Working With What the McCutcheon Staff Gave You. By: Ashley Wain


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  • I actually did my title page last because I wanted to wait and see how my slideshow would turn out. Turns out, that I used a lot of squares and circles, or a mix of squares and circles. Each of these shapes represents all of the shapes that I used throughout the slideshow. As for the color of all of the shapes: I went with different shades of the colors that I also used throughout the presentation. So, in a way, the title page is a preview of what the audience is about to see.
  • Working With What the McCutcheon Staff Gave You. By: Ashley Wain

    1. 1. Working With What the Good McCutcheon Staff Gave You
    2. 2. Inside these booming walls of McCutcheon Hall are enough rooms to house over 750 Purdue students. Picture taken by Royal Highlanders Club
    3. 3. With 8 floors per side and about 30 rooms per floor it’s obvious that space luxuries are limited.
    4. 4. In McCutcheon, the rooms are all the same size and the same shape. But after taking pictures of different rooms on the same floor, I discovered how creative people can be with the same space. McCutcheon Room Lay-out
    5. 5. It’s hard to believe that in one room, space can be manipulated in so many ways.
    6. 6. Backs of closet doors are even executed in clever ways… whether they are used for coats, shoes, posters, or robes .
    7. 7. Go figure, the messes even come in all sorts of spaces!
    8. 8. Closet spaces can be used in different ways also. Like using the closet space for just clothes, or utilizing the space with clothes, towels and shoes!
    9. 9. “ I like that you can make the dorm how you want it, kind of like a home away from home.”-Suzie Clark aka Roommate.
    10. 10. “ I make best of what space I am given by making sure that I always put all of my clothes away immediately after washing them. The room stays so much cleaner that way!”
    11. 11. Sitting areas can also be done in all sorts of ways. The couch can be next to the refrigerator or by itself. The T.V. is normally across from the couch, but it can be next too it also.
    12. 12. there Some people even choose to decorate the sides of their beds; from anywhere from lantern lights to purple boas.
    13. 13. There are some rooms that like to keep only the essentials on the vanity mirrors…
    14. 14. While other’s prefer to have everything at the ready on the surface of their vanity area.
    15. 15. Though most rooms tend to be occupied by one or more futons…
    16. 16. … There are some rooms that will bring small couches from home to occupy space rather than just a futon.
    17. 17. Thank you for coming along with me on a short tour of a few typical McCutcheon rooms. I hope you enjoyed seeing the variety a single room can have, and hopefully you will have a good idea of what you want your room to look like.