AIESEC MoC MCP 1415 candidate booklet


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AIESEC MoC MCP 1415 candidate booklet

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AIESEC MoC MCP 1415 candidate booklet

  1. 1. AIESEC Mainland of China MCP 1415 Candidate Booklet
  2. 2. CONTENT Words from MCP Selection Process Application Package Key Information Application Questionnaire
  3. 3. Words from MCP Dear candidates, Many congratulations for taking this courageous step to open this application package and decided to run for the President of AIESEC in Mainland of China 2014-2015. Being the 13th MCP of this amazing entity will be an extremely stressful experience, but it also will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Every words in your speech and ideas on your application will not only affect your future one year in AIESEC, but also thousands of hopeful youth and generations of future leaders. I trust you will put nothing less than 100% into this application process. Additionally, please free feel to use any designs or graphics to reflect your personality in your application. Lastly, like it did to me, the application process is designed to challenge your point of view, as well as to prepare you to be a better leader in AIESEC. As one of my favourite quote says, “clarity of mind means clarity of passion”, I sincerely wish you the very best of luck and hope you can gain further clarity of your passion to AIESEC. Yours sincerely, Lisa Gao MCP 1415 Candidate Booklet AIESEC in Mainland of China President AIESEC in Mainland of China 2013-2014
  4. 4. Election Process Application Deadline 23:59, 6th of Jan 2014 (GMT +8) Candidates-LCP Online Talk 7th-10th of Jan 2014 Application Screening 7th of Jan 2014 Executive Summary 19th-20th of Jan 2014, HZ NatCo Candidates Announcement 7th of Jan 2014 MCP Election & Announcement 22nd of Jan 2014, HZ NatCo MCP Candidate 1415 AIESEC in Mainland of China
  5. 5. Application Package 1) Executive summary: One page summary of your entire application. 2) Biography: Create your own biography and share it with us. You have just one limitation, one page! For examples on how a bio can be structured, please check out the following link. David Polly, CEO of The Momentum Project ( 6) 7 Endorsement Letters: • 3 Endorsement Letters from within AIESEC in Mainland of China (LCPs only); • 2 Endorsement Letters from another AIESEC entity (MCP) • 2 Endorsement Letters from externals or alumni who left AIESEC before Jan 2013 • (7 Endorsement Letters in Total) 3) Curriculum Vitae: Please provide all the important and relevant information we need to know about you (inc. a recent photo), your AIESEC career (inc. LC, MC info), or any other experiences as well as your contact details (inc. address, mobile, email, personal email, Skype) etc. You can use a maximum of 1 page to create your CV. 7) Blank Paper Challenge: You have 1 page and all your creativity to propose what is the biggest question that lies in front of AIESEC in Mainland of China today and give an answer to it. You have the license to change the system, to challenge any paradigms and unleash the potential of the organisation. 4) Application Questionnaire: These answers should not take more than 15 pages. Minimum font size = Helvetica/Georgia size 10. 8) 7 mins CREATIVE Introduction Video with your personal introduction and strategy executive summary presentation. (Please upload to Youtube or Youku and provide the link) 5) Belbin Test & MBTI Result. MCP 1415 Candidate Booklet AIESEC in Mainland of China
  6. 6. Key Information Each Candidate must submit the application package named as 1415_MoC_MCP_Application_Name The Application Package needs to be updated on and sent the link to ; The DEADLINE for submitting your application link is 23:59, 6th of January 2014 (GMT +8) You can create your own design (graphic style and colour usage). Make sure you create a separate file for all requirements needed. We will be expecting 14 PDF files and 1 video link (Executive summary, Biography, CV, 7 endorsement letters, Belbin test, MBTI, Answers to the application questionnaire, Blank Page Challenge). If you have any questions concerning the applications or the application process please contact Lisa Jingya Gao (MCP 1314) or Mowen Lee (Election manager) by sending your e-mail to or Additional Notes for the Application MCP 1415 Candidate Booklet AIESEC in Mainland of China
  7. 7. MCP 1415 Candidate Application Questionnaire
  8. 8. General Questions I You as Individual 1.Motivation What is driving you to continue in AIESEC? 3.Self-awareness and contribution Why have you decided to stand for AIESEC in Mainland What are your key strengths and weaknesses? of China MCP 2014-15? How will they affect the role you are applying for? What do you want to take out of this experience? What are your unique contributions to generation 1415? 2.About yourself a. Please describe your relevant past experiences/ positions held inside of AIESEC. b. Rank the three fields (e.g. areas, functions, expertise) in which you have the most experience and describe your experience in each. c. What are your key values in life and why? 4.Team role and expectation a. What is your expectation towards MC as a team? b. Based on your past experience, what is your role and contribution in a team? Please explain it with specific past experience c. What are possible challenges you foresee in your future MC team? Please share you plan and solution to overcome challenges. MCP 1415 Candidate Booklet AIESEC in Mainland of China
  9. 9. General Questions II Organisation Overview 1.Understanding of AIESEC and AIESEC in Mainland of China a. Do you believe we can achieve AIESEC 2015? What does it mean to AIESEC in Mainland of China? b. Why AIESEC in Mainland of China need a 10 years’ vision? What is external and internal relevance of “AIESEC MoC 2023”? c. What exactly is the high quality experience we provide? What makes it unique? 2.MC Role 3.Insights of organisation trend Please carry out a SWOT analysis of AIESEC and briefly explain how you will capitalise on the opportunities in the following two aspects? • External environment in China and in the world • AIESEC global network 4.Organisational development How will you evaluate the development path of AIESEC What is the current role of MC? What do you think globally and in Mainland of China for past 5 years? should be the ideal role of MC? How do we bridge the What are the key reasons for success and failure? gap (Please include operational structure and management capacity improvement perspective)? MCP 1415 Candidate Booklet AIESEC in Mainland of China
  10. 10. Specific Questions 1.MCP Role What are the three most important responsibilities of the MCP role and why you think you are the best candidate to fulfil those responsibilities? 2.Insights of the organisation 1) Customer Experience What are the key challenges for AIESEC MoC to manage customer's experiences? List your 3 top strategies to improve the experience quality in all programs (Please base your answer on facts from NPS.) 2) Program Insight What will be the changes that will leverage the volume of AIESEC MoC ELD realisations during the 2014-15 term? How are those connected with the external environment? Please consider how to capitalise growth in our products and relevance to society. 3) Entity development • Please briefly describe and evaluate the current EDM. And how can you implement as well as improve it next year? • Please share your perception in terms of expanding AIESEC MoC network. How will you evolve the AIESEC’s organisational structure? 4) Governance and legality With rapid development of AIESEC MoC, how should AIESEC’s governance and legality evolve to sustain the organisation? MCP 1415 Candidate Booklet AIESEC in Mainland of China 5) Financial sustainability What will be your principle in managing financial resources of AIESEC MoC? Analysis current program profit margin, and give suggestions on pricing model of the program you see challenges. 6) IT infrastructure & “Big AIESEC online” • Compare the current MoC IT infrastructure (Salesforce, with the global one (OP, ORS, GIS - in the future, CustomerGauge) • List the challenges and the potential solutions for future alignment. • List the proposal of how to cooperate globally to make the investment and system development efficient and sustainable. 7) Engagement with AIESEC Please evaluate current marketing strategy of AI, and review MoC’s. What is your customise strategy for MoC in 2014-15? 3.Strategic focus of 2014-2015 1) How will you position MC term 2014-15 in the development path of AIESEC MoC? What do you envision the successes of 2014-15? 2) Which program you will focus on, why? 3) What are your top 3 key strategic projects to achieve your 2014-15 vision? How to utilise the function synergy (front office-back office plan) to make it happen? 4) What is the best MC structure to support your strategy?
  11. 11. It’s Now or Never Challenge Accepted !