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Digital media is changing. On one hand, 'Social media' is changing the way people congregate, interact and share; on the other, digital media markets are being transformed by newly emerging trading platforms and targeting techniques. The only certainty in this market is that it will continue to evolve at a rapid pace and thus MP09 Digital is conceptualized back in January 2012 when after working for 6 years in Agency, I thought of next big thing and realized the need to Digital Advertising in a potential market and decided to incubate an agency.

We primarily focus in three aspects, Media, Creative and Technology and makes sure to integrate all these and offline mediums together..

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MP09 Digital - Credentials and Case Studies

  1. 1. The only certainty in digital media market is that it will continue to evolve at a rapid pace...
  2. 2. a closer look… Mission Case Studies - Digital Properties Services - ClienteleAbout us
  3. 3. about us MP09 Digital is an agency built for digital. We specialize in campaign strategy and execution across the digital media landscape in its broadest sense. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify and utilize the most effective and efficient blend of techniques, from the cutting edge to the traditional, integrating seamlessly with your other marketing activities. This process involves us asking lots of questions, and understanding as much as possible about your business so we can define and deliver to key objectives. While we are a 360Degree Organization, we go a step ahead & aim to achieve 360 Degree- -365 Days approach.
  4. 4. Our service offerings are flexible, as ‘one size really doesn’t fit all’ in digital, and our expertise is delivered in a reliable, honest and grown up way. Our Comprehensive Service list includes: Media – Social, Search and Displayservices Planning – Media, Technology and Creative 09 – Services 1. Branding and Advertising 2. Interactive Design and Development 3. Social Influence Marketing 4. Online Reputation Management 5. Search Engine Optimization 6. Emerging Media 7. E-mailers and e-CRM 8. Search Engine Marketing 9. Designing and Development
  5. 5. branding & advertisingOnline branding involves amalgamation of Internetmarketing strategies used together, including search servicesmarketing, social media, online PR and SEO to make allthe difference.From contextual ads to banner advertising, we knowhow and where to find your customers for a targetedcampaign. Our recommendations vary based on “Your”Brands market Reach.To tap into the potential of online branding, we do morethan just advertise. We devise an integrated onlinebranding strategy tailored to your BRANDS needs. 1
  6. 6. interactive design &developmentOur designs incorporates most or all of basic and servicesadvanced disciplines to positively impact the overallexperience a person has with a particular interactivesystem, and its provider.We focus heavily on ‘user experience’ & ‘userexpectations’ combined with creatively directed designsto communicate the brands offering clearly & crisply. 2
  7. 7. social influence marketingThe mission of MP09 Digital is to help our clientsimprove their business position and gain value from servicestheir digital investments.Our Specialized team in Social media dedicated commitsto creating a effective and efficient strategy.Providing exceptional value, driving incremental value,generating ROI, protecting online buzz, attending tonegative opinions, increase market share and buildingawareness. 33
  8. 8. online reputationmanagement servicesIf the prospective Internet audience were to search yourBrand/company and see a number of negative reviewsor blog posts in the search results alongside yourwebsite, it can have an impact on your sales, brandingand the click through rate drastically.Your online ‘buzz’ is where most people will learn moreabout you before deciding whether to engage with yourcompany, product or service. Maintaining your namewith online reputation management is an importantstrategy for your success.We make sure to refurbish the page-one results. Thisstrengthens your brand and increases positive buzz in-turn avoiding potential issues. 4
  9. 9. search engineoptimization servicesEvery brand intends to be on page one in Google and itsone spot that just can’t be bought. It’s for this reasonthat SEO can be very competitive, but for mostbusinesses it’s well worth the effort.If you’re not experiencing first page results, chances aresome of your competition is. Search engineoptimization, or SEO, is the way to get your company infront of your customers while they’re in buying mode.With MP09 Digital’s SEO approach, we can help yourcompany reach top rankings and experience qualifiedtraffic to website. 5
  10. 10. search enginemarketing servicesSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) accounts for less volumethan natural organic rankings, its notably faster toimplement and measure a return.Pay Per Click advertising can quickly increase theamount of potential customers to visit your website.Based on a bidding system for search phrases, it can beextremely competitive and the novice can quickly burnthrough their budget if little return.We recommend recommended that an InternetMarketing Strategy should include both SEO and Search. 6
  11. 11. emailers and eCRMDirect marketing campaigns are one of the mosteffective ways to advertise your business to servicespotential customers. Electronic Direct Mailers areone of the effective tools to get that marketingcampaign going.On top of designing your mailers, MP09Digitalprovides the service of blasting out thoseElectronic Mailers on your behalf, thus making usa one stop in direct marketing needs. 77
  12. 12. emerging mediaWith the changing world we are seeing new formsof media emerging everyday. Right from choosing servicesthe TV audience on SAT TV’s to Innovative Talkingads Online. We will make sure to utilize everyform of media where “your TG” is present.Bluetooth Burst, QR codes, BluFi & OOH Media. 88
  13. 13. technology architecturedesigning & developmentWeb Design and Development: Our customized webdesign solutions blend smart designing concepts with servicesinnovative ideas to create eye-catching and effectivedesigns. We offer designs that are target audience andintended market centric to benefit your business.Development can be done in HTML5, Core PHP or HTMLGraphic Design: We offer you intuitive, attractive andefficient designs that maintain a crisp clarity alongaesthetic lines. Our graphic design services includebrochure design, corporate identity design, logo design,etc.Content Writing: Good content can make or break yoursite. Our experienced content writers offer SEO friendly,professional content that help improve your site´soverall quality. 98 9
  14. 14. Our ClienteleWe are already working with 4 big corporate and are growing……
  15. 15. Kailash Online
  16. 16. case study Kailash Vijayvargiya Target AudienceUnderstanding Kailash Vijayvargiya, a prominent Political Personality of BJP known Common Man of complete India for his exceptional efforts towards specially Madhya Pradesh and media development of Indore in specific along with other influential and Madhya Pradesh at large. He is personalities and politicians. Youth is the most celebrated Politician in the power of nation and they are Madhya Pradesh. Idea Impactful Mass most easily accessible online. To create communication with We started mass communication Communication mass through online media and on digital media with mostObjective Strategy share views on important issues impactful medium i.e. Facebook and influence public opinion. and after that we created a complete Also to create an online portfolio portfolio on website with strong for enhancing reach. impactful content, attractive theme and excellent search synchronization. Cabinet Minister in BJP (MP), Minister of Industries & Employment, Information Technology, ““ Commerce, Rural Industry, Science & Technology and a passionate leader who continuously strive for development.
  17. 17. case study Kailash Vijayvargiya Social Effective We Implemented media as tools and We Executed well as SEO techniques We Ideated tools to for execution make the on the blog We Marketed presence were Java We promoted his views, ideasKailashonline as a brand in more grand Scipt, Jquery, & opinions to intensify hisa span of just 2 months for over the PHP CMS online identity by high the general audience Web. (wordpress) quality content We Conceptualized kailashonline to be a Social media platform for the Public This gave him a stage to identity through blog, to interact & share put his views acrossTwitter, Facebook & Youtube their thoughts with audience he always wanted for positive reputation the Minister. to converse with. We Created He Appreciated We Delivered…
  18. 18. case study Kailash Vijayvargiya Facebook 32310 Twitter - 912 Blog
  19. 19. Virtual Voyage World
  20. 20. case study Virtual Voyage World OBJECTIVE To create user- TARGET friendly attractive Anyone and website that everyone interested portrays classy in learning image of Institute vocational courses,along with building specially 12th pass brand image Students STRATEGY Core PHP based Website which is user-friendly and easily crawlable to bring the institute name in top list
  21. 21. case study Virtual Voyage World VIRTUAL VOYAGE Creating Brand Lead Identity Generation DigitalIdentity- Social OnlineWebsite Identity SEM &SEO Contests
  22. 22. case study Virtual Voyage World Blog www.virtualvoyagew /virtualvoyage Facebook 9500+ Talking About to almost 60%
  23. 23. VadilalIce-Trooper
  24. 24. case study Ice-Trooper Target AudienceUnderstanding Our task is to create a theme based To target the ice cream lovers mostly website for Vadilal Icecream in such kids and the teens of India and a way that it should be engaging spread the message and generate and user friendly. Idea To create a theme urge for the same across the nation. To build a theme based website based website for Strategy To engage audience which reflectsObjective for new product range of Vadilal, Impactful Mass the objective fulfillment of Ice-Trooper which should be very Communication the brand. engaging and user as well as SEO friendly. Just how Google has become synonymous with Search these days, Vadilal is synonymous with ice ““ creams in India.
  25. 25. case study Ice-Trooper We Implemented We Executed We Ideated In the In the We Marketed process process To reinstate the brand presence on the WorldWide Web by building its In the processwebsite very efficiently & effectively We Conceptualized The brand to be a platform for all the ice cream lovers In the process across the nation keeping their taste & preferences in Awaited mind. We Created The Reviews We will Deliver…
  26. 26. case study
  27. 27.
  28. 28. case study Pakiza Client Brief To create an attractive website and have active social media presence and also to refresh Pakiza as a genX brand. Target Audience The foremost TG is To establish Pakiza as the youth and allObjective Mall for youth and those who prefer maintain Brand Recall Value. quality with affordability. Creating User- friendly website and building interaction on social media with Informative & Viral Posts. Strategy
  29. 29. case study Pakizadigital presence Facebook Pinterest Website
  30. 30. case study REGBuys Target Audience To create an e-portal that Shopping freaks & techno-friendly US Client Brief showcases lifestyle products and based people who are seeking for gifting items and sell them online. convenient shopping and gifting. The To create fascinating brand identity and user-friendly e- Idea Creating a Brand Created Wordpress E-portal, to make it user friendly and easily scrollable StrategyObjective portal and bring traffic on the website. Social Networking Websites website via different social like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. networking sites to generate are being used efficiently to bring sale. traffic on website. “ REGBuys, from name to branding, promotion, selling & marketing, everything “ reflects our creativity & efforts to the core.
  31. 31. case study REGBuysREGBuys as Brand!!!REGBuys stands for ‘Reasonable Exquisite Great Buys’ which everyone seeksspecially while shopping online. Considering USP, we incorporated the Giftingelements while creating complete Brand Identity (Logo). Reasonable Shopping Great Offers Blue- Cool & Comfortable Green- Growth & Progress Talking About Exquisite Gift Items Maganta- Feminine & Beautiful
  32. 32. case study REGBuys TwitterFacebook Pinterest
  33. 33. WantEdge
  34. 34. case study WantEdge To create a conceptual, Anyone and everyone TARGET AUDIENCE interested in LearningOBJECTIVE thematical and user- friendly website English Online, Students portraying easy way to who want to join learn language WantEdge and Schools/ Institutes WantEdgeUNDERSTANDING WantEdge is an English Creating an attractive and Language Learning Solution easy to understand STRATEGY Provider. It is unique of its kind website for three and is initiated with the different set of audience thought of making Indian and giving them relevant professionals globally information in the form competent of flow chart
  35. 35. case study WantEdge Start Practically Fundamentally PageStratWebsite Concept About Us What can we Downloads do for you? Thinking Logically to Command the Language How we Who we are? Connect with us helped others?
  36. 36. Digital Properties
  37. 37.
  38. 38. case study MyIndore Target AudienceUnderstanding General masses who belong to, have The most prominent city of Central originated in, have been to the city. India known for its unique social Targeted towards all those who are and business culture. The page is core Indori’s (natives of the city) for all those who Love this city. Idea Impactful Mass & love to share their city secrets. To bring the city together on the Mass communication through Strategy CommunicationObjective social platform and engage social media platforms Facebook people in the city updates, and Twitter using the effective realities and set up a platform to strategy of reciprocation and edge- promote brands and offers in the rank targeting could gather us city. highest number of fans as compared to the competitors. “ With consistent efforts on generating relevant useful as well as light content, MyIndore could manage“ to be the best page of the town within just 60 days and could simultaneously manage to handle various events successfully in the short span.
  39. 39. case study MyIndore Strategizes We Implemented that could Social media We Executed lure the tools that We Ideated audience could identify We Marketed towards the the reach of Various local brands, products, A common platform for all complete the events and occasions throughthe citizens of Indore to get desi-ness and community daily updates that was together and share the the love for formulated with effective commonness between the city call-for-action content them We Conceptualized Social media MyIndore to be a platform The community Identity for the locality for the local audience brought conversations through on Blog, Twitter, where they can interact about the city happenings Facebook & Youtube for and share their views that were helpful for the positive reputation about Indore . localities. We Created They Appreciated We Delivered…
  40. 40. case study MyIndore Facebook 25005 Talking About to almost Blog YouTube
  41. 41. case study MyIndore Shades of WomanhoodThis Social Campaign was the first ever activity in MP-CG which was celebrated on social media platform(MyIndore) in association with Virtual Voyage.It was scheduled from 6th to 12th of March to celebratethe spirit of Womanhood along with Holi (as it was on8th of march), we combined both the things andcelebrated it online as well as offline. MyIndore wasexceptionally involved in order to take the event on ahigher scale.
  42. 42. case study MyIndore ROAR- Jal the Band ConcertMP09 Digital used their one of the Digital properties MyIndore to promotethis event. We took this event to another level by contributing number offootfall to the event venue.We created this event on Facebook and connected it with MyIndore & RoarFacebook page. We promoted this event online on full swing. Themultiplication of the attendees took place from the techniques we chose:seeding through pages, groups & MyIndore; paid ads were also used to getthe desired result.
  43. 43. Asli
  44. 44. case study Asli Indian Target AudienceUnderstanding General masses who belong to, have The page is for all those who have originated in, have been to the India. the spirit of patriotism in Targeted towards all those who are themselves and connect themselves core Indians & love to share their with the Asli Indian. Idea Impactful Mass feelings towards the country. To bring the country together on Mass communication through Strategy CommunicationObjective the social platform and engage social media platforms Facebook people in the country updates, and Twitter using the effective realities and set up a platform to strategy of reciprocation and edge- promote brands and offers in the rank targeting could gather us country. highest number of fans as compared to the competitors. ““ With consistent efforts on generating relevant useful as well as light content, AsliIndian could be the best page of the India.
  45. 45. case study Asli Indian Strategizes We Implemented that could Social media We Executed lure the audience tools that We Ideated towards the could identify We Marketed the reach of Various events and occasionsA common platform for all complete the through daily updates that wasthe citizens of India to get Indian-ness community formulated with effectivetogether & share the Spirit and the love call-for-action content of Patriotism between for the them Country We Conceptualized Social media AsliIndian to be a platform The community Identity for the locality for the country people brought conversationsthrough Twitter & Facebook where they can interact about the country for positive reputation and share their views happenings that were about India . helpful for the subscribers. We Created They Appreciated We Delivered…
  46. 46. case study Asli Indian Facebook 12434 Talking About to almost blog Under Process Twitter YouTube Under Process
  47. 47. case study Asli Indian Earth HourWe dedicated one post daily on Asli Indian In U page forearth hour at 8:30pm. We did this for around one and ahalf week on Facebook as well as Twitter.We also made a mobile wallpaper application for theusers to download and support the event and in turn wereceived a humungous response.The whole week was dedicated to the updates regardingthe history of Earth Hour and the reason to celebrate itWe Supported this cause whole heartedly and spread theawareness about this social cause across India. With asimple motto that we are Proud to be an Asli Indian !
  48. 48. Mission To provide end-to-end Digital Solutions to brands/individuals and integrate all Mediums to increase the Earned Media Quotient..
  49. 49. Connect with, Call us @ 0731-3194141 or +91 9826020980Look forward to hear from you!