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Hell Hath Frozen Over! Florida Virtual Schools: How One Enterprise Embraced the Public Cloud. …

Hell Hath Frozen Over! Florida Virtual Schools: How One Enterprise Embraced the Public Cloud.

A look at how one enterprise used MozyEnterprise to move to the cloud - the presentation covers Florida Virtual Schools' story as they embraced online backup after struggling with external hard drive backups.

Learn more about Florida Virtual Schools' Mozy experience here:

Learn more about MozyEnterprise Online Backup here:

Mozy offers safe, simple and affordable online backup for consumers, small businesses, and enterprises. Find out more here:

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  • Brief intro’s by Sean,John takes the torch and introduces himself and FLVS – who they are, what they do, why he’s here today.
  • About Us:Florida Virtual School® (FLVS®) is a fully accredited public school district with a 16-year history of successfully educating students. An award-winning, international leader in online learning, FLVS offers more than 120 free courses to Kindergarten–Grade 12 public, private, and homeschool Florida students.  FLVS is certified by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and by AdvancED. Core courses are NCAA approved. Every FLVS course is taught by a dedicated and certified teacher who is focused on student success. Courses are aligned with Florida and national standards and are accessible 24/7. Enrollment is open 365 days a year due to the Florida Virtual School year-round rolling enrollment model. FLVS was founded on the belief that every student is unique and learns at a different pace. We believe that education should be tailored to one’s unique learning style. At FLVS, students work at their own pace and advance from one level to the next to achieve mastery of a subject.  This allows for a student to accelerate their learning or if needed, take more time to master the course. As a national model for virtual education, our performance based-model makes Florida a leader in education reform and ensures remarkable accountability.  Driven by a performance-based funding model, FLVS only receives funding for students who successfully complete courses.  In the 2012-13 school year, FLVS Part Time had more 206,700 physical students complete more than 410,900 half-credit course completions.
  • You haven’t experienced stress until you’ve been on the phone with a teacher who’s lost their work!Teacher’s are VERY emotional… Tears would help here! Several tearful phone calls!
  • We needed to look at several factors:Administration – Centralized backup for remote usersManagement of storage per teacherReporting Dashboard and controlCost - …looked at other solutions like Iron Mountain, but was cost prohibitiveSecurity & Reliability – Needed to know data was safe, accessible, and that the vendor and solution would work for us.Features – Flexible storage to adapt to our needsEase of useTeachers understand the product and use it intuitivelySolution for us: Mozy. Here’s why:Admin Console…Cost…Security…Features…
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hell Hath Frozen Over! Florida Virtual Schools: How One Enterprise Embraced the Public Cloud
    • 2. Confidential do not distribute. Page 2 Introductions Sean Finnegan Global Sales Director, Mozy by EMC John Roebuck Senior Manager, IT Florida Virtual Schools
    • 3. Confidential do not distribute. Page 3 • About Us • Our Challenge – Struggled for years w/ external hard drive (EHD) backups – Replacing a laptop took 1 week or more – EHD adoption was low – Teachers would lose critical data – Frustration all around
    • 4. Confidential do not distribute. Page 4
    • 5. Confidential do not distribute. Page 5 The Solution Administration Cost Security & Reliability Features Data Protection
    • 6. Confidential do not distribute. Page 6 The Results • Three months to roll out to 2,000+ teachers • 85% of teachers installed it themselves • Delay in data restoration cut by 75% (4 days to 1 day) • Cuts $70 shipping costs for each replacement • Increases teachers efficiency. “Now I can focus 100% on teaching!”
    • 7. Confidential do not distribute. Page 7 My Life Now • 4 TB of data protected/ managed by teachers (people centric vs. machine centric) • Pooled data = only use what they need (English teachers need less data than art teachers) • Mozy Admin Console prepares detailed reports 4TB Protected
    • 8. Confidential do not distribute. Page 8 What Makes It All Worth It Christine’s Story: Teacher’s family faces disaster • Fire destroyed home • FLVS laptop lost in the fire • Teacher needed to work • Through cloud solution we had a machine to her within a couple of hours
    • 9. Confidential do not distribute. Page 9