-Mann Health and Wellness Center at Venice Family Clinic · The Continuum Center for Health and Healing, Beth Israel Medical Center 4 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 7. Foundation of excellent care P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 5
  • 8. Inpatient Care all of the penny George institute’s practitioners are cross-trained in a multitude of complementary therapies. patients receive individualized care developed in since it was founded in 2003, the partnership with the care team to enhance their experience and outcomes. patients penny George institute’s care team has may be seen before surgery or immediately after surgery, and some practitioners provided more than 60,000 consults have accompanied patients during a procedure or surgery. patients may receive one to hospitalized patients at abbott or more of these therapies: northwestern. through philanthropic • acupuncture/acupressure support from the community, the • aromatherapy inpatient team brings pain relief, anxiety reduction and healing to • energy healing including Reiki and healing touch patients throughout the hospital. • healing arts • Korean hand therapy more than 22 highly credentialed integrative health care professionals • mind/body therapies including relaxation response, guided imagery and consult and work directly with patients biofeedback and their family members to provide • music therapy care. each weekday morning, the penny • reflexology George institute practitioner team • therapeutic massage. meets to assign an average of 25 to 30 new patient referrals. On a typical day, 60 to 75 patients will receive an integrative medicine consult or service. the penny George institute’s inpatient professionals are fully integrated into the hospital. they receive formal referrals, round with physicians, consult with nurses, provide bedside therapies and document their care in the electronic medical record system. 6 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 9. The Penny George Institute has transformed chronic depression and anxiety care through its Resiliency Training Program. Outpatient Clinic the Outpatient clinic provides five popular group-based programs. the penny George institute’s • The unique Resilience Training Outpatient clinic opened in 2004 program is led by holistic on the abbott northwestern campus. psychiatrist, Henry emmons, clinic services are provided by md, and is inspired by his 15 highly credentialed practitioners. book The Chemistry of Joy. participants in the eight-week patient services include: program receive individual • Oriental Medicine/acupuncture psychiatric, nutritional and • Ayurveda fitness assessments and, as a group, develop meditation skills • energy healing and personal insight for working • healing coaching through difficult emotions and • herbal consultations managing stress. • integrative medicine physician • The Mindfulness-Based Stress consultations reduction program helps participants develop mindfulness Penny George Institute • integrative nutrition counseling skills based on the work of Jon researchers evaluated the • mind/body therapies including Kabat-Zinn. impact of Resiliency Training biofeedback • The Art of Healing program on key measures of depression, • spiritual coaching brings visual art, therapeutic quality of life and work • massage therapy music and movement therapies, productivity among 38 Allina • therapeutic yoga as well as “caring for the employees with moderate caregiver” programming, into depression. The study • classes and workshops on clinical settings. showed that, compared to a aromatherapy, drum circle, healing through the arts and more. • Therapeutic yoga is offered control group, participants in in group settings to promote Resiliency Training experienced relaxation and support the significant improvement in healing process. depression symptoms, quality Classes for the community • Group acupuncture is offered to of life measures and work offered by the Penny George facilitate more affordable access productivity. Read more about to the service in a setting that this study on page 14. Institute attract more than creates a sense of community and 800 participants a year. support. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 7
  • 10. LiveWell Fitness Center the Livewell Fitness center encourages clients to seek their highest level of well-being each day. the center supports the journey to optimal health by offering a full spectrum of programs and services to enhance an individual’s lifestyle. a highly credentialed, professional staff of exercise physiologists, physical therapists, licensed nutrition experts, a wellness coach and aftercare specialists is available to help design exercise and nutrition plans that help clients meet personal health and fitness goals. services include fitness assessments and Health Promotion and Wellness consulting, body composition testing, the Livewell Fitness center is committed to helping communities promote health exercise training, fitness rehabilitation, and wellness. nutrition counseling, metabolism • It provides expertise in health promotion and wellness to various corporations testing, wellness coaching and more. and community organizations. creating quality fitness and nutrition programs innovative and/or enhanced programs with a mind/body approach provides opportunities for employers and community include: leaders to encourage and support a culture of good health and well-being. • Body in Balance Program for posture • In collaboration with Allina’s Employee Benefits Department, LiveWell staff enhancement designed and coordinated the six-week Health is wealth contest for 840 • Cancer Survivorship Program, which employees at abbott northwestern Hospital and the allina commons. this includes the nationally renowned incentive program motivated participants to engage in healthy exercise, nutrition Healthy steps group exercise classes and stress management practices at work and home. • The Take Action Weight • LiveWell’s Take Action Weight Management Program and Fitness Profile management program, which assessment are included in allina’s Be Fit employee health program. Be Fit offers includes a new, flexible one-to-one programs that enhance the overall health of employees. successful completion of format to complement an already these programs qualifies employees for wellness rewards. successful group program • Pilates Reformer Training for customized strength and flexibility programming. The LiveWell Fitness Center received the 2009 VOLUmE American Heart Association’s Gold Star Memberships: 650 Award. The award recognizes employers that champion the health of their Visits: 25,000 employees and work to create a culture of physical activity in the workplace. 8 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 11. The Art of Healing at abbott northwestern, creative arts are used to support healing, and research is being conducted to measure the impact of the arts in patient care. the art of Healing program offers positive, creative and constructive arts programming for patients, visitors, employees and volunteers. patients can explore art as a healing tool during their hospitalization. music therapy is used to reduce anxiety, stress and pain. exhibits, concerts, classes and other events explore the healing aspects of art. the caring for the caregiver program offers a series of classes designed to support abbott northwestern employees and volunteers in the art of self-care, including visual journaling, movement and the meditative aspects of painting. the penny George institute is a member of the society for arts in Healthcare. this national organization demonstrates the valuable role the arts can play in the healing process and encourages and supports research into the benefits of arts in health care. Life After Cancer Through collaborative work across Abbott Northwestern, the Penny George Institute offers a synergistic, integrative approach to optimizing life after cancer. In partnership with the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute and the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, the Penny George Institute is emerging as a national leader in the promotion of wellness and well-being after cancer—bringing together all of its resources to promote nutritional, physical, mind-body and spiritual health. For example, cancer patients have an opportunity to work with a healing coach in all stages of their journey, from diagnosis to post-treatment and beyond. Health promotion tools and resources that focus on stress reduction, nutritional guidance, weight management and exercise offer individualized support and Penny George Institute Team Mandala, Richard Bonk, artist instruction. Mandalas symbolize the universe and have been used in many cultures as tools to focus the mind and support transformation. This mandala was created by collecting information in and around the Penny George Institute Outpatient Clinic: photographs of the space, audio recordings of ambient sounds, hand-written vision statements from the staff and video recordings of patient interviews. Using computer software, the artist translated the materials into raw data and created this visual representation. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 9
  • 12. education and community Outreach Serving Patients, Pre-Hospital Program Professionals and the pre-Hospital program helps people prepare for an upcoming surgery or procedure at abbott northwestern. it is designed for patients who are the Community anxious about their visit, worried about pain, need help developing a self-care plan or want to learn skills to enhance recovery. The Penny George Institute offers educational programming in three areas: through mind-body skills training, participants discover tools, skills professional education on integrative and information that will help make their hospitalization and recovery care, patient and community education a positive, healing experience. a mind-body coach helps participants learn to use skills like meditation, breath work, relaxation techniques, that focuses on health promotion, guided imagery, biofeedback and self-care practices. the participants and community classes and programs learn to apply their new skills toward: that provide an understanding of the • reducing pain to a tolerable level principles and therapies of integrative • shifting feelings of anxiety to feelings of calm and confidence medicine. • planning for and experiencing a positive outcome after surgery • taming the stress response and eliciting the relaxation response. 10 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 13. Transformative Nurse Training Program the transformative nurse training program is one example of abbott northwestern’s commitment to excellence in nursing. the program brings nurses back to the essence of nursing practice and teaches the foundations and principles of holistic nursing. Over the course of six day-long sessions, nurses acquire practical skills to promote and enhance self-care and care for patients, including massage, guided imagery, physiologic relaxation response, meditation, Oriental medicine, nutrition and much more. an important and unique component of the program is mentorship. after completing the course, each participant has the opportunity to work with an integrative health nurse clinician to integrate what they have learned into their own lives and use it to enhance Transformative Nurse Training is an approved course for upper patient care. this has led to increased nurse engagement and patient satisfaction division credits at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. and has improved patient outcomes. researchers are evaluating the changes in nurses’ attitudes and their knowledge Outreach • Creating Personal Resilience through mind-Body skills and and application of therapies that are the penny George institute is dedicated spiritual practices addressed in the transformative nurse to wellness, health promotion and • Discovering the Art of Healing training program. the prevention of illness—issues that need to be addressed with urgency • Growing Healthy Families since it was established in 2006, in the community and throughout • Harmonizing World Medicine in the 192 nurses from abbott northwestern the nation. Outreach and education 21st century: traditional chinese & and other health care organizations are key components of the penny western medicine (including courage center, children’s George institute’s work within abbott • Integrative Health Care Conference: Hospitals and clinics of minnesota, northwestern, allina Hospitals & transforming Health care practice. ridgeview medical center, united clinics, the community and the health Hospital, walker methodist Health care system nationally. the penny George institute has also center and waseca medical center) formed new partnerships with corporations have participated in the 48-hour as part of this commitment, the penny and employers to promote integrative training program. the program will George institute regularly sponsors health programs and services that focus on also be provided to nurses at two conferences and seminars for community prevention, health and wellness. department of veterans affairs members and professionals on a range of hospitals in california as part of a integrative health and health promotion scientific study. topics, such as: P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 11
  • 14. research Measuring exhaled levels of nitric oxide allows researchers to study the effects of integrative therapies on clinical outcomes. Nitric oxide is known to dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Identifying Best Practices Through Research Innovative research conducted by the Integrative in randomized controlled trials, the iHrc uses psychological and Health Research Center (IHRC) establishes biological measurement to understand how integrative therapies influence clinical outcomes. measurable patient outcomes and identifies best practices through data analysis and clinical trials. iHrc research involves patients across abbott northwestern’s centers of excellence. with a large inpatient integrative service the iHrc maintains a balance of basic science, randomized and documentation in an electronic medical record system, controlled trials and observational studies in support of allina’s the penny George institute maintains the largest integrative research goals. medicine dataset of its kind in the country. using this dataset, the iHrc is unique in its ability to conduct observational studies Led by Jeffery dusek, phd, the iHrc collaborates with assessing the best practices and effectiveness of integrative Harvard medical school teaching hospitals (massachusetts services in the “real world” setting of an acute care hospital. General Hospital) in using innovative gene expression to detect genomic mechanisms of how integrative therapies affect the through rigorous research, the penny George institute is testing body and mind. new models of care and is sharing this knowledge through training and publishing and by replicating its programs and services at other allina facilities and beyond. 12 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 15. Research Summary STUDY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION NOTES BRAVENET To evaluate the demographics, quality of life and characteristics of individuals This multi-center study includes about 4,000 SURVEy choosing to receive services at the Penny George Institute Outpatient Clinic. people at eight integrative medicine centers comprising Bravenet, the Bravewell Collaborative’s practice-based clinical network. BREAST CANCER To collect quality of life measures from 50 women choosing to receive services In progress. SURVEy at the Piper Breast Center. The goal is to include these measures in the electronic medical record system so that physicians and nurses can track their patients’ changing quality of life as they go through treatment and follow-up. CONGESTIVE To assess the incidence of depression, anxiety and stress in heart failure The study uses three short self-report HEART FAILURE outpatients treated at the Minneapolis Heart Institute®’s Outpatient Clinic. questionnaires, a brief structured qualitative CROSS-SECTIONAL interview, and a biologic panel of outcomes. SURVEy INTEGRATIVE To assess the effectiveness of more than 60,000 integrative medicine Pain was reduced by 50 percent in more than MEDICINE visits in reducing pain and anxiety among patients hospitalized at Abbott six out of 10 patients and was eliminated in 30 EFFECTIVENESS Northwestern from July 2004 to December 2009. Services were provided percent of patients. Similar results have been across all areas of the hospital including medical/surgical services, neurology, shown for anxiety reduction. Further research is Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, orthopaedics, spine, WomenCare and the underway on the impact on pain medication use, Minneapolis Heart Institute®. quality of life, sleep quality and the hospital length of stay. The initial results were published in 2010. GyNECOLOGy To examine if an integrative medicine approach to care for women The study will also evaluate physiologic ONCOLOGy undergoing surgery for endometrial, ovarian or cervical cancer has an outcomes (pain, nausea, time to first ambulation, ALIMENTARy impact on the length of hospital stay compared to usual care. time to discontinuation of bladder catheter, time LENGTH OF STAy to first void) during hospitalization and compare (GOALS) psychological symptoms (anxiety), quality of life and self-care knowledge before and after hospitalization. RESILIENCE To evaluate whether an eight-week resilience training intervention reduces Results indicate there are significant reductions TRAINING FOR depression symptoms and improves self-reported quality of life among Allina in depression symptoms, perceived stress and EMPLOyEE Hospitals & Clinics employees (see page 14). anxiety, and improvement in presenteeism. WELLNESS RESILIENCE To determine whether including specific biological samples should become a In progress. TRAINING standard of care in the Penny George Institute’s Resiliency Training Program. SIMTAP: To assess the impact of an integrative medicine approach in treating In progress. BRAVENET chronic pain among 400 people treated at eight integrative medicine OUTCOMES centers that comprise Bravenet, the Bravewell Collaborative’s practice- STUDy based clinical network. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 13
  • 16. Research Summary Continued STUDY PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION NOTES SySTOLIC To test whether an eight-week stress management intervention reduces The study will enroll 80 older adults in a HyPERTENSION systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure without significant side effects randomized, controlled trial. Primary outcome and whether this occurs by increasing nitric oxide production and/or by measures are systolic blood pressure and pulse reducing stress hormone levels (epinephrine and cortisol). pressure. Secondary outcome measures are blood levels of nitric oxide and stress hormones as well as psychological well-being. Funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine – National Institutes of Health. TRANSFORMATIVE To survey nurses who have completed a 48-hour training program in More than 100 nurses are enrolled in the survey. NURSE TRAINING evidence-based holistic nursing approaches that could be used for Data are currently being analyzed. SURVEy patient care. WOMENCARE To define the “dose” of treatment that delays delivery among women with As a result of this study, researchers hope to gain PILOT pre-term labor and premature ruptured membranes. the ability to recommend standard integrative protocols to patients and their caregivers. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Resiliency Training in a controlled trial of 38 allina employees with Quality of life scores using the SF-12 Health Survey: moderate depression, researchers at the penny George Mental Status Subscale institute evaluated the impact of resilience training • Quality of life scores improved 71 percent in the on psychological endpoints. participants completed rt group from 28.6 to 49.1, relative to a 19 percent questionnaires assessing depression symptoms, quality increase in the control group (29.5 to 35.1). the of life and presenteeism scores at the start and end of difference between the groups was statistically the eight-week program. presenteeism is defined as lost significant (p<0.01). productivity that occurs when employees report to work but perform below par due to any kind of illness or life Presenteeism scores using the Workplace Productivity stressor distraction. and Activity Impairment (WPAI) questionnaire • Presenteeism decreased 63 percent in the RT group Findings (31.2 to 11.5), relative to a 25 percent increase in the Depression scores using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 control group (31.5 to 40.5). (PHQ-9) • This reduction in presenteeism was statistically • Average depression scores dropped 71 percent from more significant (p<0.01) and translates to a cost savings of than 12.3 to less than 3.6 in the resilience training (rt) more than $1,676 for each rt participant during the group (n=19). in the wait list control group, scores dropped eight-week study. the return on investment is $1.86 for 10 percent from 14.1 to 11.8 (n=19). the difference every dollar spent. between the groups was statistically significant (p<0.01). • Importantly, more than 60 percent of the RT group these results demonstrate the value of providing rt in achieved remission of their depression (defined as a workplace settings. Future efforts seek to expand rt to other pHQ-9 score of less than 5) without the addition of any centers and possibly to additional patient and nonpatient medications. the control group experienced a 16 percent populations. remission rate. 14 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 17. Founding donors of the Penny George Institute include Penny and Bill George (left), and Dr. Roberta Mann (right). A gift from Blythe Brenden (center), Dr. Mann’s daughter, established the award-winning LiveWell Fitness Center at the Penny George Institute. the role of philanthropy Visionary Support for Health Care Innovation Through philanthropy, the Penny George the penny George institute is supported by the 2009 GRANT Institute has created a national model for financial generosity of the community. it came into existence in 2003 through the visionary FUNDING integrative health with its comprehensive support of the George Family Foundation and Abbott programs and services delivered the ted and dr. roberta mann Foundation. in Northwestern throughout Abbott Northwestern and 2006, the penny George institute established its award-winning Livewell Fitness center with a Hospital Allina Hospitals & Clinics. gift from Blythe Brenden. Foundation: dedicated to innovation, the penny George $1.9 million institute is transforming health care while to learn more or to make a gift, call the providing options for self-care, wellness and abbott northwestern Hospital Foundation maximizing quality of life. at 612-863-4126. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 15
  • 18. volume, Quality and Outcomes measures Inpatient Visits, 2004-2009 A total of 60,783 inpatient visits with services were 15,000 13,196 12,363 Visits with Services Provided provided between July 11,644 11,460 12,000 2004 and December 2009. 8,707 9,000 6,000 3,413 3,000 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009* (July-Dec) Number of Individuals Receiving Inpatient Integrative Penny George Institute Health Services, 2004-2009 staff provided services 5,000 to 17,215 individuals 3,850 4,024 3,675 3,782 between July 2004 and 4,000 Number of Individuals December 2009. 3,000 2,600 2,000 1,016 1,000 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009* (July-Dec) *In 2009, the Penny George Institute refined referral criteria to focus on the patient populations that can benefit most from integrative health services. The change resulted in a slight decrease in the number of visits. Types of Patients Receiving Inpatient Integrative Health Services, The Penny George 2004-2009 Institute serves patients across all Centers of WomenCare 14% 3,031 Cardiovascular 15% Excellence at Abbott 3,236 Northwestern. Orthopaedic/ Spine 16% 3,446 Medical/Surgical and Cancer 36% 7,893 Neuroscience/ Rehabilitation 19% 4,062 16 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 19. Average Length of Inpatient Integrative Health Visit, 2008-09 28.83 29.43 30 25 20 Minutes 15 10 5 0 2008 2009 Average Number of Integrative Health Visits per Hospital Stay, 2004-09 3.5 3.07 2.99 2.75 2.9 3.0 2.6 2.6 2.5 2.0 Visits 1.5 1.0 0.5 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 (July-Dec) Number of Outpatient Visits, 2004-2009 10,000 9,239 8,134 8,321 8,000 6,000 5,125 Visits 4,000 3,582 2,000 1,185 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009* (July-Dec) *In 2009, the Penny George Institute refined referral criteria to focus on the patient populations that can benefit most from integrative health services. The change resulted in a slight decrease in the number of visits. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 17
  • 20. volume, Quality and Outcomes measures Inpatient Self-Reported Pain Scores by Type of Patient Served, 2008-2009 Cardiovascular (n=1,540) 3.14 52% Decrease 1.52 3.67 Medical/Surgical (n=4,050) 51% Decrease 1.79 Before Intervention 3.04 Neuroscience/Rehabilitation (n=3,506) 53% Decrease After Intervention 1.43 5.15 Orthopaedic/Spine (n=1,671) 53% Decrease p=<.01 2.41 January 2008-December 2009 2.92 WomenCare (n=2,529) 67% Decrease 0.97 0 2 4 6 8 10 Pain Intensity Numeric Rating Scale 0-10 (10 = worst) Inpatient Self-Reported Anxiety Scores by Type of Patient Served, 2008-09 3.57 Cardiovascular (n=1,405) 57% Decrease 1.53 3.54 Medical/Surgical (n=3,683) 59% Decrease 1.44 Before Intervention 2.05 After Intervention Neuroscience/Rehabilitation (n=2,988) 64% Decrease 0.74 3.58 p=<.01 Orthopaedic/Spine (n=1,453) 65% Decrease 1.25 January 2008-December 2009 3.21 WomenCare (n=2,409) 66% Decrease 1.09 0 2 4 6 8 10 Anxiety Intensity Numeric Rating Scale 0-10 (10 = worst) Read more about the Penny George Institute’s pain management study: Dusek JA, Finch M, Plotnikoff GA, Knutson L. The impact of integrative medicine on pain management in a tertiary care hospital. J Pat Safety. 2010;6(1):48-51. 18 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 21. Productivity and Workflow: Inpatient Integrative Health Practitioners Time Spent in Direct Care vs. Indirect Care Indirect Care 28% Direct Care 72% Activities Included in Indirect Care (28% of Inpatient Practitioner Time) Staff and Visitor Treatment 28% Outreach 34% With a large patient base and integrative services documented directly into Health Research 7% each patient’s electronic Community Program Development medical record, the 31% Penny George Institute has the largest integrative medicine data set of its Activities Included in Direct Care kind in the country. (72% of Inpatient Practitioner Time) Rounding 11% Bedside Treatment for Caregiver Staff and Patient Visitors 8% Inpatient Treatments Clinical Program 61% Development 9% Patient Education 8% Clinical Research 2% Mentoring/Supervision 1% P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 19
  • 22. publications and presentations, 2007-2009 20 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
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  • 26. staff Listing About Our Staff Leadership The staff of the Penny George Institute includes integrative Lori Knutson, rn, Bsn, HnB-Bc executive director health professionals with extensive experience and the highest credentials in healing therapies. Our practitioners bring a Jeffery a. dusek, phd balance of conventional and complementary experience and research director are certified or licensed in the therapies they provide. susan masemer, ms exercise physiologist, manager scott nyquist business systems and operations manager patricia vitale, Licsw patient care manager 24 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 27. Inpatient Kathryn Kerber, rn, msn, ma, cHtp, aHn-Bc debbie smith, rn, Bsn, ma, HnB-Bc, cHtp susan arnold, rn, Ba, cHtp integrative health nurse clinician integrative health nurse clinician integrative health nurse clinician Jayson King, rn, Bs, nctmB, HnB-Bc Bobbee Bee vang, Lac, maOm tony Balluff, arcB integrative health nurse clinician licensed acupuncturist certified reflexologist mary ellen Kinney, rn, Ba, Hn-Bc, cpca pam weiss, phd, mpH, Bsn, rn, dipl ac, Lac Jennifer Blair, Lac, maOm integrative health nurse clinician licensed acupuncturist licensed acupuncturist Zena Kocher, Lac, maOm licensed acupuncturist Jan Boettcher, rn, nctmB massage therapist Outpatient Clinic mimi Lindell, rn, man, Bsn, Ocn, Jennifer Blair, Lac, maOm mary corlett HnB-Bc, cHtp licensed acupuncturist executive administrative assistant integrative health nurse clinician mary Boldt Kimberly donley, mt-Bc, ms cynthia miller, rn, Lac, mtOm administrative assistant board-certified music therapist licensed acupuncturist Gary carlson, md, daBFm, daBma wendy Farrar, Ba, nctmB Jeremy e. miller, Lmt, wv, nctmB, Bs integrative medicine physician massage therapist massage therapist nancy cox, rn vicky Grossman, Bs, nctmB mollie O’Brien, ma, nctmB healing coach, integrative health nurse clinician massage therapist massage therapist douglas dandurand, phd, mdiv, ma christian m. Hanson, Lac, maOm, pauli payne, Ba, nctmB spiritual coach dipl ac massage therapist licensed acupuncturist Kate darkstar, nctmB Judy riggs, Lmt massage therapist Barbara Hopperstad, ma massage therapist data systems P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 25
  • 28. robert decker, rph, Lac licensed acupuncturist Pre-Hospital carolyn denton, ma, Ln Program nutritionist molly ellefson, ms, ncc mind-body coach Henry emmons, md integrative psychiatrist Barbara Hopperstad, ma mind-body coach melanie ewald administrative assistant John Falls, Lac, maOm LiveWell Fitness licensed acupuncturist Center cindy Fredrickson susan masemer, ms administrative assistant exercise physiologist, manager megan Hatch, cYt, erYt rick Bjorke program coordinator, yoga therapist receptionist PENNY GEO RGE marcia meredith rn, cnp patty declercq, Bs INSTITUTE cONTAcT certified Ayurvedic practitioner exercise physiologist INFO RmATION peggy miller, Lac, maOm molly ellefson, ms, ncc INPATIENT SERvICES AND licensed acupuncturist mind/body coach GENERAL INFORMATION cary marie pizzo-O’connell Gail ericson, ms, pt 612-863-6122 administrative assistant physical therapist OUTPATIENT CLINIC Gregory a. plotnikoff, md, mts, Facp Jennifer Halvorson, rd, Ld 612-863-3333 integrative medicine physician coordinator mark L. roa, ma, Lp Jeannie paris, rd, Ld LIvEWELL FITNESS CENTER licensed psychologist and certified dietitian 612-863-5178 biofeedback therapist INTEGRATIvE HEALTH ann stocker, nctmB, Bs RESEARCH CENTER massage therapist Research 612-863-9862 Jeffery a. dusek, phd Bobbee Bee vang, Lac, maOm licensed acupuncturist research director LO cATION shaina Biron Abbott Northwestern Hospital clinical research technician 800 E. 28th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407 amber Fyfe-Johnson, nd research scientist marcia meredith, rn, cnp research nurse practitioner Gregory a. plotnikoff, md, mts, Facp integrative medicine physician desiree tresbach, ma research coordinator 26 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 29. About Abbott Northwestern Abbott Northwestern Hospital is the Abbott Northwestern and its medical largest not-for-profit hospital in the Twin Staff are dedicated to providing cities area, with 633 available beds and 65 outstanding care and service to patients bassinets. Each year, the hospital provides and their families. We’re proud of what comprehensive health care for more than we offer the community: exceptional Abbott Northwestern 200,000 patients and their families from the physicians, nurses and support staff; a Twin cities area and throughout the Upper commitment to research, education and its Medical Staff midwest. more than 5,000 employees, 1,600 and outcomes; a foundation of clinical are dedicated to physicians and 550 volunteers work as a team partnerships that span the region; providing outstanding for the benefit of each patient served. and a cultural enthusiasm for growth care and service to and improvement. Brought together patients and their Abbott Northwestern Hospital is a part in one institution, these factors of Allina Hospitals & clinics, a family create an energetic and sophisticated families. of hospitals, clinics and care services in environment that inspires caregivers to minnesota and Western Wisconsin. collaborate in new ways for the benefit of patients. For more than 125 years, Abbott Northwestern has had a reputation for Our passion for finding new and better quality services. The hospital is well known approaches to care drives extensive for its centers of excellence: research efforts in clinical areas across • cardiovascular services in partnership the hospital. This ensures that new with the minneapolis Heart Institute® treatment advances benefit patients as quickly as possible, supports a dynamic • Mental Health Services environment for medical and nursing • medical/surgical services education, and is the catalyst for our • Neuroscience Institute outcomes measurement program. • Orthopaedic Institute • physical rehabilitation through the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute • Spine Institute • Virginia Piper Cancer Institute™ • perinatology, obstetrics and gynecology through Womencare. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 27
  • 30. accessing abbott northwestern Hospital 24/7 Physician-to- EMErgEncy DEPartMEnt- MinnEaPoLis hEart Physician® LinE to-EMErgEncy institutE® at abbott DEPartMEnt (ED to ED) northwEstErn 1-800-828-8900 1-800-863-4233 612-863-3900 Hospital admissions ED to ED transfers 1-800-582-5175 Hospitalist service ED-facilitated direct Refer a patient to the transfer admissions minneapolis Heart Specialist Institute® appointments ED physicians triage and consultation make an appointment Specialist/subspecialist for a patient at the consultations Urgent stroke neurologist minneapolis Heart Van service to Abbott telephone consultation Institute® Northwestern and affiliated physician clinics FinD a ProviDEr onLinE Search online for a physician at (choose Abbott Northwestern Hospital in the Hospital Affiliations field) 28 O U T c O m E S R E P O RT 2 0 1 0
  • 31. In Appreciation Our sincere thanks go to the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation for its support of Abbott Northwestern’s Outcomes Institute and the production of this Overview and Outcomes Report. The commitment of the Foundation and Abbott Northwestern’s generous donors to improving patient care through these efforts is greatly appreciated. Allina, the Allina logo, Sister Kenny and Virginia Piper Cancer Institute are registered trademarks and Penny George is a trademark of Allina Health System. P E N N Y G E O R G E I N S T I T U T E F O R H E A LT H A N D H E A L I N G 29
  • 32. Penny George Institute for Health and Healing 800 East 28th Street minneapolis, mN 55407-3799