Quizlings – january 2013 part 1


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Quizlings – january 2013 part 1

  1. 1. Quizlings – January 2013 Part 1https://www.facebook.com/groups/Quizlings/
  2. 2. • The word is from Latin where it means ‘society’ which explains why it has several meanings other than just being a kind of synonym for ‘University.’ One of its alternative uses (as a body of persons) gets highlighted every four years during the election of the US President. Which word?
  3. 3. • Answer : College
  4. 4. • In 1963, Svetlana met and fell in love with Brijesh Singh. Though she referred to him as her husband, it is unlikely that they actually married. When Brijesh Singh died in 1966, Svetlana who was permitted to take his ashes back to India, adopted Indian mysticism and decided to request asylum at the US embassy in New Delhi. The incident was a cause celebre and Svetlana continued to be in the news for two more decades. Who was Svetlana?
  5. 5. • Answer : Stalin’s daughter
  6. 6. • Which entity sees itself as a symbol of a peoples culture and nationalism and therefore has the motto "More than a club"?
  7. 7. • Answer : Barcelona FC
  8. 8. • Which championship is named in honour of the tennis player and coach who led his country to 15 Davis Cup titles between 1938 and 1969?
  9. 9. • Answer : Hopman Cup
  10. 10. • These single-celled primitive versions of true bacteria have no cell nucleus or any other membrane-bound organelles within their cells. They seem to thrive in extreme environments, notably near undersea thermal hot spots that eject sulfurous compounds on which many of them feed. One researcher found a couple of species in a mans belly-button. Previously classified as Bacteria, they are now classified as a separate domain. Name?
  11. 11. • Answer : The Archaea
  12. 12. • 2012 quote - who said to his handlers, "Leave me alone, I know what Im doing."
  13. 13. • Answer : Kimi Raikonen
  14. 14. • Which civilization had a holy book called the Popol Vuh which translates to the book of the written leaves in the Kiche languages?
  15. 15. • Answer : The Mayans
  16. 16. • This is the cover of Mark Haddons Whitbread Prize-winning murder mystery, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. What is the inspiration for the title?
  17. 17. • answer : From the Sherlock Holmes short story “Silver Blaze” by Arthur Conan Doyle. ["Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?" "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time." "The dog did nothing in the night-time." "That was the curious incident," remarked Sherlock Holmes
  18. 18. • Who did the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion often call as “the only man in the cabinet”?
  19. 19. • Answer : Golda Mier
  20. 20. • Which modern sport was originally played between young tribal Indian braves in what is now Canada and dates back to the early 12th century?
  21. 21. • Answer : Lacrosse
  22. 22. • In 1984, Disney Pictures fired this film director for wasting company resources as his short film was "too scary" for children. Eighteen years later, the same director made a feature length, 3D stop-motion version of the same story for Disney with the same name. Name movie and the Director
  23. 23. • answer : Frankenweenie, Tim Burton
  24. 24. • Which astrophycist (with a PhD) and rock- legend is currently the chancellor the Liverpool John Moores University(it has some 24000 students) in the UK?
  25. 25. • Answer : Brian May (of Queen)
  26. 26. • In an informal Golf game, you may be allowed to redo your botched up shot. What is such a redone shot called in Golf?
  27. 27. • Answer : Mulligan
  28. 28. • US sports tycoon Malcolm Glazer announced in 2005 that he had raised his stake in an entity called “the world’s biggest sporting franchise,” to over 98%. The move made the LSE listed entity a privately owned one. Which entity?
  29. 29. • Answer : Manchester United
  30. 30. • Which charismatic Nobel prize winner who turned eighty-one last year likes to be called simply as ‘Arch?’
  31. 31. • Answer : Archbishop (Emeritus) Desmond Tutu
  32. 32. • Which Hollywood legend (whose peak was in the 1930s and 40s though she continued acting till the 1970s) claimed she was born in Tasmania, although her birth certificate showed that she was an Anglo-India was born in Mumbai?
  33. 33. • Answer : Merle Oberon
  34. 34. • Which Egyptian ruler of the 14th century BC attempted by royal edict to abandon Egypts polytheism, replace the existing priesthood and convert the Kingdom into the worship of a single Sun God Aten? (a move that was reversed after his death)
  35. 35. • Answer : Akhenaten
  36. 36. • Rwenzori Mountains on the border of Uganda and the DRC are permanently snow-capped and are home to the largest glacier in Africa, despite being only a few miles north of the equator. What are these Mountains also called as?
  37. 37. • Answer : Mountains of the Moon
  38. 38. • According to popular belief, after being stabbed some 23 times, Julius Caesar fell dead at the foot of the statue of which rival?
  39. 39. • Answer : Pompey
  40. 40. • Which country was once a colony called British East Africa?
  41. 41. • Answer : Kenya
  42. 42. • During the Mark Chapman trial for the killing of John Lennon, conspiracy theorists claimed that Mark was a X, an assassin who has been brainwashed and programmed to kill on a post-hypnotic command. X is the name of a 1959 novel that has been made twice into film, once in the 1960s and again (less successfully) in 2004. what is X?
  43. 43. • Answer : The Manchurian Candidate
  44. 44. • Which astronomer proved the existence of separate galaxies and discovered that the Universe is expanding (this in turn led to the Big Bang theory)?
  45. 45. • Answer : Edwin Hubble
  46. 46. • Chris Brasher, winner of 3000m steeplechase gold at the 1956 Olympics and one-time 5000m world record holder along with Chris Chataway were the pacers when Roger Bannister first broke the 4 minute mile barrier. Chris Basher has another important contribution to sport. which one?
  47. 47. • Answer : The London Marathon
  48. 48. • In Chess, what is a checkmate in two moves called?
  49. 49. • Answer : A Fool’s mate
  50. 50. • Which cricketer was nicknamed Big C, and Hubert?
  51. 51. • Answer : Clive LLoyd
  52. 52. • What did Galileo first call Sidera Medicea or the Medicean Stars, after the influential Medici family?
  53. 53. • answer : Moons of Jupiter (which he discovered using a telescope that he reverse- engineered and fashioned himself)
  54. 54. • What did three partners Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker start at Pike Place Market in Seattle in 1971?
  55. 55. • Answer : Starbucks
  56. 56. • Which Indian gharana, named for a region in Rajasthan and considered an offshoot of the Gwalior gharana gained prominence after Pt. Jasrajs popularity in the post-independence period?
  57. 57. • Answer : Mewati
  58. 58. • What miraculous event happened in end- September 2012 in Medinah?
  59. 59. • Answer : Europe beat USA in the Ryder Cup
  60. 60. • What interesting competence or ability connects two characters in the Mahabharata – Bhima and Nala?
  61. 61. • Answer : Both were expert cooks
  62. 62. • She was the inspiration for a hit 1940s musical and she also lends her name to complimentary tickets in general. Name the 1940s musical and explain why complimentary tickets are named for her.
  63. 63. • Answer : Annie Oakley after whom the musical Annie get your gun is named
  64. 64. • A person from where interrupted Samuel Taylor Coleridges opium induced train of thought, causing him to leave the poem "Kubla Khan" unfinished?
  65. 65. • Ans: Porlock
  66. 66. • It is a synonym for a pirate or a buccaneer, though it is seldom used in that sense anymore. Today it is mainly used as a verb meaning a long-winded and rambling speech primarily intended to delay or scuttle the passing of a bill in Parliament. Which word?
  67. 67. • Answer : Filibuster
  68. 68. • Rasid is a small port some 65 km east of Alexandria in the country of Egypt. Under what name do we better known this small place?
  69. 69. • Answer : Rosetta
  70. 70. • Which internet company is jointly owned by Specific Media Group and singer Justin Timberlake?
  71. 71. • Myspace