Mowgli Foundation 2010 Annual Review and Accounts


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Mowgli Foundation 2010 Annual Review and Accounts

  1. 1. The Mowgli FoundationAnnual Review and AccountsFinancial period June 1 - Dec 31 2010
  2. 2. A message from Ian McKay, CEO Mowgli Foundation.The Mowgli Foundation Mowgli is a UK registered charity Mowgli’s many success stories of 2010, 2010 was an important year for Mowgli. In and our principal motivation is job profiled in these pages, came about December, we launched Mowgli Jordan “Mentoring has the creation. Unemployed people and through the dedication of our volunteer as a partnership with the country’s power to change lives.Investing in Mentors and their communities in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region mentors. To this special group of individuals, I offer my heartfelt thanks and Young Entrepreneurs Association. Mowgli Jordan stands as a model for our vision Entrepreneurs, and the for-profit SMEs andEntrepreneurs who will have been our ultimate beneficiaries extend an invitation to carry on working of locally owned, locally led programmes to date and we now plan a full with us in 2011 and beyond. This will be a and mentoring networks, self-sustaining programme of activities in the UK. critical year both for entrepreneurs, and and working directly with business social enterprises thatmake a difference. We believe that a highly effective for the practice of mentoring. With your help, 2011 is the year in which Mowgli will owners who need support. The Young Entrepreneurs Association in Jordan, they lead, are critical way to create long term sustainable really drive our mission forward. and partners like them, are central to the to our economies employment opportunities is by success of our work. Before 2010, we had and communities. YetThe Mowgli Mission supporting those who create jobs. 2011 for Mowgli means scaling up our only run Mowgli mentoring programmes These people are the entrepreneurs impact to reach many more communities in Jordan, so we can also count amongst many of them work who lead new and growing SMEs. in all the regions we work, while working our achievements the launch of Mowgli alone, trying to growMowgli provides mentors Mowgli identify entrepreneurs who will benefit from mentoring, both to make our operations financially sustainable. Moving away from a private programmes in Lebanon, Syria and in the UK (Manchester) - again with the their businesses without support. Withwho inspire, support and personally and financially. Our philanthropy funding model to working collaboration of some invaluable local ultimate aim is that they create a with institutional donors and corporates partners. long-term positive impact on the has been a major focus of our work in just a little guidanceempower entrepreneurs in communities in which they operate. This is why we work with those who 2010. With some important new strategic partnerships in place, I feel confident Two other significant events in late 2010 will give particular focus to our from a supportive, focused mentor, anachieving their business have the potential to create jobs and that we have made significant progress development in 2011 and beyond. wealth – business people (‘for-profit’ towards this goal. By taking a role in the Firstly, the launch of WAMDA (Arabic for entrepreneur will grow entrepreneurs) from all backgrounds, UK Government’s National Mentoring “spark”), a portal for entrepreneurship personally and theirand personal potential, ages and sectors whose businesses have the potential to create real Initiative - announced in late 2010 - we are confident that we will do the same here in MENA. This was announced at the Celebration of Entrepreneurship, an business will add valueencouraging sustainable change for others. in the UK. amazing gathering of entrepreneurs and those who support them from all to their community, and Mowgli also supports entrepreneurs The past two years have been extremely around the region, which took place create jobs and wealth.“job creation and social and who are working directly for social or community benefit. If they can difficult for SME business owners, both in the MENA region and in the UK. in Dubai in November. Secondly, the UK Government’s National Mentoringeconomic development. make a difference through being The entrepreneurs who come on our Initiative. Mentoring has taken centre successful, we want to work with programmes, and thousands more like stage in the UK government’s plans for them. In order to achieve our them, are facing numerous challenges: supporting entrepreneurs to create jobs mission, we work collaboratively with gaps in advisory support, obstacles to in the face of public sector cuts. Mowgli partners in the UK and Middle East. accessing finance, and skill shortages in is a launch partner for this initiative. the employment market. Entrepreneurs tell us that they feel alone, without Once again, I take the opportunity impartial advisers to turn to for guidance to thank all our partners and in decision making and managing risk: volunteers for their visionary efforts. this means their businesses fail to reach We look forward to working with their full potential. I am proud to say you all in the coming year to that looking back across all the Mowgli continue inspiring, supporting and programmes since the economic crisis empowering entrepreneurs. and Mowgli’s launch, 32% of Mowgli entrepreneurs working with mentors took on new staff and a further 61% maintained Ian McKay their staffing levels - an exceptional Chief Executive Officer achievement, through a period when The Mowgli Foundation many businesses folded.Cover images: Mowgli mentees, mentors and supporters
  3. 3. The Mowgli Team Key partnerships Partnerships in Jordan enterprise developmentTony Bury: Founder Karl Hakeem Belizaire: Business Cordelia Lonsdale: Communications Khaldoun El Tell, MSc (Mowgli Syria Linda Parkinson Hardman:Tony is a serial entrepreneur, having Development Director Cordelia completed an MSc in voluntary representative and champion) Social Media Strategistestablished 18 start-ups in his career. Serial social entrepreneur and International Relations, writing on Khaldoun El-Tell, General Director of Linda works closely with the Mowgli INKS Green: C:68, M:0, Y:87, K:0 Black: C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:100He has exited from the majority of business development specialist, Karl foreign aid and trade issues, in 2010 CNCP Syria, is a skilled petrochemical team on website and social mediathese and now maintains private is dynamic and passionate about all and joined the team as an intern in engineer with sales and project development. During 2010 Linda wasequity shareholdings in a range of aspects of entrepreneurship, social October. Her main project has been management experience within a responsible for building up our onlinebusinesses; consultancy, energy, enterprise and social media. Karl collecting data, building up the Mowgli number of UK and MENA organisations profile and driving our recruitment Partnerships in Lebanontrading, engineering and industrial joined Mowgli in 2010 in his business online Knowledge Centre and writing and companies. Having been a of entrepreneurs via a number ofservices. Tony founded Mowgli in 2008, development role. Karl is also an our policy briefing ‘Critical Phases of successful entrepreneur himself in social networks. Her work keeps ourbased upon a strong conviction that active working group member of the Mentoring in the Life of an Entrepreneur’. Syria, Khaldoun is now Mowgli Syria’s volunteers and partners connectedentrepreneurs the world over should recently established South West LEP Now a full time team member, she lead representative and spokesperson. with each other, builds up Mowglihave access to the support that he Social Enterprise Group. His main task writes Mowgli policy briefings and other As well as developing our committed community groups to support theirbelieves helped him to succeed - in 2011 is to focus upon relationship communications material. pool of mentors and entrepreneurs, experience and increases awarenessthe mentoring which he received development. he is committed to building our of our work.throughout his business and personal relationships with Syrian partners. Partnerships in Palestinelife. He continues to play an active rolein Mowgli’s development. Partnerships in Syria Andrew Fischer: Chair of Mowgli Alicja Turner: Operations Manager Board of Trustees Simon Edwards: Mowgli Associate Alicja has successfully coordinated Andrew is a German national with Sandy Radford: Trustee Having been a soldier, an entrepreneur 96 mentoring relationships across five a degree in Biochemistry from Appointed to the Board in 2008, Sandy and a social entrepreneur, SimonIan McKay: CEO countries, including our UK pilot in Cambridge University, where he was a qualified as a chartered physiotherapist has been helped along the way byAn experienced senior executive with November 2010. Alicja is responsible for Scholar and an MBA in Finance, with in 1963 and worked as such for 25 a number of inspirational mentors.a record of success in the charity, managing alliance partnerships and Distinction, from the Wharton School. years. She then left to go to the College Simon is now an authority in mentoring,consulting and commercial sectors, ensuring that Mowgli’s programmes Andrew started his career at Bain and of Law, passed all heads of the Law and was Mowgli’s Founding CEO. Partnerships in the UKIan joined Mowgli as CEO in August are effective and meet the needs of Company and, after a number of years, Society Finals in 1988 and was admitted Whilst pursuing other developments,2010. His main driver is to make high the varied groups of entrepreneurs our joined the Buy-in Fund at Apax Partners as a solicitor in 1990. particularly supporting returningquality mentoring available to those for partners represent. She also manages and then started Rubicon Partners, service men and women, Simon is ourwhom it will make the most difference. relationships with Mowgli’s volunteer a specialist Industrial Investment most experienced facilitator of MowgliIn the coming year, his focus is on mentors and entrepreneurs including partnership, in 1993. Mentoring Experiences matchingachieving sustainability of finance, our new online peer forums and mentors and entrepreneurs.operations and programme delivery planning networking eventsby building on the positive momentumof both the Arab Spring and the UK’sNational Mentoring Initiative.
  4. 4. Case studies What our What our Case Study: Lubna Latif entrepreneurs say... mentors say... Mowgli UK “You will have somebody to talk to “For me it was great to work with about your business, share thoughts a young person with passion for Lubna Latif runs atOne Holistic myself. Every time we connect he and ideas and take advice that helps his idea, but with limited business Therapy, providing on-site massage boosts me – just by reassuring me you to overcome your challenges and experience. After we managed to services, health and wellbeing that what I’m doing is on track.” weaknesses.” get a structure around the idea, days and massage products to A major accomplishment, which he realised it is not always as easy “In today’s highly competitive business clients across the North Lubna feels she would not have business life the concept of a mentor, to sell and manage your cash flow Case Study: Ramzi Qaqish West. Before she was matched with achieved without Mustapha’s at the same time. For me it was also her mentor, Lubna said that she support, was to take on an and the help of a mentor, is very nice to be forced to rethink some of Mowgli Jordan useful for success.” and her business were “stuck in employee – a big step for any small the things you take for granted during a rut”. She was putting long hours business. Now Lubna is thinking “Mentoring helped me on a higher start-ups, why is it like that, and put Ramzi graduated from the Princess plan well, helping with long term into atOne, travelling to trade shows about further expansion, and plans level - with things I used to take for your own knowledge and skills in Sumaya University for Technology strategy.” Ramzi is passionate about and pushing her personal life to the to talk with Mustapha to get his granted and never thought about perspective.” and the Amman Arab University the impact Phil has had on his life. back burner and she felt exhausted feedback on her ideas. needing advice on before. I was also before launching his business in “I’m really happy with Phil,” he says; “The combination of business, young and was beginning to feel that Her message to any lucky to have a very good mentor, 2009 - TEKLABZ, which develops “He was there for me consistently the passionate people and different her business was seeing little entrepreneurs who are unsure very friendly and who knows his and implements GIS systems for whole year and really increased my cultures are a wonderful testing improvement despite her efforts. about taking the plunge onto a business well. We instantly clicked businesses. He joined a Mowgli confidence in running the business.” ground for new global leaders.” “I had no social life” Lubna Mowgli programme is simply to and became close friends.” programme in March 2010 and Their relationship is so valuable that admits, “and no work/life balance!” embrace the experience – “if you “It’s demanding, rewarding and began working with the support of Ramzi says Phil has become a friend, “I learned to plan ahead and follow The turning point came when a feel there is a little bit of you that is refreshing. I admire the Mowgli values his mentor. With three partners, he not just a business mentor. “I know up on my decisions. I learned to friend sent her a link to the Mowgli apprehensive, just shake off those and believe strongly in the work we’re has now grown the business to the that if I ever go to London I will be listen better to my partner/brother programme. Initially Lubna was fears.” She realizes now that it was trying to do with mentees.” point where all four have been able able to catch up with him!” and debate our ideas instead of a hesitant. “I just felt like I wasn’t really mainly her self-doubt which was to pay their own salaries and start One of the important things for one way communication. I learned to “It is a good opportunity to build your an entrepreneur! I really doubted holding her back. The main reward working full time. Over the course of Ramzi, as with many entrepreneurs, make team members accountable.” coaching and mentoring experience myself.” However, in the end, she for Lubna from her mentoring the last year, TELKLABZ has gone is the voluntary and impartial nature into other cultures. I did recommend decided to “go for it” just to see relationship was the realisation that “I learned not to waste time waiting from strength to strength, and was of Phil’s mentoring. He says, “It’s two others who have participated.” what would happen. most of the things that she worried for help from others, I have to do the recently selected for the Jordan Fast really great to have this relationship The Mowgli matching experience – about would never materialise. work myself!!” Growth 30 list – honouring the 30 with someone who doesn’t expect a weekend of personal development Lubna says “It’s a very liberating fastest growing start-ups in Jordan. anything in return. He was really and relationship building – experience to feel the fear and to Ramzi says that being selected for focused on my development, step encouraged Lubna to feel more do it anyway!” the list was a big achievement for by step. I think it was also a learning confident, and to be completely the team. “We all felt really pleased experience for him, since Jordan as open about her own doubts and about it, since it’s a good motivation a country and our business practices fears and she was matched with for us to keep working and keep was so new for him. This is one of the her mentor. “Mustapha was such a on with our ideas and our vision.” things that makes the programme good listener,”says Lubna, “that I felt TEKLABZ now plans to expand valuable, I think. It’s cultural learning immediately able to open up to him.” to a number of other markets, for for both the mentor and the mentee.” Now, Lubna can’t praise Mustapha example Saudi Arabia. When asked about his plans highly enough. “Working on my own Ramzi is clear that he owes a lot for the future, Ramzi is positive. was very isolating. I felt like I could to his Mowgli mentor. “In the Middle “Of course, like every company in never quite trust my own decision East, mentoring is an unfamiliar Jordan, we’re affected because of making, like I was never sure if I concept, and I was not used to the current political situation. But was going in the right direction. having someone like Phil to talk we still have positive cash flow and Mustapha is not just someone to - who is available just for you we’re really client focused - and to bounce ideas off; he’s given and wants to help you. He initiates we have some ambitious plans me confidence in myself and my ideas and helps me think through for expansion! So we’re all sure own abilities. I am learning to trust things. He also makes sure that I TEKLABZ is going to survive.”
  5. 5. A report from the MowgliFoundation Chair of Trustees,Andrew Fischer.As Chair of the Trustees of the It is important to recognise that the TrusteesMowgli Foundation, it is my pleasure Mowgli Foundation only exists due The Trustees, who are also Directorsto introduce Mowgli’s Annual Report to the generosity and vision of a of the charitable company,and Accounts, and describe the work single philanthropic donor, Tony Bury, who served during the year were:which the team has done in 2010 Founder and Trustee. Without Tony’s Mr A C Buryto move us towards a sustainable, support and seed capital, the Mowgli Mrs S M G Radforddiversified funding model - and ensure Foundation could not have achieved Mr A O Fischerthe stability and impact of current and all it has to date. In the next year afuture programmes in 2011 and beyond. more sustainable funding model The Trustees are also Members of the will be established that will allow the charitable company. The charitableDuring the year, the Board decided Foundation to continue its work. To this company is limited by guarantee andto change the reporting Year End to end, the Board intends that by the end does not have a share capital. In theDecember 31 from May 31 in order to of 2011 there will be partnerships in event that the charity is dissolvedconform with international reporting place with funding bodies who share while a member remains a member,standards. Therefore these accounts the vision of the Foundation and who or within 12 months afterwards, everycover 7 months from June 1 to can provide the resources to allow the member has agreed to contributeDecember 31 2010. team both to scale up and to continue up to £1 towards the costs of their existing work effectively. Our goal dissolution and the liabilities incurredWith my two colleagues on the for the end of 2011 is to see progress by the charitable company while theboard of Trustees, Sandy Radford in broadening our funding mix, so that contributor was a member.and the Mowgli founder Tony Bury, during 2012 each of our operatingI have overseen the expenditure of units is sustainable.Mowgli’s funds since 2009. Funds aredistributed through three channels: The financial statement over thecharitable activities (running mentoring page is an overview only. Full detailsprogrammes and other activities that of our accounts and expenditure aredirectly impact our beneficiaries) and publicly accessible on our website ingenerating funds (primarily from the the Mowgli Statements of AccountsUK head office at present). There or easily obtained by contacting theare also governance and overhead Mowgli head office.costs which are spent by the MowgliFoundation head office. This spending A note on Mowgli’s funding reserveson core staff, governance and policy policy: Mowgli’s mentoring activitiesdevelopment throughout 2010, while include a commitment to supportingit represents a small portion of our each mentoring relationship for one year.expenditure, was of central importance The Trustees consider that free reservesto ensure that in 2011 Mowgli can should be maintained at a levelachieve its goals: of moving to large equivalent to three months of on-scale operation, working with funding going operational costs plus onepartners in two new countries, and year of mentor relationship relatedscaling up our impact on the UK. support costs.Mowgli has identified local advisorsthroughout 2010 in every country wherewe work to ensure local input into our Andrew Fischeroperations and strategy. Chair of Trustees Mowgli Foundation
  6. 6. Statement of financial activities Balance sheet(Incorporating an income and expenditure account) As at 31 December 2010For the period of 7 months from 1 June 2010 to 31 December 2010 Period ended Year ended 31.12.2010 31.05.2010 31.12.2010 31.05.2010 £ £ £ £ Current assets Unrestricted Funds Debtors 38,431 38,164 General Designated Total Total Cash at bank 193,372 71,160 Fund Fund Funds Funds _______ _______ _______ _______ £ £ £ £ 231,803 109,324Incoming resources from generated funds Creditors: amounts falling due within one yearVoluntary income- Donations 387,075 - 387,075 342,418 Other creditors and accruals (23,219) (61,250) _______ _______ _______ _______Activities for generating funds - - - 5,396 NET CURRENT ASSETS 208,584 48,074Other Incoming Resources 11,655 - 11,655 11,557 _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ TOTAL ASSETS LESS CURRENT LIABILITESTotal incoming resources 398,730 - 398,730 359,371 £208,584 £48,074 _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______Resources expended: CAPITAL AND RESERVESCost of generating funds 23,884 - 23,884 23,288 Unrestricted funds £208,584 £48,074Charitable activities _______ _______ _______ _______- Mentoring program 200,684 - 200,684 362,678Governance costs 13,652 - 13,652 24,078 _______ _______ _______ _______Total resources expended 238,220 - 238,220 410,044 _______ _______ _______ _______Net incoming / (outgoing) for the period /year before transfers 160,510 - 160,510 (50,673)Transfers between funds (18,000) 18,000 - - _______ _______ _______ _______Net movement in funds 142,510 18,000 160,510 (50,673) The directors consider that the company is entitled to exemption from the requirement to have an audit under the provisions of s.477 of the Companies Act 2006. Members have not required the company, under s.476 of the Companies Act 2006, toFund balance at 1 June 2010 48,074 - 48,074 98,747 _______ _______ _______ _______ obtain an audit for the period ended 31 December 2010. The directors acknowledge their responsibility for ensuring that the company keeps accounting records to comply with s.386 of the Companies Act 2006, and for preparing accounts whichFund balance at 31 December 2010 £190,584 £18,000 £208,584 £48,074 _______ _______ _______ _______ give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company as at 31 December 2010 and of its surplus for the period then _______ _______ _______ _______ ended in accordance with the requirements of s.396, and which otherwise comply with the Act relating to the accounts so far as applicable to the company. The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the special provisions of Part 15 of the Companies Act 2006 relating to small companies and in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (effective April 2008). Approved by the Board and signed on its behalf by:There were no other recognised gains or losses other than the net incoming / (outgoing) resources above. There were nodiscontinued activities during the period or the previous year.The above statement, down to the item “Net incoming / (outgoing) resources for the period / year” constitutes an income and A Fischerexpenditure account. Trustee / Director
  7. 7. How it worksOur mentoring model provides atrusting, one-to-one relationship to create lasting change; it also On completed 2010 Our Mentors Both mentors and entrepreneurs arebetween a specially trained mentor encourages a mentoring ‘culture’ and the spread of knowledge throughout programmes, over 70% Mentors are senior, highly respected rigorously screened and interviewed. They must display full commitment to the year- Our Impactand the entrepreneur, supportedby Mowgli for one year but often the entrepreneur’s networks and community. Statistics on our impact of relationships were professionals with a proven track record of success in a business field. They long mentoring programme and have a clear understanding of Mowgli mentoring Mowgli launched 10 programmes in Jordan,continuing for longer. opposite make this clear. maintained for more can come from any business sector if principles and goals, before they become Lebanon, Palestine, SyriaThe Mowgli training and mentoring Mowgli mentoring encourages than one year and only they meet our criteria. All mentors are volunteers and come to us through a part of the Mowgli community. and the UK in 2010.programme is aimed at long-term self-learning, confidence, self- 7% did not reach the 6 personal desire to help another person The costs These 10 programmesrelationship building and trust. This isthe most effective way to encourage awareness, and skills development in the entrepreneur. It is not ‘business months mark. and make a difference. Historically, each relationship has supported 58 entrepreneurs in total with individualpersonal learning and development inthe entrepreneur; it is not a short-term, coaching’ or consultancy. Our facilitation and peer support also Our Entrepreneurs required direct costs of approximately £1,500 to facilitate and sustain for one voluntary mentors.low-impact problem solving approach Our training events receive encourage leadership development Entrepreneurs are identified by year. In future, we will be looking for Entrepreneurs come frombut one that sees long-term results for exceptionally positive feedback for which is at the core of our mentoring partner organisations, or sometimes ways to reduce these costs (e.g. by a number of cities andthe entrepreneur and their business. their inspiring approach, which principles and our training. through direct application, and are gifts in kind), and also find sponsors towns within the 5 countries,Mowgli mentors are trained to support encourages openness, real bonding rigorously screened and qualified. or grant-makers who share our vision. including Beirut, Ramallah,and enable the entrepreneur to solve and trust between entrepreneurs and They must be fully committed to Mentors are volunteers, and their Amman, Jericho, Irbid,their own problems and become mentors. Pairs are then matched at their business, which will be post- expenses are either covered by Mowgli, Damascus, Aleppo, Aqaba,more confident in their decision the event and begin a one-to-one start-up, and is usually at growth or by voluntary donations. Additionally, Karak, and in the UK from themaking and leadership capabilities. relationship, supported for one year stage (though we tailor programmes many corporations in the countries Greater Manchester area.In the long term, this is more valuable by Mowgli resources and expert for specific partners such as micro- in which we work choose to putfor business owners and helps facilitators, but often continuing enterprise agencies). Business their senior staff forward as mentors 31 relationships are still independently afterwards. sector or type is not a consideration, as part of their human resources current (5 programmes). but entrepreneurs who will have development programmes, and will an impact on their community by cover programme costs. Since the first Mowgli creating employment or other social programme launched in change are given priority. 2009, at least 108.5 new jobs have been created. 98% of entrepreneurs would recommend the programme to others like themselves; and 73% of graduate entrepreneurs intend to become a mentor to someone else in their community. *Source – Mowgli data (8 completed programmes).
  8. 8. A letter from Tony Bury, Founder Please join usof The Mowgli Foundation2010 was an exciting and inspirational When I see an entrepreneur like “To keep making Companies: Get connected... Thanks:year for the Mowgli Foundation; I am Ramzi Qaqish come through a Mowgli Sponsor a mentoring relationship, Join Mowgli on Linked In, Facebook We would like to thank all thosepleased to say that we have formed mentoring programme with the tools a difference to or a whole programme…. or Twitter (@mowglitweets) or register who have contributed to making thesome very meaningful partnerships and and confidence both to succeed in communities, we for our monthly newsletter through our work of Mowgli possible:working relationships with a number of business and to become a great mentor If you would like to increase website Mowgli hasextraordinary people and organisations to others like him, I am reminded of need partners and leadership development, job a social network for entrepreneurs and Our Mowgli mentors. They are allwho are driven - in the way that only those exactly what can be achieved. individual champions satisfaction and communication mentors to use, which is free to join, volunteers, giving their time free.with an entrepreneurial and enterprising skills in your senior staff, there are and a library of tools and resources Without them, there would be nospirit can be – to overcome the Entrepreneurs are the key to change. and supporters in the opportunities to become involved with for those interested in these topics: programmes.challenges that exist for entrepreneurs. One successful business can make a private sector who a Mowgli programme and support register through our homepage. Our partner organisations,Recent unsettling events across the significant impact on their community’s entrepreneurs in your community. particularly the Young Entrepreneursglobe make this particular report, and my development; providing employment share our vision and Please contact Karl Belizaire in the UK Make a donation... Association in Jordan, Berytech inpersonal request for support, even more and creating wealth. The person at the our worldview, but or Lynn Brucker in MENA. Visit our website and click on the Lebanon and the Syrian Enterprisetimely and important. Unemployment helm of that business is even more ‘Donate’ button or contact Ian McKay and Business Centre.and small business failure in the UK and important, because they can both more importantly we UK: Karl Belizaire, Mowgli UK – CEO, if you would like to discuss Our volunteer representatives,MENA region is a significant challenge provide a role model and inspiration to need funds. I urge Development Director: karl.belizaire@ contributing to the Mowgli fund. particularly Khaldoun El Tell in Syriathat we can no longer ignore. their community, and go on to mentor Organisations who have provided others; creating a positive circle of you to join Mowgli on MENA: Lynn Brucker, Mowgli MENA free or subsidised services. We areI have a word to say here on the topic achievement and progress. Leadership our mission to provide Development Director; lynn.brucker@ Collaborate with us... especially grateful to Consolidatedof social entrepreneurship. Social and inspiration is critically lacking in Mowgli could not carry out our Contractors International Company forenterprise is a concept which has many of the communities in which mentors who support, mission without the support of like- providing logistical support in Jordan.gained momentum both in the UK our entrepreneurs work, as are jobs inspire and empower Entrepreneurs: minded partner organisations. If yourand elsewhere – business people for and opportunities. With the support of If you are an entrepreneur who would organisation works with entrepreneurswhich social goals, not just profit, are the individuals who generously offer entrepreneurs like the support of a mentor please visit or shares our vision of increasingwhat drive them to succeed. It is these their time and knowledge to others as who can make a our website and click on ‘Get involved.’ leadership skills within communitiesentrepreneurs, who I believe are the key mentors – and with the passion and drive in the Middle East and Northern Africato harnessing the power of businesses of entrepreneurs who just need these difference.” Mentors: region and the UK, please get in really make a difference in society – mentors to reach their full potential – If you would like to apply to become UK: Karl Belizaire, Mowgli UKboth in the UK and in the Middle East. there is no limit to what we can achieve. a mentor, please visit our website and Development Director: karl.belizaire@The Mowgli team has committed to riding click on ‘Get Involved.’ wave and creating within our events MENA: Lynn Brucker, Mowgli MENAand programmes a productive network Tony Bury Volunteer your time... Development Director; lynn.brucker@of sharing, between those with valuable Founder and Trustee Mowgli have a variety of volunteer across the wider private sector opportunities; please contact Karland these operating in this newer field Belizaire at social enterprise. Traditional privatebusiness still has an invaluable part toplay in creating jobs and social change,and holds a wide breadth of expertisewithin its ranks. It is vital we all grab theopportunity to learn from each otherand collaborate to create a culture ofmentoring and learning which will benefitall entrepreneurs.
  9. 9. The Mowgli Foundation (UK Headquarters)The 3rd Floor, Bush House, 72 Prince Street, Bristol BS1 4QD, UKTelephone: +44 (0)1179 292 540 Email: OfficeC/O Young Entrepreneurs Association Square Anshassi Building,2nd Floor 28 State Al Hussari Street, Shmeisani P.O. Box 1652, Amman 11821, JordanLynn Brucker, MENA Regional Director of DevelopmentMobile: +962 79 553 6266Email: Bank of Scotland, 119/121 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6RAAccountants and Independent ExaminersLeonard Jones & Co. 1 Printing House Yard, London E2 7PRSolicitorsLee Bolton Monier-Williams, 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster SW1P 3JTCompany SecretaryMr H J Dellar (solicitor)Lee Bolton Monier-Williams, 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster SW1P 3JTPublished by Bud UK LtdPublic Relations and Marketing. 01225 317175Registered address: 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT.A Company Limited by Guarantee No. 06587752 (Charity Reg. No. 1127087)