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Movylo shop marketing
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Movylo shop marketing


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How to create a succesful mobile commerce strategy, how to make money with mobile

How to create a succesful mobile commerce strategy, how to make money with mobile

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  • 1. Get more revenues fromyour customers, via mobile Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 2. Why selling via mobile?Every one has a mobile phone …People are already buying via mobile … Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 3. Why selling via mobile?Increase revenues from existing customersYou have your customers, they trust your brand and shop online your products. You’ve done the hardestpart! Now imagine to have your store in their hands 24/7 …Work on promotions and appealing dealsImagine to engage them with deals and limited promotions via mobile and have your products a fewclicks away from their impulse purchase …Limit unsold inventoryWhy not converting your inventory in new discounted and appealing deals?Acquire new customersMobile traffic will be broader than web: just think how many of your customers have a mobile phone, butmaybe they’re not so skilled via PC … Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 4. Turn your products into mobile deals The Koln Concert Regular Price: $ 9.99 Pieces in stock: 127 Discount: 5% Current price: $ 9.49 1 click to buy or gift!Your product Your promo Your deal Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 5. How can I start selling mobile? PromoteUpload your deals Set Look & Feel Set billing Live!!! your deals AnalyzeSingle upload Customize: Bill your customers:Bulk upload Logo PaypalAPI integration Appearance (mobile express check out) Colors Credit cards Themes Call center / Phone Real time promotions sales Deal of the day In store couponing Last minute deal Top selling Last arrivals … … and measure results and sales! Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 6. How can I market my deals via mobile? Natural search + Google! (mobile redirect) / Promotions via e-mail 30% of mobile users read mail via mobile Promotions via SMS Highest conversion rates on ALL mobile are SMS QR codes Print the code on leaflets, magazines, fliers… Twitter & FacebookYour deal Share your deal with friends! Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 7. Do’s for your mobile strategyStart slow, grow strong, learn by doing. upload some products, customize your mobile store and communicate it to a restricted set of customers and get their feedback. Then grow the business and analyze resultsPresent deals “mobile minded” if I can choose to buy it now via mobile or later via PC, I choose PC, more comfortable. If it’s a limited promotion, if I don’t take it now, I can miss it forever (last 10 pieces, only for the next 2 hours, click here to buy). Always present a dedicated discount/advantage to buy it via mobile.Focus on top selling products the customer has to find a convenient deal via mobile, if he needs information or to think about it…he’ll probably abandon the mobile cartCluster your audience and work on promotions An SMS campaign can be very powerful with high conversion rates, but needs to be well targeted: work on clustering campaigns and target the correct deal for the correct customer (… at the correct moment)Use natural URL & search Direct the mobile traffic to your natural URL (Preferences>Domain). By doing this all people watching your URL via mobile or finding you via Google will see your mobile optimized store. Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 8. Dont’s for your mobile strategyDon’t upload all your inventory! Mobile is NOT for heavy browsing, mobile customers need straight forward processes to an easy shopping experience: do not upload 100.000 SKUs Or browsing will be impossible!Don’t use the “wait & see” approach Creating your mobile store for presenting your deals via mobile is the first step, but not enough: work on how to engage your customers working on promotions and limited dealsDon’t intend mobile like “another channel” If the deals you present via mobile are the same your customers find via web, you’re not going to sell, PC is more comfotable. Focus on the mobile experience: impulse, limited, always in the hand, ..Don’t hide your mobile store Use the natural URL and redirect the mobile traffic to the mobile store: By doing this you will get ALL the mobile traffic optimized for mobile and not reaching your web store in a small screen. Customers arriving from Google search will see the mobile store too! The natural URL converts much more than or Boost your sales via mobile with
  • 9. Follow us on Boost your sales via mobile with