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Media questionnaire
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Media questionnaire


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Questionnaire QuestionsI will be evauating the questions that I have inserted in to my survey. This is because I want to understand what the audience want to see in a short film.
  • 2. This question was asked to the subject because I’m targetting my product at both genders so it’s very important to see the outcomes from these two genders.By getting equal feedback from the genders, I can create a film that will cater for both males and females.
  • 3. This question was asked to see from what age did my response come from. If a high amount of feedback came back from the age group 16-19 the feedback will be very rich and suitable and I can use that information to create my film.This is because my product will be aimed at the age group of 16-23. So if my results came back from this age group I will know to do in order to make my product a success for this audience.
  • 4. This question is to see if Comedy is actually a popular genre in short films. If the majority of the responses come back as positive, showing that comedy is the most popular genre, then it would mean that my selected genre was the right choice
  • 5. From getting reponses from this question, I will understand which areas I will need to concentrate for my filming to be a success to may target audience. If the feedback comes with results such as sound, camera shots, and narrative being high I will need to make sure that these areas are looked in to in deph when planning and constructing.Although, I will ensure to make sure all areas are at their potential so they will work together and look very appealing to my audience.
  • 6. From this question, I can find out if sound does play an important role. If the answers come back yes, then I’ll understand that sound will need to be used in all areas for my film to be successful and appealing to my target audience.
  • 7. This question has been asked because I wanted to see how long my target audience expects a short film to be. If I were to create a short film that lasted 15 minutes long and my target audience disliked it then my product would failed.So from gaining answers from this question, I can determine what the lengh of my film will be.
  • 8. When it comes to planning my short film, I can decide on how many characters I will have. This determines on my feedback though. If the option two is the most popular.
  • 9. This question was designed to see what the participants expect to see in a short comedy film. The responses will give me ideas when I create my short film and I will also have an inside knowledge of the genre and the conventions that my target audience expect to see.When I construct my short film and apply these to my film, the film would be more appealing to my intended audience because I have applied the things that my sample have said.
  • 10. One conventions of short films are that normally there’s a twist and I believe that this makes the film more appealing to watch and gives it that spark.If my feedback becomes high in the answer yes, then I will apply this to my contruction stage by inserting a twist to my short film.
  • 11. These are the ideas I have in my head to create for my short film. The narrative has to have an equilibrium, distortion and resolution. So which ever one Is the most popular I may try basing my film around that idea.