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by John West

The execution of best practices and quality standards in US, China, and other parts of Asia is critical in many industries that are undergoing major transitions such as healthcare, research, transportation, environment, food, and water. AmAsia3 mission in Healthcare is to promote and enable transformational international exchange, commercial growth, and sustainability by working with World Class Healthcare organizations and Associations, and Asian government officials, holding companies, and healthcare enterprises whose vision is to provide high quality services on the global stage.

One of the best ways to assure the sustainability and resilience of your health care organization is to practice performance excellence every day of every year. The highest health care, business, and education award in the United States is the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The Baldrige "Criteria for Performance Excellence" can be used to assess health care organizations or help to apply for the national awards in different countries.

AmAsia3 member John West introduces components of the "Criteria for Performance Excellence" and the first category, leadership in this 7 part series. John served as a member of headquarters management at a Fortune 500 company and has been an international management consultant for many years helping organizations around the world use performance excellence to continuously improve.

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Performance Excellence & Leadership in Healthcare - Save For Audio

  1. 1. ® World Class Health Care
  2. 2. ® AmAsia3 fuses best practices from commercial operations with a deep knowledge of regional markets, local communities, and cultures. We work with our clients to build world class healthcare and other organizations that bring products and services to market and into the hands of satisfied customers across the globe. Senior consultants work to optimize global capabilities, create a cost-effective infrastructure, and solidify a local, dependable base of operations. This ensures a higher level of customer responsiveness and satisfaction, culturally intelligent products, and valuable insights into market conditions and opportunities for future growth. AmAsia3 Value Proposition
  3. 3. ® Introduction – Presenter John R. West AmAsia3 Management Consultant International Management Consultant • 15 + years • All Industries • Assessments • Performance Excellence • Customer Satisfaction • Problem Solving • Led 5 Clients to win Dubai Quality Award Experience FedEx • Global Quality Manager • Ombudsman for the Customer • Led FedEx to be 1st Baldrige Winner in Service Category Volunteer • President Bush 41- Points of Light Award • Hands on Network • Business As Mission
  4. 4. ® Introduction Attaining Performance Excellence • Country awards/programs – World Class assessment tools – Criteria very objective – Leads to world class performance The material in the following slides is used with permission of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. 2013. 2007 Criteria for Performance Excellence. Gaithersburg, MD: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Obtain a copy of the full Criteria at
  5. 5. ® Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence Seven Categories 1. Leadership 2. Strategic Planning 3. Focus on Patients, Other Customers & Markets 4. Measurement, Analysis, Knowledge Management 5. Workforce Focus 6. Process Management 7. Results
  6. 6. ® Category 1 – Leadership 1. Senior Leadership a. Vision and Values 1) How do they set and deploy these? 2) Are their own actions aligned with these? 3) How do they create sustainability? 4) How do they promote patient safety? Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence
  7. 7. ® Category 1 – Leadership 1. Senior Leadership b. Communication and Performance 1) Engaging workforce, two way communication and reward/recognition 2) Focus on action, performance measures and value for patients Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence
  8. 8. ® Category 1 – Leadership 2. Governance & Social Responsibilities a. Organizational Governance 1) Management & Fiscal accountability, transparency, independent audits, and protection of stakeholder interests 2) Performance evaluation of senior leaders and governance board Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence
  9. 9. ® Category 1 – Leadership 2. Governance & Social Responsibilities b. Legal and Ethical Behavior 1) Addressing potential adverse impacts, public concerns and compliance requirements and potential risks. 2) Promoting and ensuring ethical behavior throughout the organization and with stakeholders. c. Support of Key Communities and Community Health Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence
  10. 10. ® This concludes the Leadership category of the Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence. For questions, or comments, or for assistance in having your organization assessed to start on the road to improvement, you may contact John by e-mail – Next, we will present the Strategic Planning Category. Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence