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  • 1.  
  • 2. What are Smart phones?
    • They do what they say on the tin “They actually are smart”.
    • In the sense that they are customized to the customers needs and wants.
    • They can send and receive E-mails.
    • They are handheld computers.
    • Can play and use a variety of different media.
    • Many applications that allow you to open documents in different formats and virtually anywhere in the world
    • Smartphones of today can log into Wi-Fi networks and set up video conferences through such networks. The iPhone 4 being a prime example of this.
    • Live online banking can be done through applications released through the bank. Over a secure network
  • 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphone's.
    • Information at your fingertips
    • Better information sharing
    • Greater functionality
    • Aids organisation
    • Allows you to work while on the move
    • Efficient communication
    • Very responsive
    • They usually have large internal phone memory to store important files
    • Poor battery life
    • They can be very hard to get used too
    • Are very costly
    • Fragile
    • Most people only need them to call and receive calls and more than that is sending text messages.
    • It takes up a lot of ones time
    • Make us lazy to think for ourselves due to how it does all the thinking for you
  • 5. Top Five Smartphone manufacturers by market share for Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Jan 27, 2011
  • 6. Most preferred smart phone operating system
  • 7. Mobile content usage statistics Source: comScore reports Mobile Content Usage 3 Month Avg. Ending Jan. 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Oct. 2009 Total U.S. Age 13+ Source: comScore MobiLens   Share (%) of U.S. Mobile Subscribers Oct-09 Jan-10 Point Change Total Mobile Subscribers 100.0% 100.0% N/A Sent text message to another phone 62.0% 63.5% 1.5 Used browser 26.8% 28.6% 1.8 Played games 21.3% 21.7% 0.4 Used Downloaded Apps 18.3% 19.8% 1.5 Accessed Social Networking Site or Blog 13.8% 17.1 % 3.3 Listened to music on mobile phone 11.6% 12.8% 1.2
  • 8. Conclusion
    • Smartphone’s are the future of mobile phones. More and more people are buying smart phones as opposed to your ‘basic phone’. Due to the increasing demand for more features integrated into portable mobile communication devices.
    • As well as pay for a phone that is more personalised to suit their interests, which ‘basic phones’ cannot offer. Therefore people are opting for a phone that is more ‘smart’ as opposed to ‘basic’.