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  • To start off (so that I don’t have to mention it in every slide), I picked this background because green is a calming color, and when I think of lounges, they are supposed to be relaxing. Therefore, I wanted the color scheme to reflect this. I chose this font for the title because its kind of playful and casual which reflects how a lounge in a dorm would be. I found this picture on the internet of the front of my dorm and put it on the title page so people could recognize where I’m talking about. Everything is center aligned because it’s more formal for a title page and draws attention better.
  • Meredith Lounge

    1. 1. Lougin’ Around In Meredith Hall
    2. 2. A lounge is a place for sitting, waiting, and/or relaxing. It is a place where you should be comfortable, yet entertained. This is where you enter the Southeast Lounge in the basement of Meredith Hall. As soon as you enter, you are greeted by a ping pong table, piano, and foosball table for your entertainment. In order to ensure your contentment even when you are not participating in the festivities, there are comfy chairs to relax in and observe your surroundings.
    3. 3. Before you even enter the main doors of the lounge, your attention is caught by the vending machines which are strategically placed right in front of you. Why ?... Why not? Wouldn’t it be better to relax with a delicious snack?
    4. 4. Once you enter the main part of the lounge, you are welcomed by a pool table. Notice the fliers on the wall. They are most likely posted there so that you will observe them while you are standing around, waiting your turn in your game of pool.
    5. 5. Here is where you actually “lounge”. The blinds are almost never all the way open so that minimal light is let into the room which increases your relaxation. Instead of the couches facing each other (how you normally see couches arranged), they are all facing “forward” toward the TV.
    6. 6. This lounge is not only used for relaxing and recreation, it is also a place where residents study. The positioning of the tables serves as somewhat of a barrier between where you watch TV and where you study.
    7. 7. Finally, Meredith’s Southeast Lounge is environmentally friendly, giving you a place to recycle your used items and dispose of your trash.