Libraries at Purdue


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A rhetorical analysis of different libraries on Purdue University's campus.

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Libraries at Purdue

  1. 1. A Newly Interesting Space: the Libraries @ Purdue By: Annie Eckart
  2. 2. What is a library? And why do we care? Most people think of it as a place for quiet study and productivity. Is it? What is being rhetorically implied by the design of the space? There is more than meets the eye when it comes to libraries. Read on to find out more… what’s up with libraries and which one is best for you?
  3. 3. Siegesmund Engineering Library Bright, fluorescent lights No wall decorations Carpeted flooring to reduce noise Undistracted study! Individual study carrels
  4. 4. Need to study in a group? The Siegesmund Engineering Library provides a great group study environment. Round tables accommodate discussion by their inward-facing design, carpeted flooring cuts down on noise between the tables, and the chairs easily slide out on the carpet to encourage interaction among tables.
  5. 5. Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences Library Have a major exam or project coming up?  Focused study! Individual study carrels… No distracting windows… Uninteresting wall paper… Convenient access to books…
  6. 6. Calming atmosphere Like to study in groups, but need Group setting, yet individual to study on your own this time? Study and still be around people Successful individual study time!
  7. 7. Life Sciences Library This library is perfect for group study, but also for those who need a little background noise to be most productive. The tables accommodate groups, bright lights keep everyone alert, and books are within reach.
  8. 8. This library also has places for individual study, but may have a few problems…
  9. 9. Black Cultural Center Library The desks are spaced far apart and the floor is carpeted for noise control between groups. The tables are larger and provide for a group or individual to comfortably spread out. Big desk size + large distance between next table = great for groups!
  10. 10. Hicks Undergraduate Library (UGRL) crowded… but empty… depending on the time of day this area of the library could be a prime study place
  11. 11. Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library (HSSE) This library seems to have a specific and purposeful design for its space. There are group study rooms, and then places for individual study. The pictures are above eye level, but the floor is tiled. It seems that there are conflicting aspects to this seemingly well-designed space.
  12. 12. Do libraries have your best interests at heart? What aspects of a library’s design promote studying, and which hinder it? Values—Individual and group study… isolation…quiet…focus… are these things good for everyone? Design— Does it seem like there’s true design to these spaces? I think that some libraries show more thought than others. Or, is there thought put into each of them, but are they purposely trying to hinder? Looking beyond— how can this knowledge be used? Hopefully to maximize the use of the library to best fit your needs.