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Wiki's and Podcasts Wiki's and Podcasts Presentation Transcript

  • Maria Petropulos District library Coordinator Fowler Unified School District
  • What is a Podcast? • The word podcast is a play on the word broadcast combined with the word iPod
  • What is a Wiki? A wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add, remove, share, and edit content.
  • Benefit’s of using Wiki’s and Podcasts in Education Helps students collaborate and communicate Motivates students Provides opportunities for reading and writing Postings can be created by students anytime and anyplace
  • Podcast Power in Libraries Podcasts enable students, teachers and library staff to share information with anyone anytime. • Library Tours • Book Talks • Information Literacy and Research Help (check out the many already in iTunes, etc.) • Library updates and library news • Library events (like Science Fair help, Literacy nights, author readings) • Archiving class lectures • Audio book collections • international pen pal letters (podcast pals!)
  • Podcasting Myths You do not have to have an iPod to listen or create a podcast. You need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. You have to be a technology genius to create a podcast.
  • What makes podcasts so special? • What sets podcasts apart is that they can be automatically downloaded to your computer and synced to your MP3 player without you lifting a finger.
  • Podcast Feed?
  • My favorite aggregator (podcatcher) • Google Reader
  • My other favorite… iTunes
  • What do you need for podcasting? •Microphone •Digital recorder or computer •Audio-editing software •Royal-free music or sounds
  • Steps in creating your podcast the old fashion way…. A computer 1. Record your podcast in an audio editor A Microphone – Start cheap! Recording Softwaremp3 files or Garage Band 3. Save files as (Audacity Server space and a file transfer client
  • Podcasting Made simple!
  • Podcasting, the easy way… • Podomatic Audio • Clickcaster recording, • Odeo server space • Gcast and RSS • Slapcast feed • Evoca
  • Favorite Wiki Sites • Wikispaces for Educators • Pbwiki for Educators
  • Examples of Podcasts and Wiki’s Together • • • • • • • • • •
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