Super Simple Success Tips Managing Performance


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10 easy-to-use Managing Performance tips for managers, available for fast, free download. Simple management tools!

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Super Simple Success Tips Managing Performance

  1. 1. Managing Performance By Martin Haworth at Coach Train Learn Extracted from the 93 success tips to be found at:- ‘Super Simple Success Tips – Managing Performance’ 1. Create Relationships - Always be aware of opportunities to develop valuable relationships all the time. 2. Discuss Regularly Informally - Don't wait for formal review sessions to come along, but use any conversation to check progress informally too. 3. Use SMART - In everything you do, where you want progress to be made, make sure that you use SMART to check that your outcomes are delivered. 4. Give Ownership for Delivery - Pass the monkey! Always ensure that your people fully sign up to ownership of delivery of their objectives and goals. 5. Have a Simple Process – It’s more likely to create value when any process you have is simple to use and easy to understand. 6. Communicate Process Clearly – Clearly communicating to all of your people will ensure they are fully motivated and committed. 7. Agree and Meet All Timescales - Ensure that you meet all the timescales you commit to, or don’t commit at all. 8. Keep it Simple - As you work with your people, use simple steps for them so that they see the progress they are making. © Martin Haworth 2010 - This material can be freely circulated as long as it is unchanged
  2. 2. 9. Separate Performance From Development - Give fresh time from a formal review and objective setting process to separate one-to-ones that will help them make personal career development. 10. Give Time to Review - When you need to provide time to review their performance, regard it as important for them too and provide adequate time to meet their needs. ‘Super Simple Success Tips’ are a series of easy-to-use and implement management and leadership development tools, for those serious about developing their skills quickly and effectively. Inexpensively priced and immediately downloadable, they are available here. Other Titles in the Series Management Development 101 Customer Service Dealing with Difficult People Team Building Delegation Skills Coaching Skills Effective Feedback Managing Effective Meetings Managing Performance Developing Your Employees Employee Motivation Strategic Thinking and Planning Succession Planning Other Downloadable Products How to Land Your Dream Job Succession Planning Toolkit How to Win at Assessment Centers Super Successful Manager Program © Martin Haworth 2010 - This material can be freely circulated as long as it is unchanged