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Kwri 2010-may-june

  1. 1. A PUBLIC ATION OF KE L L E R WI L L I AM S R E ALT Y, I N C . M AY /J U N E 201 0 , VO L. 7 NO. 3 IT’S A SIGN OF THE TIMES Worldwide Top Producer and Houston’s No.1 Team Comes Home to KW! Gary Keller on leadership - PG. 14 New stakes for KW in the REO realm - PG. 17 BOLD and BOLDER: MAPS launches course for leadership - PG. 18 MEGA Camp is right around the corner! - PG. 27
  2. 2. 2 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  3. 3. DEAR ASSOCIATES, We set big goals in this company. And we’re driven by the confidence that we have what it takes to achieve those goals. So it’s not often that our expectations are totally exceeded. But that’s what happened when we saw before, now is the time to commit to and closed transactions joined forces our numbers for March. growth by implementing all recruiting with us. [See cover story on Page 6]. sources to gain our “unfair share” of And it has been awesome for all of • We added eight new market centers to the market. ALCs: sharpen your focus us to witness what happens when the end March with 677 offices. on growth! Passionately brainstorm Keller Williams opportunity emerges • We grew by more than 1,200 action plans for accountability and big-time in another market where our associates to end March with 77,261 growth! company’s impact had not yet been felt. associates. Remember the “15 in 5 Challenge” – [See “Conversion breathes new life into three cappers every year for five years. careers,” Page 9]. As I write this, based on the reported This is your time to take advantage of Our momentum has never been year-end 2009 numbers for Century the life-changing impact that passive greater, and there’s never been a better 21 and RE/MAX, we are only 865 time for you to reach out and extend associates away from surpassing Century the Keller Williams opportunity to your 21 to become the second-largest real sphere of influence. Ultimately, it all estate company in the United States, comes down to you. You are the reason and we’re only 620 associates away from why agents are changing to Keller inching out RE/MAX for the No. 3 Williams Realty: your success, your spot for all of North America. By the integrity, your energy. So thank you. time this issue of OutFront is printed What drives us is a passion to see you and mailed to your market center, the achieve your biggest goals and to lead a countdown will have begun. great life. This announcement thrills us because So as the real estate industry buzz we’re all in this together, and it’s just about Keller Williams Realty takes on an further proof that you are the best even greater pitch, our dream is that you in the business. Profit share grows income through profit share can have on are putting it to work for you! as Keller Williams Realty grows, and your bottom line. that was certainly true in March when The following pages present Yours in seizing opportunity! profit share shot up $2.3 million over just a snapshot of our growth and the previous month. To top that off, momentum. Last month, Joe Rothchild, profit share for March of 2010 was $1.8 a top-ranked RE/MAX franchisee and million higher than March of 2009! the leader of Houston’s No. 1 selling Mark Willis This is our time! More than ever real estate team in both dollar volume CEO, Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 3
  4. 4. table of contents vol. 7, no. 3 - May/June 2010 As your summer travel plans take shape, make sure that investing in YOU and learning how to UNLEASH YOUR POWER doesn’t take a 05 ONLINE ADVANTAGE 06 HEAD-TURNING TRANSITION back seat to the sand More visitors mean more Why did the leader of and sun! leads. Check out the new Houston’s top-selling team Mega Camp 2010 is an! make the switch to Keller industrywide destination Williams Realty? that promises to be more power packed than ever before. > MEGA LEADERSHIP Sept. 13-14 08 "EVERYBODY WINS!" 10 SECRET SAUCE > MEGA Keller Williams Realty Marnie Bennett's market TECHNOLOGY Sept. 14 breaks new ground in saturation strategy has northern Ohio. catapulted her to the > MEGA AGENT Sept. 15-16 top in Ottawa. Learn more and register NOW! http://events. 22 AGENT-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS 24 NETWORKING KNOW-HOW Short-sale Social media mavens aficionado kicks off share strategies on Agent to Agent Market. optimizing every outlet. May/June 2010 vol. 7 no. 3 Marketing and Communications Director: Ellen Marks OutFront is published by Keller Williams Realty, Inc. OutFront is a publication of Editor: Lisa Wahlgren ( The entire document of OutFront is copyright© 2010 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Laura Price by Keller Williams Realty, Inc. No portion may be reproduced in whole or in part by any means, including Copy Editor: Jeff Ryder electronic retrieval systems, without the express written 807 Las Cimas Parkway, Suite 200 Design: Travis Drake permission of the publisher. Editorial or advertising does Austin, Texas 78746 Contributors: Celesta Brown | Jill Dwyer | Jennifer LeClaire | not constitute advice but is considered informative. (512) 327-3070 phone Elizabeth Millard (512) 328-1433 fax Advertising: Tom Freireich ( Copyright© 2010 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Job Inquiries: ( All rights reserved. 4 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  5. 5. Technology D O YO U R C L I E N T S K N OW. . . THE NEW KW.COM HAS GONE MOBILE!* Search results atures include key fe ty, of the proper s multiple photo and the listing ct agent's conta information! F R O M T H E K W M O B I L E H O M E PA G E , YO U R C L I E N T S C A N : • Locate upcoming KW open houses. • Search for KW proper ties based on city or ZIP code, price range, open house or MLS number. • Find home values for a specified address. • Switch to the standard view of To learn more about kw mobile, go to *This mobile version is designed and optimized for iPhone and Droid devices, but will work on other devices as well. Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 5
  6. 6. Cover Story IT'S A SIGN OF THE TIMES WORLDWIDE TOP PRODUCER AND HOUSTON’S NO.1 TEAM COMES HOME TO KW! By Lisa Wahlgren As Joe Rothchild sees it, both his business and the time, Rothchild said, his perception of Keller Williams entire real estate industry have evolved over the past Realty was that of a “little company that kept showing decade, and particularly throughout the recent market up here and there.” shift. This evolution gave rise to Rothchild's realization That’s all changed. that the Keller Williams business model is clearly the “I don’t believe it’s a question of if Keller Williams most advantageous – for agents and market center Realty becomes No. 1 in the Houston market, I believe owners alike. it’s a question of when. And I want to be a critical part After 20 years as a RE/MAX franchisee, Rothchild of that.” kw stepped in as operating principal of the Keller Williams Signature office in Katy, Texas, with Tamara Mannen serving as the team leader. As they did so, heads turned. For the past 15 years, Rothchild has raked in untold accolades as one of the top 10 teams in RE/MAX and was No. 1 worldwide for three years in a row. In 2009, his team was ranked by the Houston Business Journal as No. 1 in dollar volume and closed transactions. Rothchild explains how he decided to join forces with Keller Williams Realty. “I wasn’t just looking at what was best for Joe Rothchild, I was looking at what was best for our agents. Every time I tried to reinvent the model, to create something that would serve us both, I came back to the Keller Williams model – one in which no one makes money unless everyone makes money. I saw no need to reinvent the wheel, so I called Gary Keller.” It was a connection that had been forged many years ago when Rothchild was interviewed by Keller for The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. At the Photos By: Richard Carson 6 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  7. 7. Cover Story Photo By: Shannon Reiswig Dale Ross WHEN THERE’S NO qUESTION THAT KELLER WILLIAMS TIME HAS COME! Dale Ross was one of the first 50 RE/MAX agents in Houston. Signing on back in 1985, he says that model worked for him for many years. Earlier this year, however, Keller Williams Realty entered his radar as Joe Rothchild conveyed that he was considering joining forces, and Joe Rothchild asked for his input. The more Ross learned about Keller Williams Realty, the more he liked. “I factored in the Keller Williams systems, GOING THE training and support. I’ve read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and SHIFT. Those are great books for D I S TA N C E any agent at any point in their career.” Within a week of joining Keller Ross concluded that “Keller Williams offers an Williams Realty, Joe Rothchild all-around better system for agents, plus the prospect of earning residual income.” spor ted a Keller Williams jersey From a cultural standpoint, Keller Williams Realty also and joined 13,000 cyclists on April stands out, Ross observes. “When the market went 17-18 in the 26th annual BP MS south back in 2008, things got pretty quiet around here.” 150. The 170-mile bicycle ride But it’s been very different with Keller Williams Realty, he observes. “I see a cohesiveness among the agents. from Houston to Austin raised a The staff has injected a liveliness that’s really brought us record $18 million – $4,000 of together as an office.” which was raised by Rothchild Ending 2009 with $19 million in production, he says – in suppor t of the National he’s recently added two assistants and two buyer’s agents Multiple Sclerosis Society. to his team and plans to take advantage of all the training that’s available. Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 7
  8. 8. David Chervenic “I feel that this is my business. I am working toward my success, not the company’s.” -Patti Kurtz, Stow, Ohio 8 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  9. 9. New Opportunities B E T T E R T O G E T H E R CONVERSION BREATHES NEW LIFE INTO CAREERS By Celesta Brown There’s a buzz in northeast Ohio as Chervenic Realty, us collectively and individually stronger,” he notes, adding a legendary and longstanding independent real estate that all 127 agents are wholeheartedly embracing the company, has converted to Keller Williams Realty. change. “They are finding that the change of identity has A leader in the market since 1973, David Chervenic served to enhance their business and productivity.” – whose mother founded Chervenic Realty, based in Noting the success of the new company in town, other Stow, Ohio – had made a name for his company and agents have started jumping on board. Patti Kurtz, a attracted a loyal following of agents and clients. But the successful agent in a neighboring market, was intrigued lagging economy had made it harder and harder to sustain when Chervenic approached her and explained that he his company’s traditional 50/50 split structure. Further joined Keller Williams Realty because he saw it as the best weighing down his business was the merger of his closest way to grow his family business. Since she and her husband, competitor in the market with another large firm. “It Jim, ran their real estate company as a family business, became clear that we could not continue the way we were they agreed to meet and were immediately struck by his going,” Chervenic says. enthusiasm for the new venture. Timing is everything. Ten years ago, Chervenic’s sister, She quickly realized what Chervenic had – that the Keller an agent in Florida, took notice of Keller Williams Realty Williams model was a puzzle-perfect fit for her family in her market, even though she was not affiliated with the model and entrepreneurial spirit. “This entrepreneurial company. She suggested to her brother that he look into spirit does not exist in the traditional real estate brokerages. Keller Williams Realty and auspiciously planted a slow- You are called independent contractors, but that really isn't growing seed. Nine years later, he took this advice to heart. the case,” Kurtz explains. “So, after careful consideration, “Keller Williams just kept standing out,” he says. Jim and I made the leap to Keller Williams Realty last Throughout the next year, Chervenic met with regional December.” leadership, went to Mega Camp, and traveled to Austin to As a Keller Williams agent, she emphasizes, “I feel that meet with Mark Willis, CEO, Keller Williams Realty. Every this is my business. I am working toward my success, not step along the way he was impressed, and wanted to make the company’s." sure that his agents felt the same way. He discussed it with them, included them in the decision-making process, and "EVERYBODY WINS" on Dec. 18, 2009 Chervenic Realty became Keller Williams Since the conversion, Keller Chervenic Realty. Williams Chervenic Realty has gained 33 new agents and added a KW Commercial division, with FAMILIAR FEEL the addition of Bill Monbeck as Photo By: Stephanie Krell Fundamentally, it all feels very familiar. Chervenic was director. looking for a company that respected his independence Among the new agents, and the independence of his Laurie Schrank Laurie Schrank transferred agents. What he found was that her license from a high-profile Chervenic Realty’s success was competitor, and is already benefiting from the training, not compromised by teaming which she sees as a distinct advantage in the market. with a fast-growing, franchise “People outside the industry don’t always understand how company. Instead, he feels that many hours we put in,” Schrank says. “Building a successful his company’s independence is business requires an enormous amount of time and energy. intact and that his agents are Time is money. Keller Williams understands this so well and receiving the support they need gives me access to the ideas, materials, training and support to take their businesses to the that help me work optimally. My success is their success. next level. “Becoming Keller Everybody wins.” kw Patti Kurtz Williams Chervenic Realty made Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 9
  10. 10. VIEW FROM M A R N I E THE TOP B E N N E T T I S O N L Y L O O K I N G U P By Elizabeth Millard What does it take to become the top-producing team for Keller Williams Realty? Marnie Bennett, associate with the Ottawa market center and Ottawa’s 2009 Businesswoman of the Year, has a pretty good idea. Ranking as No.1 for the first quarter of 2010, with $693,683 in GCI, Bennett’s winning strategy is a combination of experience, creativity and skill. With more than 25 years in the business, she’s worked with a major Canadian real estate company and then as the owner of her own 15-agent firm. Having joined forces with Keller Williams Realty in November 2007, she believes she’s found the best of both worlds. Keller Williams proved attractive for numerous reasons, she notes: "What I love is that it's so agent- centric here. I'm a marketer by trade, so I loved the marketing aspect and how you can be a company within a company. I like people who are on top of their game and a company that can change with the times. I found it here." In terms of her "secret sauce" for success, Bennett’s marketing prowess has proven to be multifaceted. To stay top-of-mind within her market, she harnesses social networking sites, conducts seminars, hosts a local radio show and mentors other agents on wealth- building strategies. TIGHT NETWORK Most notably, she's developed the "Bennett VIP Club," comprised of business partners that offer significant discounts on their products and services. Since Bennett works on large listings such as high-rises – one recent listing was $110 million – the partners give her volume pricing for furniture, appliances, landscaping and other services for these big developments, and then extend "preferred pricing" to her other clients. The partners comprise an array of firms, from furniture stores to interior designers, custom window makers, maid service companies, pool maintenance – even car dealers and vacation brokers. "It's a value- add package, and it really differentiates me from other Photo by Alan Dean agents," she says. "When people list or buy from me, I'll give them a $1,000 shopping spree through these partners, and that's very compelling for many people." Marnie Bennett 10 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  11. 11. She also offers a free staging service with access to up to Success Story $10,000 in furniture and other accessories that she lends, a strategy made possible by keeping warehouses full of staging items. Professional videographers are on her payroll, “Keller Williams systems and models have and she often puts these videos on YouTube so potential been positively changing local markets, clients can access them from anywhere. It's all part of a 25-step marketing plan, she says, and a 79-item checklist for and the transformation is evidenced by what needs to be done with a house to get it ready to sell. the incredible talent and leadership of "I've always had the philosophy that I wouldn't sell agents such as Marnie Bennett and the a house that I wouldn't buy myself, or sell to a family member," she says. "After having been in this business Bennett Real Estate Professionals." for nearly 30 years, that one, simple rule has served me incredibly well." - John Furber, “Marnie has been building toward this level of success regional director, Canada for more than 25 years,” notes Sunny Daljit, team leader of the Ottawa market center. “She has a special understanding with builders. She knows how to design projects and take them all the way through to the end. As a result, she's been building her resale business within that group. She's an extremely dynamic woman, and she does her work with such ease. I think what you're seeing now is the result of years of hard work.” John Furber, Canada’s regional director adds, “Keller Williams systems and models have been positively changing local markets, and the transformation is evidenced by the incredible talent and leadership of agents such as Marnie Bennett and the Bennett Real Estate Professionals. Marnie has proven herself as a great implementer and a true "master of the models!” WHAT'S NEXT? For the future, Bennett is ready to take on the challenge of staying in the top spot. "We're in a seller's market here, and the opportunities just keep expanding," she says. "Since Ottawa is the capital of Canada, about 70 percent of people here are in government-related jobs, making us somewhat insulated from the effects of the economic crisis. In fact, 2009 has been the best ever in terms of sales. So we want to keep going along that track." Bennett also expresses interest in tweaking her customer service plan to be even more effective. "It's important to me to be No. 1 in customer service, so I'm trying to develop a system where we can always give five- star service, no matter what.” kw IE MARN T'S B ENNET IG 5 1. Have a business plan. B 2. Invest in yourself through education and training. Set aside time and money specifically for that purpose. 3. Be willing to adapt and embrace change. 4. Recognize what's working for you, and more importantly, what's not working. 5. Be aware of your weaknesses and work to overcome them. Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 11
  12. 12. KW Commercial C APITAL LEADERShIP FOR KW COMMERCIAL THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS By Jennifer LeClaire D. Scott Smith D. Scott Smith has only one regret about his decision to join industry. That was attractive to me.” KW Commercial: he didn’t do it sooner. Smith points out that money isn’t what drives him – even Smith, 33, signed on with the KW Commercial family in though he’s long since proven himself to be a heavy hitter. He November 2008 and has been making his mark ever since. prefers a family culture to a money culture, but KW Commercial Today, he’s the director of KW Commercial for the Towson offers the best of both worlds: a supportive environment and market center in Baltimore, Md., and serves as president of the most attractive commission model in the industry. the CCIM Maryland/D.C. chapter. He’s also a member of “My motivation is helping people learn,” says Smith, who the Commercial Leadership Council, chair of the National serves as an instructor for the REALTORS® Commercial Recruiting Committee, and is involved in the development of Alliance of NAR, as well as his local real estate board, and has KW Commercial’s educational curriculum. been working closely with the group to build its commercial “KW Commercial was a natural progression for me,” says curriculum. Smith, noting that he launched his career 13 years ago as a Specializing in brokering smaller tier investments in the Mid- residential real estate broker in pursuit of a CCIM designation. Atlantic area, Smith has carved out a lucrative niche based on his He went on to work as a commercial broker at a well-known ability to identify growth potential for the deals that larger firms national firm, but didn’t like the “cold, corporate-climate feel.” tend to shy away from – primarily in the $100,000 to $5 million The turning point in Smith’s career came when a student at one range. of his commercial real estate workshops introduced him to the “Either other brokers don’t want to service this range, or they Keller Williams opportunity. don’t know how,” Smith says. “That’s great for me because I “What I like most about KW Commercial is that it’s like have referrals coming in from everywhere – not just from Keller working in a modern mom and pop shop – but it’s a national Williams but also from other local brokerages that don’t want mom and pop shop,” says Smith. “Helping each other is part of to handle these smaller deals. And I’ll take half-a-million-dollar the culture and that’s unheard of in the commercial real estate listings any day.” 12 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  13. 13. A MODEL TO FOLLOW Since entering the world of commercial real estate five years ago, Anthony Bolling has made his mark on the Washington, D.C., market – and then some. Despite all of his successes, 2009 was a major turning point. That’s when Bolling joined KW Commercial. “In October 2008, I was at a bookstore at the CCIM board meeting when I saw The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, by Gary Keller,” recalls Bolling, now a managing director for KW Commercial in the Upper Marlboro market center. “This book changed my life. It told me to get back to basics: listings, leads and leverage. I showed the book to one of my CCIM vice presidents, Scott Smith, and he was already working with Keller Williams.” That’s all it took to convince Bolling to leave his position as principal broker at Sovereignty Real Estate Services and fully Photo by Steve Ruark embrace the Keller Williams model. That same year, he was recruited for the Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy, an initiative to foster the development of the next generation of leaders in the Anthony Bolling commercial investment real estate industry. Under Bolling’s leadership, the CCIM Photo by Steve Ruark Maryland/Washington, D.C., chapter had grown fivefold, and in 2009, CCIM recognized Bolling as one of 10 rising stars in commercial real estate. He now sits on the CCIM board of directors and serves as the Region 10 vice president. As a member of KW Commercial’s Leadership Council, Bolling now serves as a mentor to both residential and commercial agents. “So often I find that real estate professionals, particularly those who are transitioning to commercial, are unclear about what they need to do to move their business and career forward,” says Bolling, an attorney who himself worked in residential real estate before moving into commercial transactions in 2005. “The Keller Williams model is the future of the industry. I’ve worked in big- boy shops. I’ve worked in residential shops. KW has the right model.” “The profit sharing that KW Commercial offers is an exciting revenue stream,” Bolling says. “I believe in the model. If Mo Anderson says all the CLC members need to get 15 people on their first-line profit sharing tree, that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t make up the rules. I just go with the model. It works.” Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 13
  14. 14. From: Anthony Vulin LEADERSHIP LAB Sent: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 10:47 AM GARY KELLER ON BECOMING AND To: Gary Keller Subject: Leadership Skills BUILDING GREAT LEADERS Hello Gary, I am the Team Leader in Los Feliz (near Downtown Los Angeles) I am intending to develop stronger leadership skills within my ALC. I have a very dynamic ALC this year with many mega agents new to KW. We have begun to study John Maxwell's 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and are on chapters 1-3. We are working through the workbook and one exercise asks us to talk to someone whose leadership lid is unlimited, and ask the following questions: 1. What are the top 3 challenges you've faced as a leader? 2. What are the top three things you can credit to your growth as a leader? 3. What are you currently doing to grow as a leader? 4. What is the best piece of advice you would have for someone who aspires to be an effective leader? 5. What 3 books have made the greatest impact on your leadership? We would appreciate your input so very much. We all respect what you have done for KW and aspire to make you proud and to add to the success of our company! Anthony Vulin From: Gary Keller Sent: Tuesday, April 8, 2010 9:26 AM To: Anthony Vulin Subject: RE: Leadership Skills Hi Anthony. Thanks for your note. My answers: 1. What are the top 3 challenges you've faced as a leader? 1. Vision - Where are we going? 2. Having the right people - Who will get us there? Anthony Vulin Gary Keller 3. Training, supporting, mentoring, leading them - Can they do it? 2. What are the top three things you can credit to your growth as a leader? 1. Vision - I figured out where we were going. 2. People - I found the right people to get us there. 3. Training, supporting, mentoring, leading - They got what they needed to be effective. 4. There is a fourth: I had an awesome mentor I was personally accountable to when I needed it most. I personally paid over $100,000 a year to this individual to personally mentor me, train me, and hold me accountable through one of the toughest business periods of my life and it was transformative. We have the exclusive right to these 3 classes and I believe that mastery of these classes is essential to getting the most out of any business career! 3. What are you currently doing to grow as a leader? The four above! The answers never change! 4. What is the best piece of advice you would have for someone who aspires to be an effective leader? Do the four things in number two and don't add any more!!! Remember, personal productivity is when you do something and self-leadership is what you provide yourself. Business productivity is when you lead others to do something and leadership is what you provide them. So business success is about the four things in number two! 5. What 3 books have made the greatest impact on your leadership? 1. Personal leadership: Million dollar habits by robert ringer 2. Business leadership: 13 fatal errors by steve brown 3. Personal growth: The 80/20 principal and lately - Talent is overrated Hope this helps! Onward... Gary Keller kw 14 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  15. 15. Dear Team, Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if we could all come together for a summit meeting someday and share the huge life lessons that we have learned during the shift? The fact is, though, the market isn’t how easy it would have been, and how Region, and he told me that when he’s going to stop shifting, so we get to easy it will still be, to come up with all asked to share any “aha's” he’s had, keep learning. the reasons why this is not the year to they usually end up feeling for him As we’ve said many times before, the leave your business and spend extra more like “duh's.” Knowing Kirk as I current shift is giving rise to a lot of money on travel. do, I hardly think that’s the case, but winners and reshaping the competitive We also know that you couldn’t the point is that the obvious often landscape. Throughout it all, I’ve been ever imagine missing Mega Camp escapes us. paying close attention to what the and convention. We know how the That’s why we need each other. winners have been doing right, and my most effective leaders and the highest And it’s why we need to always stay list gets longer every week. producers in this company think. They learning based and fight all tendencies One of the most powerful wouldn’t ever think of missing Mega to create a comfort zone or to lean on observations I’ve had lately is the Camp because they know that there’s limiting beliefs. The future belongs to way that the best leaders and top the fearless. producers are always looking If you haven’t already done so, be forward. Maybe it’s human nature The best sure to read Mark Willis’ column on to hunker down when crises loom Page 3 of this issue, and you’ll be and hang on to what you’ve got, leaders and top reminded why you are with a company but time after time, the winners in that has no use for limiting beliefs. You our company have forged ahead. producers are are a critical part of the company that’s Our growth has far outpaced the soon to be the second-largest real estate industry because our team leaders always looking company in the United States and the made certain that the market knew third-largest in North America. And that their doors were wide open. forward. we’re counting on you to keep learning They reached out to the top talent and looking forward. and made sure the message got out so much more to learn and they have that Keller Williams Realty offered the no interest in constructing a comfort Yours in fearlessness! coaching, the training, the models and zone of what they already know. the culture to support great businesses They’re already looking forward to the in any market. inspirational speakers, the business- More than 8,500 of you flocked to building tips, the networking and the Mary Tennant Family Reunion last year, and we have constant exchange of ideas. President and COO no doubt that we’ll exceed 10,000 During Masterminds in April, I had Keller Williams Realty registrations at Mega Camp in Austin, the pleasure of visiting with Kirk Miles, Sept. 13 through Sept. 16. We know the regional director of our Northwest Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 15
  16. 16. The McLaughlin Group, from left: Tina Sullivan, Shawn Sanchez, Kelly Ammerman, Dave McLaughlin, Laurie De Jesus and Dylan McLaughlin R E BUI L DI N G WITh ThE BE ST! What does it take for a 12-year Coldwell Banker veteran Williams, in early April. at the top of his game, with an average sales price of With a production track record ranging from a high $1.19 million, to make the leap to Keller Williams Realty? of $45 million in 2005, to a market-induced drop to $27 For Dave McLaughlin, it was a decision to get out of million in 2009, The McLaughlin Group is on track for a his comfort zone – a message that was powerfully driven record-breaking 2010 – boosted by the Luxury Homes by home to him during Mega Camp 2009. Keller Williams branding edge and his re-energized team. “Mega Camp was not an entirely real estate-related “As of the end of March we have closed $11 million, event,” McLaughlin recalls. “It was more life related.” And with another $5 million in escrow and a listing inventory in search of a new kind of life, McLaughlin and his six- of about $30 million,” McLaughlin says. “Our dynamic person group officially signed on with the Westlake Village group is hungry, energetic and focused.” kw (Calif.) market center, as well as Luxury Homes by Keller The 3rd Annual Luxury Homes Division Retreat is scheduled for Sept. 16-18, in Austin, Texas at the Westin/Domain. Join the division now to participate in this widely acclaimed networking and business-building event! To register or for more information on Luxury Homes by Keller Williams, log on to 16 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  17. 17. Success Story REO POWERHOUSE EYES TOP KW TALENT A N AT I O N W I D E L E A D E R I N B U L K AC q U I S I T I O N A N D S A L E S O F R E O P R O P E RT I E S , DA N N Y R OT h I S TA P P I N G I N TO T h E K E L L E R W I L L I A M S N E T WO R K . When Keller Williams Realty welcomed the former Realty hundreds more. Executives’ Tucson, Ariz., office into the fold earlier this year, the top agents in the market were faced with You had any number of options when your former Realty a big decision. Danny Roth is among those who chose Executives broker made the transition to Keller Williams Realty. to join forces with Keller Williams Realty. In a recent What were the key factors that drove you to choose KW? interview, Roth explained how his decision has vastly expanded his nationwide network, while opening up I have been the No. 1 agent for Realty Executives for new opportunities for Keller Williams associates in a long time and have been licensed for more than the REO realm. 16 years. So when I was faced with the decision of having to move to another company, I had to In addition to being an industrywide leader in REOs, make the right choice not only for me but for all you are on the forefront of technology. How do these two of my clients. I interviewed with many companies areas of expertise drive or rely upon the other? and researched the top ones locally and nationally. I was very impressed by the Keller Williams I have had the opportunity to help model, as well as the fact that there build one of the largest investment are eight times more Keller Williams companies in the nation. This agents than Realty Executive agents company is called Conix and it is worldwide. I proceeded to call a one of the leaders in acquiring handful of Keller Williams agents and selling bulk purchases of throughout the United States, and REO properties. The properties I received great praises from each are directly purchased from agent. Keller Williams is a large banking institutions and then company that has the personal distributed to agents all over touch of a small company. the country to sell. None The organization is constantly of this would be possible providing tools to help each without our company’s agent to capture more business leading-edge technological and acquire better skills to make capabilities, which enable more money. us to complete our due diligence procedures, What are you telling other agents in contact agents, follow your market who seek your input on escrows, clear titles and Keller Williams Realty? view many properties simultaneously. As a result, I've now been with Keller we are able to purchase large packages of residential Williams Realty for a few months, and I have used the and commercial properties in a very short turnaround Keller Williams name to attract top agents across the time. My expertise and knowledge in the REO world has country to sell the properties that Conix purchases. helped to create the programs necessary to stay at the I truly believe that there will only be a handful of forefront in the marketplace and vice versa. companies that will survive this market and Keller Williams will obviously be one of those survivors. I now How are you leveraging your Keller Williams affiliation? tell every agent who asks me about KW that it’s a great company and that they should at least take the time to We have more than 2,000 agents nationwide who have research the advantages that it offers. kw been individually selected to be in our database, and now that I have joined Keller Williams, I am hoping to add Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 17
  18. 18. MAPS Coaching MASTERMINDS PARTICIPANTS GET A TASTE OF BOLD FOR LEADERSHIP By Lisa Wahlgren Cody Gibson During Leadership Masterminds in April, Dianna Kokoszka launched BOLD for Leadership – the next phase of the breakthrough course that is changing lives and careers throughout North America by removing limiting beliefs and empowering agents to design their own lives. having witnessed firsthand what BOLD has done for agents, market center leaders entered the four-hour event with a general sense that they knew what to expect. And almost without exception, they walked away surprised and thoroughly excited about what’s to come. CODY GIBSON, TEAM LEADER, ANChORAGE MARKET CENTER “I loved Taste of BOLD Leadership. I expected to hear about how we could help everyone else. Instead, I learned about how we could work on ourselves to be the best that we could possibly be so that we would become better leaders. It was all about me and my mindset. Even over the course of the four-hour session, I could tell how well the course is put together and how it builds upon itself. I just know that coming on the heels of BOLD for Agents, this is going to be incredible for our leadership. I can’t wait to see it in the field. I’d fly anywhere to take advantage of BOLD for Leadership!” SHERRY LEWIS, OKLAhOMA REGIONAL DIRECTOR “I am extremely excited about BOLD for Leadership, as are all of the other market center leaders from the Oklahoma Region. I see this program taking our thinking as leaders to the highest level that it’s ever been in the 15 years that I’ve been with the company. "We’ve studied leadership a lot in this company. BOLD takes it to a whole new dimension based on how our leadership is influenced by how we think.“ Sherry Lewis BOLD gOaLs fOr giving Back Among the greatest joys of living an abundant life is the opportunity to give back, and from the day the BOLD journey begins, the giving kicks into gear. Noting the success that BOLD coaches throughout North America have had in raising money for KW Cares, through initiatives that include auctioning off everything from front-row seats to coaching calls, Dianna Kokoszka, MAPS president, decided that it was time to set a target. Not surprisingly, the $30,000 stretch goal is well within reach – with $22,852 having been raised by mid-April. For BOLD Coach John Prescott, reaching his $12,000 goal for the year is simply a matter of breaking it down into $1,000 per session, times the three sessions he facilitates per week, times the four rounds that he teaches in a year. The fundraising functions on a few levels, notes Pat Mancuso, BOLD coach. It’s an opportunity to support the culture we believe in, engage in some energizing exercises, while demonstrating a belief in abundance. John Prescott 18 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  19. 19. BOLD Program BOLD To: Rino Caturano, team leader, Mission Viejo From: Steve Capen, associate, Seminole (Fla.) (Calif.) market center market center From: Dustin Wise, associate, Mission Viejo To: Pat Mancuso, MAPS coach (Calif.) market center Subject: MAPS Mastery Coaching Subject: BOLD Dustin Wise Steve Capen Rino, Pat, Where do I begin? Thank you doesn't seem strong enough, Thank you for encouraging me to hire a coach! I was but I will say it anyway. Thank you! finishing up BOLD when I made the decision to hire a MAPS coach. I have been in coaching for four months and Back in September, my business was very slow and financially just had my best month – $27,000 in GCI. (My GCI for the I was hur ting. I came to you for help and we spoke about first six months of last year was $32,000.) As I build my the BOLD program. I wanted to do it but didn't know how team and grow my business, the coaching is invaluable. My I would afford it. You encouraged me to do whatever it took MAPS coach keeps me focused on the right activities and to get in that class. You believed in me and knew I would be has given me great advice and guidance. successful. That meant the world to me! Thank you! I borrowed the money to get into the class and pursued the educational and life journey that was/is BOLD. It changed Steve not only my business but my life as well. The training that I received in regard to mindset alone was well worth the time and money invested. Now I have all these wonderful scripts and practices in place that have catapulted me into a Photos by Brian Fitzsimmons new paradigm. Not only was I able to pay back the folks I borrowed the money from, but I capped! When I started, I didn't even have the $799 that was needed for the class. Now every deal I close will be at 100 percent! Thank you so much for truly caring and pushing me toward success. You have blessed my life and career immensely. For more information on Sincerely, MAPS Coaching, log on to Dustin ROAD MAP TO ThE TOP RANKS How does a market center climb to the rank of top profit share earner? For Antelope Valley, which achieved that status in 2009, it all comes down to MAPS coaching, says Michelle El-Zaatari, productivity coach. having served in that role for three years, El- Zaatari says that she, the market center’s entire leadership team, and a number of agents are enrolled in MAPS Mastery Coaching, and ”the production in the market center is a reflection of that. I’m so pro-MAPS,” El-Zaatari says. “I’ve seen the difference it can make.” Michelle El-Zaatari Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 19
  20. 20. TOP 50 PRODUCING TEAMS* * BASED ON TRANSMITTALS RECEIVED FOR ThE FIRST qUARTER OF 2010 CLOSED TRANSACTIONS IDENTIFIED WITH THE SPECIFIC TEAM Name City, State GCI Units 1 Marnie Bennett Ottawa, Ontario $693,683.49 49 2 Express Realty Services Reston, Va. $520,682.14 102.75 3 The Heller Real Estate Group San Diego, Calif. $413,370.75 36 4 The Bocage Team Fremont, Calif. $402,790.50 49.20 5 Brandon Green Companies Washington, D.C. $385,336.11 61.50 6 Szakos & Associates Camarillo, Calif. $367,713.41 50.70 7 The Philbeck Group Orlando, Fla. $359,784.01 148 8 Brenkus Team henderson, Nev. $352,311.88 115.20 9 Rushforth Team Ottawa, Ontario $342,960.79 48 10 The Jordan Team Bonita Springs, Fla. $312,180.02 19.25 11 Muffley & Associates Atlanta, Ga. $311,616.70 35 12 Guldi Real Estate Group Waldorf, Md. $311,116.89 70 13 The Sunset Team Los Angeles, Calif. $307,197.00 11.50 14 The Millman Team Torrance, Calif. $305,129.55 29.30 15 Seybert Team henderson, Nev. $304,610.33 81.25 16 Team Silver-Westrick San Clemente, Calif. $304,317.59 9 17 Carol Royse Lifestyle Team Tempe, Ariz. $301,069.60 62 18 The Marshall Group Salt Lake City, Utah $298,695.71 69 19 The Monaghan Group Glendale, Ariz. $292,351.99 103 20 Eng Garcia Group Washington, D.C. $287,727.34 20.50 21 Fabulous Properties Team Pleasanton, Calif. $282,125.94 11 22 Kenny Klaus Team Mesa, Ariz. $282,094.67 55 23 Rhodes Team Dallas, Texas $279,929.22 37 24 Solwick Group Santa Rosa, Calif. $275,318.41 44 25 The Kink Team The Woodlands, Texas $271,669.36 28 26 Mr. Beverly hills Beverly hills, Calif. $270,829.95 33 27 The Ida Terbet Team Raleigh, N.C. $261,804.58 34 28 Smith Premier Folsom, Calif. $260,375.50 48.50 29 Middleton Team San Diego, Calif. $257,427.91 20 30 Steve Cruz & Associates San Antonio, Texas $257,157.77 90 31 Ben Kinney/home 4 Investment Team Bellingham, Wash. $257,019.44 45.65 32 Jennifer Young Team Chantilly, Va. $254,180.22 48 33 The Buehlers & Associates, Inc. Flower Mound, Texas $249,474.69 42 34 Kaushansky & Brown Team Toronto, Ontario $248,463.50 18 35 Neal and Associates Wichita, Kan. $245,929.74 28.16 36 The Jackie Ellis Team Boynton Beach, Fla. $245,098.76 47 37 Sue Adler Team Summit, Fla. $244,297.00 13 38 Stephen Cooley Team Fort Mill, S.C. $242,204.78 45 39 The Hoffman Murphy Team Hermosa Beach, Calif. $241,597.04 15 40 Noel Team Santa Monica, Calif. $237,604.75 9.10 41 The Joe Iuliucci Team Las Vegas, Nev. $235,429.29 102.50 42 Tommy Pennington Realty Group Southlake, Texas $234,562.15 18 43 Jeff Stearman Team San Clemente, Calif. $233,107.46 16 44 The Michael Reese Group Frisco, Texas $232,228.40 40.75 45 The Zeleznak Group Scottsdale, Ariz. $230,968.10 39.13 46 Elk Grove, Calif. $230,461.00 42 47 D&R Group Livonia, Mich. $230,433.01 159 48 The Graham Group St. Clair Shores, Mich. $229,917.45 110 49 Jansen Coastal Largo, Fla. $228,365.88 17 50 McCormick Team Palo Alto, Calif. $227,000.00 4 20 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  21. 21. ** AGENTS WITH THE MOST GROWTH AT THE FIRST LEVEL OF THEIR PROFIT ShARE TREE DURING ThE FIRST qUARTER OF 2010 TOP 11 STAKEHOLDERS** Name Region Market Center Agents Sponsored 1 Susan Forster California-Southern La Jolla 25 2 Peggy Wilson Carolinas Spartanburg 23 3 Ann Lucia Krauter California-Inland Empire West Foothills 19 4 Bruce Trammell Michigan-Northern Ohio Greater Cleveland Southwest 16 5 Brent Mitchell Texas-South Austin Southwest 13 6 Joan McCollom Texas-South San Antonio Ih-10 11 7 John Gafford Southwest Las Vegas Southeast /Henderson 10 8 Kathleen Rita Kelly Greater - Pennsylvania Media 9 9 Lewke Partners, Inc. Mid-American Barrington 9 10 Debbie Klink Ohio Valley Louisville highlands 9 11 Victoria Printz Texas-North and New Mexico Midland 9 TOP 30 MONEYMAKERS*** ***DATA FROM CEO REPORT USED FOR AWARD PURPOSES (KW OWNER PROFIT ADJUSTED FOR FEDERAL/STATE TAXES), FIRST qUARTER 2010. CANADIAN DOLLARS CONVERTED TO USD. Ancillary and Market Center City, State OP TL MCA Tax Adjusted Profit 1 Roseville Roseville, Calif. Wayne Hall Brent Gove Chris Apsley $124,158.87 2 Austin Southwest Austin, Texas Mary Tennant Diane Johnson Jeanie harvey $121,197.70 3 Vancouver, WA Vancouver, Wash. Patti Siebold Brian Combs Laura Uphoff $114,216.23 4 Heritage San Antonio, Texas Mark Willis Amy Massey Anna Reiswig $105,269.20 5 Bonita Springs Bonita Springs, Fla. Kim Murphy Mary Cassidy Niki Zenczak $89,295.61 6 The Woodlands The Woodlands, Texas Judith Hopkins Diane Flicker Christopher Webster $84,931.31 7 Santa Monica Santa Monica, Calif. Rick Cunningham Colette Ching Tamara Robinson $72,639.44 8 Greater Portland Portland, Maine Dottie Bowe Leanne Barschdorf Nichols Sharon Kimball $69,959.45 9 Beverly hills Beverly hills, Calif. Paul Morris Robert Aigner Matthew A. Kessell $68,296.75 10 Blue Bell Blue Bell, Pa. Michael Campo Todd Polinchock Jennifer Pouss $67,397.94 11 DFW Metro South Arlington, Texas John Davis Smokey Garrett Holly Serben $66,583.42 12 Bayside, queens Flushing, N.Y. Louis Cardenas Allison Gambone George Herrera $65,811.42 13 Hollywood Hills Los Angeles, Calif. Paul Morris Gary Reavis Carmen Guevara $64,455.97 14 Charlotte - South Park Charlotte, N.C. Ed Arrington Amy Hawke Star Waddell $62,874.19 15 San Antonio Legacy Group San Antonio, Texas Jerri Smallwood Steven Gragg Joan Adams $61,601.63 16 Houston Metropolitan Houston, Texas Mark Willis Candace Caspersen Janine Broussard Ford $61,532.95 17 Austin Northwest Austin, Texas Mary Tennant Gene Frederick Linda Timmerman $61,016.73 18 Reno North Reno, Nev. Robert Clement Melanie Kennemann Sheryl Lotz $55,339.79 19 Dallas Park Cities Dallas, Texas Mike Miller Linda Carothers James R. Giesen $54,430.22 20 Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, La. Larry Champagne Mary Garner DeVoe Cindy Newchurch $53,218.34 21 Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario Jeff Hooper Sunny Daljit Debra Bourne $53,161.56 22 Knoxville-West Knoxville, Tenn. Jeff Harrell Sharon Laing Elaine Maynard $53,021.97 23 Denver Tech Center Englewood, Colo. Pamela Kiker Anthony Carnesi Linda Dunning $52,430.26 24 Chandler/Sun Lakes Chandler, Ariz. Alison Bechtel Raejean Myers Lauren Harrigan $49,208.44 25 South Tampa Tampa, Fla. Kevin Chadwick Kevin Cahill Marta Vega $49,161.34 26 Dallas Preston Road Dallas, Texas David Osborn Brett Caldwell Sandra Griffin $48,411.29 27 Bedford-Manchester Bedford, N.H. Alan Rice Mark Mulcahy Debi Levine $48,343.07 28 Atlanta - Sandy Springs Atlanta, Ga. Shaun Rawls Steve Kout Kenneth Gardner $48,111.41 29 Elk Grove Elk Grove, Calif. Don Yoakum Mindy Demain Tim McCleary $46,964.16 30 Pembroke Pines / Miramar Pembroke Pines, Fla. Natascha Tello Rita Polit Lourdes E. Villamil $45,964.78 Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 21
  22. 22. SYSTEMATIZING SHORT SALES S U C C E S S S T R AT E G I E S F R O M A S h O R T- S A L E A F I C I O N A D O Knolly Williams is a systems kind of guy. Whether he's helping a training manual and a multi-component toolkit in order to clients who are underwater on their mortgage to negotiate a guide other agents through the often unchartered waters of short sale with their bank or running a gospel music recording short sales. Called 7 Days to Success with Short Sales, Williams company, Williams figures out what it takes to catapult a explains that the toolkit includes a 300-page training manual, business to the top, and he sticks with it. a section on the “Top 25 Ways to Generate Short-Sale Leads,” In 2003, after reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, more than 55 forms that are frequently used in short-sale Williams made the leap from the music business to real estate, transactions, more than 250 bank contacts nationwide, and an and took nearly 30 listings in his first 60 days. audio CD, which can be found at By the end of his first year he ranked among Having spent more than the top REALTORS® in Central Texas. 20,000 hours on short sales and completed more than Then he shifted his focus to short sales, 500 short sale transactions, I’ve identified the and managed to make an even full range of pitfalls and have condensed my greater mark. knowledge into a comprehensive guide." His team handled 96 “7 Days to Success with Short Sales is a system transactions last year, most of that can be equally useful to experienced agents, which were short sales. He earned as well as those who are new to the short-sale arena,” more than $450,000 in GCI and decided Williams explains. “The program teaches beginners the to join forces with Keller Williams Realty. systems that I’ve used to be successful, and helps more Now an associate with the Austin-Southwest experienced agents to take their business to the market center, Williams’ understanding next level. I’ve found that agents who have of the importance of systems and his completed as many as 50 to 100 short commitment to making a contribution sales are still often lacking in the refined wherever he goes have made him a systems that can have a powerful superior fit with the Keller Williams impact on their success." kw culture. In addition to serving as a MAPS fast-track coach who is focused on training agents on how Visit: to efficiently find, list, process and close short sale transactions, he has developed Knolly Williams Photos by Matt Lankes P R O V E P AGENT TO AGENT MARKET LAUNCHES WITH A D kw | AGENT TO AGENT MARKET 7 DAyS To SuccESS wITH SHoRT SAlES POWERED BY: MAPS COACHING Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit within so many Keller Williams associates, Keller R Williams Realty has established a new forum for agents to share their products and P T O D U C systems with the entire real estate industry. Masterminded by Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman, Keller Williams Realty, and Dianna Kokoszka, MAPS President, the Agent to Agent Market is truly a marketplace that is built by agents for agents. Real estate professionals who want to sell their ideas, systems, processes, marketing materials and training programs, to their fellow real estate professionals can apply to have their product included as an Agent to Agent approved product. To see if your entrepreneurial project would be right for Agent to Agent Market, email us at 22 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty
  23. 23. PIT Risk Management FALLS TO AVO I D W I T h ShORT SALES AND FORECLOSURES IN OUR REAL ESTATE WORLD TODAY, WE HAVE MANY COMMONPLACE TERMS WhICh WEREN’T ON OUR RADAR FIVE YEARS AGO. By Avis Wukasch To name a few: short sale, deed in lieu proper steps to be authorized. In our area, of foreclosure, foreclosure specialist and many people call themselves “short sale short sale negotiator. Of course, we all negotiators” or “loss mitigation specialists,” know short sale does not refer to the time charging exorbitant fees, despite the fact involved from contract to closing, and we that they are not licensed or registered have come to realize that in the current with the required state agency. There will market, negotiation skills are more critical surely come a time when those persons will than ever. be headlines in our area (and not in a good In light of the new landscape that we’re way). So let us remember our obligation operating in, let’s review a few words of caution concerning the listing and sale of ® as REALTORS to pay attention to what's going on around us and remember that the short sales and foreclosures. activities of one of us reflect on all of us. In some states, your real estate license The current market has also given grants you the rise to companies ability to assist and individuals your seller with “Let us remember that purchase short negotiations for a our obligation sales and resell ® short sale through them to a buyer at their lender. In as REALTORS : to a profit. Some of other states, you police our own, and these companies need additional report illegal or or individuals are registration or legitimate and some licensure with unethical behaviors are not. My best another state and activities to the advice to you: when Avis Wukasch is team leader of the Round agency in order proper authorities." someone comes to Rock (Texas) market center. Having to perform this you with a proposal recently been ranked among the 100 Most service. If you are such as this, get copies negotiating short sales for a third party of every document they use, review them Influential women in Real Estate, Avis (who is not your listed seller or a buyer carefully and have your attorney review the currently serves as a commissioner for the you represent attempting to purchase a documents as well. Texas Real Estate commission and is the short sale) you may also need additional I anticipate that in the next year or so, immediate past chairman of the board for registration or some other type of license plaintiff ’s attorneys will be advertising the Texas Association of REAlToRS®. on in your state. for sellers who believe they were treated the forefront of regulatory issues affecting It is critical that you make certain the unjustly in a foreclosure or short sale. real estate professionals in Texas, wukasch tasks you are performing for a buyer or Let’s do our due diligence and make sure is certified to teach continuing education seller are sanctioned by your real estate Keller Williams Realty is not named in any and prelicensure classes on agency, license and, if not, that you take the wrongdoing. kw marketing, law and contracts. Keller Williams Realty May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 outfront 23
  24. 24. Social Networking SOCIAL MEDIA MAVENS ShARE LEAD CAPTURE STRATEGIES By Jennifer LeClaire Finding prospects. Building relationships. Driving referrals. Social media is opening up a new world of oppor tunity for Internet-savvy real estate agents willing to invest a little time blogging and engaging in conversations on social networking sites. DIGITAL FARMING ON FACEBOOK Adler frequently congratulates people who post about their Liz Landry, associate at the Orange Park-Jacksonville (Fla.) new baby, for example, because she realizes social networking market center, is working her sphere and meeting new people is about building relationships - not by executing a strategy she calls “digital farming.” Reaching about selling houses. If you build the out to a group of people interested in a single master-planned relationship, she says, your Facebook community in Jacksonville, Landry utilizes a niche Website, a friends will turn to you when they blog and a Facebook page that offers people who live there a are ready to shop or sell a house. chance to interact. Adler’s strategy is working. “When you look at farming, you During the past year, she can trace greet people once a month. You 20 closings to REALTOR® referrals send postcards to a specific through Facebook. demographic,” Landry says. “With Facebook, you can BETTING ON specifically target a demographic NICHE BLOGS or a geographic area virtually for Mariana Wagner, an associate in the Colorado Springs free and greet them daily – and it’s South market center, says 100 percent of her new, nonrepeat, nonintrusive because we’re contributing nonreferral business is stemming from her online efforts – and useful information.” as much as 90 percent is directly related to her blog. Wagner also Landry establishes her market expertise reports getting one or two deals every month from Facebook by posting videos on the Facebook page, offering tips on real and Twitter. estate for sale, open houses and special events in the community. “With Twitter, it’s not about posting new listings. That’s not This strategy allows her to put her brand in front of prospects what gets the business,” Wagner says. “My interaction on Twitter 365 days a year without increasing her advertising budget. With – my caring about what other people are doing and interacting social media, the messages also have the potential to spread with them – that’s what gets us referrals. It’s the same with across the wider Facebook community with a single click. Facebook. You can get into trouble being all business, all the “My blog is all about real estate, but with Facebook we’re 80 time.” percent community and 20 percent real estate.” By contrast, Wagner is die-hard real estate on her blog. It’s all Landry figures she closes two or three deals a month, on real estate, all the time. That’s because, as she sees it, if someone average, through her social media efforts, but she is betting is searching about real estate and they land on her blog, they the cumulative effect of the relationship building has an even don’t want to hear about her dog. greater impact that can’t be measured. Wagner says there is still room to grow her efforts in social media. “I could be maximizing some of my Facebook fan MAKING PROFITABLE CONNECTIONS pages better by making them more Sue Adler, an associate at the Summit (N.J.) market center, is a community oriented rather than just model for quick video marketing on Facebook. She has created advertising billboards,” she says. videos about the towns she serves, as well as client testimonials, “We’ve dominated in some niche and posted them to neighborhood pages. She also “tagged” markets, and I think we can reach the videos with the names of the people who were featured. out and dominate a few more. So The campaign went viral across the social media platform, it’s not so much doing new things, showing up on YouTube, Google search and Facebook. it’s just doing what we’ve been doing “I have more than 2,500 friends on Facebook, but I’ve at a greater level.” kw separated potential clients and clients into one category and my high school friends and family into another category and other REALTORS® into a separate category.” 24 outfront May/June 2010 • vol. 7 no. 3 Keller Williams Realty