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Recent testimonials

  1. 1. Recent TestimonialsOur goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient,enjoyable and rewarding for you.See what our clients have said about our real estate services...Dear Mike & Maria,Thank you for all the help you were to Kim and I in finding and purchasing a vacation home in thePalm Springs area. I have to say we appreciate all the searching and elimination work you did inmaking this an easy experience. Living 2,000 miles from where you are looking for a home is not aneasy task but you and Maria went beyond our expectations. With the endless searches, the helpthrough a "Bank Owned" purchase and explaining us through "all" the paperwork, you have madewhat may have been an overwhelming experience into a smooth and pleasant one. If we ever anyonelooking for a place in the Palm Springs area we will be sure to refer them to you.- John & KimMike and Maria provide service that is beyond any expectations. They are patient, professional andpersonal. We enjoyed our experience with them and love our new home. Thank You!- Larry & EileenMike & Maria Patakas (M&M Realty Team) definitely made finding our home in the desert a dreamcome true and a wonderful experience...They listened to what our requirements were, kept usinformed of what was happening throughout the whole process and even after close of escrow, wentabove and beyond to help, when asked. We would highly recommend Mike & Maria to friends andfamily for they have set the bar high for all realtors.- Rene & JoanneWe appreciate your professional expertise and courtesies in the purchase of our new home. We areslowly unpacking and spending time exploring the area. You have helped us launch a new chapter inour life. Thanks!- Ron & Suzanne
  2. 2. My wife and I recently purchased a new home in the Palm Springs area and did so long distance fromthe midwest. We could not have accomplished this purchase without the tremndous help we recievedfrom Mike and Maria Patakas. They were simply wonderful to work with! They were our eyes andears, looking at several properties for us and even video taping the houses so we could get a goodlook online. They were always pleasant and positive to work with even after several failedoffers....they happily moved on to the next property with us! We then had a rather unpleasantexperience with the escrow company that handled the closing for our property, and again, Mike andMaria were maginifiecnt working through this difficult situation with us. We simply cant say enoughgood about Mike and Maria and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a house inthe Palm Springs area! Friends of ours from the midwest have also relied on the Patakass with thesame wonderful results! Thanks so much, Mike and Maria!- Rick and JudiWhen my husband and I decided to purchase a property in Indio,CA, we came across the M&MRealty Team...Mike and Maria Patakas. Instantly Mike returned our call, and the search for our newproperty began. We live in Canada, so the line of communication and timing would be of vitalimportance to us. This team of realtors was exceptional!! Mike and Maria took us under theirwings...they were accomodating and on top of their game! We returned to Indio where they drove usaround for 3 days house hunting. If we found a property over the internet we felt was something wewould consider, they were out there shooting a video so we could see the property. Any questions,concerns, additional info we required were responded to quickly and professionally. Mike and Mariaspent 3 months helping us find our very special home. They helped us with the entire process, andwe couldnt be happier! Mike and Maria... THANK YOU for your patience and for being suchamazing people. Not only are you realtors to us, but you have become our friends!- Burke and ColleenHow do you truly thank two people who started out as points of contact for helping find a home inthe Palm Springs area who ultimately became very special friends? This is what happened when webegan our journey to locate a property through realtors Maria and Mike Patakas of Keller-Williams.Over the course of almost seven months, Maria and Mike dedicated their time, talent, andenthusiasm to help “two grumpy old men” find a home. In those moments that included manysurprises, the tediousness of trying to understand and work through foreclosures, short sales, andregular sales, the “almost have one”—and then the news that it wasn’t meant to be—Maria and Mikemaintained the highest levels of professionalism and ethics—even when we weren’t always at ourbest.Yet, the weekends of driving back and forth from Los Angeles eventually paid off. From what we aresure were more than 75 properties shown led us to the place we now can say is our “desert home.” Inretrospect, it was all worth the wait. We have Maria and Mike, along with Keller-Williams of PalmSprings, to thank.So, from these two grumpy old guys, THANK YOU, Maria and Mike. We can’t wait to share our homewith our kids and grandchildren.- Bob and Paul