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Slide share eval

  1. 1. Conventions of Posters How real media products hadhelped me developed my poster
  2. 2. General color codes through out poster Red, black and white. Red, black and white.Strong background colour associated with thatcolour code
  3. 3. Bold title usually in a color contrasting the background color, yet still keeping to the color code Black-Red=Contrast Red-White=Contrast White-Black= ContrastFrom looking at these postersI was able to learn that thetitles are bold and stand out.They stand out because of thecolors used in the background.For example, Due Datecontrasts with it’s lightbackground. Click is dark,whereas the background isbright. Therefore it will standout and be clear.
  4. 4. One Main ImageOn my poster you can see that I have used one main image.I used this from looking at other posters during my planning.I looked posters such as the ones below.As you can see all of them have one main image of thecharacter(s). It is a convention of a poster to have an image of themain characters and this is what I have done.
  5. 5. Main actors names on the posterThe position on the poster of these names changes from poster to poster; dependsOn the editor and designer. I have positioned mine besides the q characters to give the viewer a better In- sight of who is who. q
  6. 6. Production company, director ect All of the posters on the left have had their institution details on the bottom. By analysing these posters it had occurred to me that the institution details are conventional to be placed at the bottom.
  7. 7. Tag line from the film or a quotation about the film From researching posters I have learnt tat a tagline or quotation is a convention from the poster. These taglines are to due with these comedy posters and they are quite funny so therefore It becomes more appealing to the viewer as they read it. I have inserted a tagline in to my poster to match this convention.
  8. 8. LayoutThe Z lay out is a verycommon convention of a comedy poster. I haveApplied it to my poster
  9. 9. To concludethe audiences attention.The title is bold and uses a san serf font. This is to attractThe title is the first thing that the viewer will see. From this the viewer can automaticallypresume It’s a comedy.The colour scheme of the poster contrasts with the rest of the visual content, therefore itpops out more and grabs the viewers attention to the poster. The characters names are displayed below to give the viewer more information on the casting.Main image of the twomain characters of the The tag line is to add humour andfilm. Viewer will give the audience an insight topresume these are the the film.two main characters. Date issued- more information.Institution details-conventional togive viewer moredetails.