North Madison 3rd Graders "Virtual" Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Mooresville, Indiana


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Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana) presents a "virtual" walking tour of historic downtown Mooresville, Indiana, for the third grade students at North Madison Elementary School.

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North Madison 3rd Graders "Virtual" Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Mooresville, Indiana

  1. 1. “Virtual Walking Tour”Historic DowntownMooresville
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 by Mooresville Public Library. All rights reserved. Photographs reprinted bypermission. All photographs taken from the MPL Indiana Room historical photograph collection,unless otherwise noted.Photo, Slide #1: Mooresville Public Library (1916), commonly called the “Carnegie Library” as it wasfunded by a grant from Andrew Carnegie.Photo (Left), Slide #2: Carnegie Library building (in Oct. 2007).Photo (Right), Slide #2: Mooresville Public Library (2006).(North Madison 3rd Grade Version—Last Revised on 5/1/2013)
  3. 3. Dillinger’s First Holdup• Saturday night, Sept. 6, 1924, Dillinger attacked Frank Morgan, owner of theWest End Grocery. Dillinger thought Morgan had money from his store andwas trying to rob him. Dillinger was arrested and convicted on two counts—robbery & assault—carrying sentences of 2-14 yrs. & 10-20 yrs. at the IndianaState Prison.Robbery attempt happenedabout here on SouthJefferson Street, just south ofthe First Christian Church(on West Harrison Street)
  4. 4. First Christian Church(1904-1954)• Built in 1904• World famous composer/singer Rev. Dr. Frank C. Huston wrote“Mooresville” (1935), the unofficial town song, while he waspastor at the church.
  5. 5. BuckerMonuments• Oldest continuously-operated family businessin Mooresville• Started in 1874
  6. 6. Samuel MooreRooker House• Samuel Moore Rooker (1824-1900) was thefirst baby born in Mooresville.• Named after the town founder, SamuelMoore.• Rooker built this house (1877) to replaceone that burned down.• Rooker’s granddaughter, Helen York Cook(1899-1996), and her husband, Claire Cook(1904-1996), owned the home until theirdeaths.
  7. 7. “Old” Mooresville Fire Station(1970-2013)• Built in 1970 for cost of $36,000• Demolished in February 2013
  8. 8. Methodist Episcopal (M.E.) Church(1882-1995)• Built in 1882• Used as church until1995• Mooresville GovernmentCenter (2006-present)
  9. 9. Church Steeple Photographs• Local photographers J.P. Calvert (1842-1917), a Civil War veteran, andManly Brown took panoramic pictures from atop the church steeple in the1870s, 1880s, & 1910s (by Calvert) and in 1920 (by Brown—see below).
  10. 10. • Photos by J.P.Calvert from atopthe M.E. churchsteeple• Northeast View(left)• West HarrisonStreet (below)1870s1910s 
  11. 11. ThompsonMedical Practice(circa 1904-1925)• Built by Dr. WilliamThompson (1866-1932),who delivered over 3,000babies aroundMooresville and MorganCounty• Dr. Thompson was oneof the first physicians touse automobiles to makehouse calls, driving over100 miles daily
  12. 12. Judy CroweBuilding • Built by Judy Crowe (ca. 1910)• Ford Automobile Dealership (ca. 1910-1930s)• TODAY: Churches in Mission
  13. 13. PerceBuilding• Built circa 1865• Oldest existing business building in downtown Mooresville• Originally a 2-story building; 3rd story added in 1869; Now a single-story structure• Masonic Lodge (1869-1920s)• Mooresville Telephone Exchange (1920s-1960s)• Before the early 1960s, local telephone numbers were no more than 2-3 digits
  14. 14. • Built before 1902• Grocery stores (1909-1936)• Gray Brothers Cafeteria(1944-1969)19 SouthIndianaStreet
  15. 15. U.S. Post OfficeBuilding• Built in 1890s• U.S. Post Office (1890s-1909)• Part of Gray Brothers Cafeteria(1950s-1969)• Today: Farm Bureau Insurance
  16. 16. Municipal Building• Built in 1932 by Jake Mann & Sam Wade• Town government offices, police & fire departments, jail (1932-2006)Mooresville Police officers(early 1950s) 
  17. 17. York & OvertonHardware ►Built circa 1880Businesses here: Drygoods, hardware,grocery, chickenhatchery, appliance storeSELLARSBUILDING
  18. 18. Anchors forSteel Cables• Steel cables runfrom one side of tallbuildings downtownto the other to keepthem standingstraight and secure
  19. 19. ◄ Copeland ApplianceStore (circa 1970) (in theSellars Building)Sellars Building (2008) Business that have occupiedthe building (with the Xs) onthe right:• Restaurant, toggery (tailor),chicken hatchery, appliancestore
  20. 20. MHS Students Celebrate 2/22/22Mooresville High School students surround the“silent policeman” (at the center of downtownMooresville) to celebrate a basketball game victory —February 22, 1922
  21. 21. LINDLEY BLOCK• Built in 1905—Early mini-mall• Burned down on December 27, 1925• All of Mooresville’s fire fighters (and two Indianapolis fire companies)fought the blaze for over 16 hours in minus-17 degree F. temperaturesHarvey’slunch wagonserved friedcow-brainsandwiches
  22. 22. ◄ South Indiana Streetfrom the intersection ofMain Street (1911)(photos by J. P.Calvert)LindleyBlockRoss Moore’sRestaurantBritton’s Cash StoreSouth Indiana Streetfrom the middle ofNorth Indiana Street,just across the MainStreet intersection(ca. 1910) ►
  23. 23. Downtown Intersection(Southwest Corner, Indiana and Main Streets)◄ Lindley Block(1905-1925)(burned downDec. 27, 1925)▲ SW Corner (in Oct.2007)◄Gasoline“FillingStation”(1938-early1980s)
  24. 24. Northwest Corner, Intersection ofIndiana & Main Streets (Downtown)Farmers State Bank (1873-1930)(Old Building: 1880s – 1904)Note the wooden cagessurrounding the trees tokeep horses from eatingthe bark
  25. 25. Northwest Corner, Intersection ofIndiana & Main Streets (Downtown)Farmers State Bank (1904-1930)  The building in 2008
  26. 26. HISTORICMARKER(Northeast Corner, Indianaand Main Streets)Next to HadleyMini-Park at thecenter ofdowntownMooresville
  27. 27. Northeast CornerDowntown Mooresville(Intersection of Main & Indiana Streets)• Samuel Moore’sgeneral store (1820s-1850s)I.O.O.F. Buildings• 1st Building: 1859-1881 (burned down)• 2nd Building: 1881-1966 (partiallydemolished; 1st floor remained)• First Floor of 2nd Building: Torn down in1989• TODAY: Hadley Mini-Park
  28. 28. Downtown Intersection(Southeast Corner, Indiana and Main Streets)George W. Bass Drugstore (ca. 1880-1902)
  29. 29. Downtown Intersection(Southeast Corner, Indiana and Main Streets)▲ South Side of East Main Street(ca. 1902-1920)Bass Building (in Oct. 2007) Burch Grocery Bass DrugstoreSecond floor of BassBuilding was used astown hall & operahouse
  30. 30. ◄ Burch Grocery(ca. 1908-09) in theBass BuildingBASS BUILDING asit looked in 2008 
  31. 31. Downtown — East Main Street (between 1902-1907)Main Street looking east from the Intersection with IndianaStreetPace Thompson Post RusieDry Goods Office Furniture &UndertakersHundley BargainStoreOld KellerBuilding[moved intostreet in 1907;then, in 1910,it was movedon logs (horse-drawn) to itspresent site onthe southeastcorner of W.Main & S.Monroe Sts.
  32. 32. Downtown — East Main Street (1880s-1890s)I.O.O.F. Building (built 1881); Gro. & Queensw., merchants (built c. 1870)Bass Drugs(built c. 1880)A. W.Conduitt DryGoods (built1870-71)
  33. 33. North Side of East Main Street, between 1909 and 1917Downtown — East Main Street, North SidePleas MillsDry GoodsI.O.O.F.BUILDING
  34. 34. Downtown — East Main Street, South Side (ca. 1908)• Keller Building was constructed in 1907• Until 1921, Mooresville High School basketball gameswere played on the second floor of the Keller Building• After 1921, second floor was a roller-skating rinkGeorge R. Scruggs Dry Goods Keller HardwareBurch GroceryGeorge W. BassDrugstore
  35. 35. ◄ G. R. Scruggs DryGoods Store (ca. 1889),9 E. Main St. (photo byJ. P. Calvert)Mooresville Band (circa 1910).(photo by George B. Carter) ►
  36. 36. Downtown — EastMain Street, SouthSide (as it looked in2008)
  37. 37. DOWNTOWN MOVIE THEATER• Built by Jake Mann in 1919• Movie theater (1919-1970)• Mooresville Times (since early 1970s)
  38. 38. SAM WADE BUILDINGS• Local builder Sam Wade (1882-1968) constructed ALL of thebuildings standing on the northside of East Main Street
  39. 39. ◄ Main Street, lookingwest from Indiana St.intersection, during the1910 Horse Show.Farmers State Bank (nearright), Lindley Block(near left)Main Street Looking WestFrom Indiana StreetIntersection (after 1902) ►WEST MAINSTREET
  40. 40. ◄ West Main Street (lookingwest across intersection withIndiana Street) (early 1900s)(photo by J. P. Calvert)(Ca. 1910) West Main Street, lookingeast toward the intersection of Mainand Indiana Streets. East Main St. ison the far side of the intersection(photo by J. P. Calvert). ►
  41. 41. PACE THOMPSON• Around 1900,Thompson movedhis dry good storefrom East MainStreet to 11 WestMain Street, where itoperated until . . .• He changed hisbusiness to anautomobile partsstore (1920-1952)• First auto partsstore in Mooresville
  42. 42. ◄ West Main Street,South Side, during the 1910Horse Show (photo by J. P.Calvert)(R to L Taggart’s Bakery;Pace Thompson DryGoods; Carlisle & GilbertFurniture & Undertakers;Lindley Block)May 2008West Main St.,South Side►
  43. 43. 12 West Main Street—Lindley & Jessup Hardware circa 1910.Pictured are (left to right): Howard W. Lindley, Will Horton, Mr.Wolfe, and Mr. Thompson. In 1944, Lindley sold the store, whichbecame Nelson & Son Hardware
  44. 44. In this mid-1960sphotograph, Adler’sDepartment Store andNelson & SonHardware appear at thewesterly end of thenorth side of West MainStreet, close to the 1916Carnegie building thathoused MooresvillePublic Library. HaroldMoore’s AG FoodMarket is right of anunidentified pedestrian,who may have been theintended central subjectof this photograph.Hayes Drug Storeappears on the right.
  45. 45. ◄ The 1964 Wagon Trails(Mooresville High Schoolyearbook) shows the former homeof the Farmers State Bank(corner, above mailbox).▲ Cooper’s Drugstore was thepredecessor to Hayes Drugstore at6 West Main Street (advertisementin 1958 Wagon Trails, MHSyearbook).Adler’s Department StoreMoore’s MarketHayes Drugs
  46. 46. North Side ofWest Main Street(May, 2008)
  47. 47. ▲ COOPER BUILDING Then…10 N. Indiana—Day’s Grocery (before 1909)(photo by J. P. Calvert)▼ COOPER BUILDING10 N. Indiana (May 2008)NORTHINDIANASTREET
  48. 48. Dr. Clark Robbins Medical Practice• Built in 1874for MooresvilleSavings Bank• Dr. ClarkRobbins openedhis medicalpractice here(1880-1900)• Robbins builtMooresvilleSanitarium nextdoor (1900-1936), whichthen moved tothe HenryConduitt House,where it becameComer Hospital,then KendrickHospital (1936-1971)
  49. 49. Mooresville Sanitarium (1900-1936)Red box is where Dr.Robbins first opened hismedical practice—theyellow building in theprevious slide
  50. 50. Henry Conduitt HouseComer SanitariumKendrick Hospital• Henry Conduitt built thishome in 1906 & livedthere with his familyuntil 1929• It became ComerSanitarium (1936-1962),and then KendrickHospital (1962-1971)
  51. 51. OldCemetery• Samuel & Eliza Moore donated land to the town for use as acemetery (1829)• Site of the old Methodist Episcopal (M.E.) Church (1839-1882)• First burial: Martha Worthington, Eliza Moore’s cousin (1829)• Last burial: Samuel Moore (1889)
  52. 52. MPL Indiana Room Resources• Visit the Indiana Room at Mooresville Public Library for more informationabout historic Mooresville (and vicinity) and about scenes & places takenfrom the past and brought into the present.George Allison’s Grocery replacedBurch Grocery in the G.W. BassBuilding at 3 East Main Street inthe early 1920s (see photos, below).Allison later moved to 19 SouthIndiana Street (1927-1936),replacing E. W. Day’s Grocery.