Hidden Nature
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  • I wanted to find a template that included Nature in a way that was not overwhelming for the audience. I did not want too much green or a flowery templates because my project isn’t about the pretty side of “nature.” I want to show the audience a different side of nature; the one we take for granted each day during our busy lives. I loved the yellow because it brings out the pictures and sets out a tone to the audience. It makes them focus on my presentation better.


  • 1. By: Kristina Morgan
  • 2. Let me take you on a stroll through a hidden world.
  • 3. When you are walking down the street do you take a chance to look up at the sweet berries growing on the trees?
  • 4. We all are guilty of paying attention to what is in front of us just like the lady in this picture. What would happen if she took a second out of her time to glance over to the right or left? She then would see these unique flowers surrounding her by both sides.
  • 5. Can you believe that this huge open space is vacant?
  • 6. Do you only pay attention to man-made objects around us?
  • 7. Did you know that our flag pole has a beautiful design around it? Or did you happen to appreciate the protectors of our bell tower?
  • 8. Every one stops and stares at this pond. Why not the scenery behind it?
  • 9. I don’t know about you, but when I saw this tree, I pictured myself laying across its branches fully relaxed and studying.
  • 10. No one stops to see what nature seeps through. It is confined to such a small space, yet still amazing to the eye.
  • 11. When we are walking on the side walks or cut through the grass we always stumble upon these pinecones. What about when they are a part of nature?
  • 12. Everyone dismisses trees on their daily routes, we tend to forget and under appreciate the colors that nature introduces to us. We get so busy and we do not stop to acknowledge the workings of nature.
  • 13. Got Nature?