Mary ann pearson 1 readiness review


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Mary ann pearson 1 readiness review

  1. 1. Dr. Mary Ann Pearson CBU OPS Division DirectorPublic Relations Program Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Online and Hybrid November, 2013
  2. 2. • Background• 2005-2012 Served as Director of the Journalism/Public Relations Program on Main campus • Faculty Adviser for “The Banner” newspaper, “The Angelos” yearbook and “Pursuit” Magazine • *Note-Slides 1-9 reflect 2005-2012 on main campus as background and as an example of public relations work done as faculty adviser.
  3. 3. •Summer 2012-Present •Director of Public Relations program at CBU Online and Professional Studies Division (Master’s and Bachelor’s Program in Public Relations)
  4. 4. Faculty Adviser for three award-winning publications at a private Christian University is a role that has many elements of a fulltime PR position. I was included in issues management team to facilitate effective coverage in student publications. We won many national awards and graduates went on to work in journalism and public relations.
  5. 5. “ Issues Management: California Baptist University Equality Ride VisitCollaborationStudent Publication Management
  6. 6. Equality Ride Challenge
  7. 7. Target: CBU • 33 riders • Coast-to-coast • 7-week tour
  8. 8. Communication principles • • • • • • • Candor • early announcements • disclose reasoning and reasons • disclose options under consideration Openness Commitment to truth, true to our beliefs Responsiveness Empathy Transparency Plain-speaking
  9. 9. Dr. Pearson’s Role-CBU students speak with passion…yet control. Result- We accomplished this goal. There was no negative or questionable coverage in student publications. Many students stay connected…
  10. 10. 2012-Transistion to CBU Online and Professional StudiesMaster of Arts in Public Relations Program Many students stay connected… Goal: The goal was to become recognized as an excellent online program with a thriving student body. Objective: We wanted to have at least ten students enrolled to begin the program and double the second year and to also establish a track record of producing successful graduates.
  11. 11. Many students stay at the link below was Research: The document connected… the preliminary proposal for the MAPR program. The research was detailed and involved a careful review of online and hybrid Master of Arts of Public Relations programs from approximately 15 universities. We also reviewed data from Edu-Ventures and from the US Labor Board. al_for_online_and_professiona
  12. 12. EXAMP LE: The most rapidly growing communications field is public relations. Employment of public relations specialists (many have a B.A. in Communication Studies) is expected to grow by 18 percent by 2016 , faster than average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (source:, and see chart below). The DOL projections also report that opportunities should be best for college graduates who combine a degree in public relations, journalism or another communications-related field with a public relations internship or other related work experience. P rojections data from the National Employment Matrix Many students stay connected… Change, 2006P rojected 16 Occupational S OC Employment, employment, title Code 2006 2016 Number P ercent P ublic relations specialists 273031 243,000 286,000 43,000 18 According to Online Higher Education Update-2009 Communication Studies and Public Relations are among the top 10 majors predicted to have average or better growth. See attached document for more information.
  13. 13. Many students stay connected… Edu ventures
  14. 14. Sampling of Universities with Online/or Some Online Courses within the Masters of Arts in Public Relations Program in 2011: Many students stay connected… USC Annenberg – Masters of Arts in Strategic Public Relations-although the courses are mainly taught on ground there are some courses offered online or in a hybrid format. Liberty University- MBA in Public Relations offered online. George Washington University, Washington D.C. -Online Program
  15. 15.   Impact Statement- A posting for an additional full time Communication Studies/Public Relations professor has been added to the CBU website. Many students stay connected… Planning Additionally, several Com. Staff- No additional staff required at this time. Students-This major will be beneficial to OPS students who are seeking to gain a Master’s Degree in a field that is beneficial to various professions.
  16. 16. Many students stay connected… Master of Arts in Public Relations (33 units) PRL PRL PRL PRL PRL PRL PRL PRL PRL PRL PRL 510 520 525 530 535 555 560 565 567 568 569 History and Theory of Public Relations Public Relations Research and Evaluation Legal, Ethical and Social Foundations of Public Relations Specialized Writing for Public Relations Critical Thinking and Crisis Management New Media Strategies Marketing and Communications Programs Public Relations Campaigns; Social and Physical Public Relations Management and Leadership International Public Relations Comprehensive Capstone  
  17. 17. Many students stay connected… Approvals: We obtained approval from the CBU Curriculum Committee,  Board of Trustees and from WASC. We gained approval for the social  media campaigns from the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. s
  18. 18. Implementation Many students stay connected… Objective: Our objective was to build a group of ten students for the first term and to double the number for the second year. Additionally, we planned to make an impact and to build name awareness and engagement through Facebook and other social media platforms. We hoped to gain one or two students who heard about the program through Facebook. We researched the interest in the program through EDU Ventures and by reviewing the US Labor Board review and the USC GAP study.
  19. 19. Many students stay connected… Strategies: The strategies were simple. We planned to attend monthly Toastmaster’s meetings, visit 2-3 classes weekly at Community Colleges and we collaborated with main campus faculty in the Journalism and Public Relations programs to speak at montly student editor meeetings.
  20. 20. Many students stay connected… Tactics and Tools: While attending community meetings and recruitment events we were prepared to discuss our programs and to distribute cards, flyers and brochures. We also provided rich content through blogs and social media platforms and recruited followers bby attending events.
  21. 21. Manytostudents stay connected… Day DayDuring the Summer of 2012, I attended 19  Toastmaster’s Meetings, eight informational sessions,  every PRSA luncheon and several chamber of  commerce meetings. I met with former students from the main campus to  discuss the Master of Arts in Public Relations program  and visited professors at RCC, Chaffey and Mt San  Antonio Community College. We started a Facebook page and worked closely with  the Marketing VP and a social media intern we  recruited.
  22. 22. Publications
  23. 23. Many students stay connected…
  24. 24. Research and planning were done during 2011. We launched the BAPR in May, 12 and the MAPR in Sept., 2012 with ten students and WASC accreditation. Many students stay connected…
  25. 25. Many studentsby reviewing the numbers and the data. The stay connected… Evaluation: We evaluated program launched in Sept. of 2012 with ten students. Three students dropped and seven students graduated in May, 2013. We now have 26 students enrolled in the MAPR program. We evaluated the interest and engagement from the social media, blogging and attending meetings and event and we revised the campaign to continue with the efforts for the 13/14 academic year.
  26. 26. Interest/Engagement Results attended meetings or ManyOver 3700 Likes on stay12connected… students Facebook called for information because they saw the Facebook page Attended over 25 meetings (Informational sessions, toastmasters, classroom visits. Follow up on former students Four students who enrolled in the program were contacted at a meeting by a faculty member who was in attendance. Six students were former students of Dr. Pearson on main campus and were interested partly due to collaborative efforts with main campus faculty.
  27. 27. Many students stay connected… Nutshell-Evaluation: *There are 26 MAPR majors and more adding weekly. *Over 3700 likes on Facebook and four-five incidents of engagement weekly. *Seven students graduated in May. Four will graduate in December, 2013.
  28. 28. Many students stay connected… Next Steps: We plan to continue creating campaigns to grow the Master’s of Public Relations and the newly approved Master of Arts in Communication Studies.