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Smart home - Smart Industry M2M
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Smart home - Smart Industry M2M


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Estrategia y Nuevos Servicios DigitalesTelefónica EspañaSmart Home
  • 2. Estrategia y Nuevos Servicios DigitalesTelefónica EspañaSmart Home & SOHOThe very first M2M B2B2C complete solution for Home & SOHO• Thinking in update your proposal for your Home & SOHO products or services?Technology is not really an issue if you trust us. Be Focus on your Customersand New Opportunities.• At Home or in Small Businesses and Offices many things can be “Smart”Security & ControlAppliancesHealthLocationEntertainmentEnergy & Other Utilities• … But prior that, you need to build and manage a complex pyramid ofplatforms, communications and devices and you are not a IT Company.Imagine the costs associate to deploy your own Solution? Telefónica has madeit for you! Get all the Scale Benefits from the first moment with no risks.
  • 3. Estrategia y Nuevos Servicios DigitalesTelefónica EspañaThe components and responsabilitiesBe able to deploy your own Smart Home & SOHO services reling on Telefonica InfrastructureYou• Value Proposition• Service design• Go to Market: Channels, Billing& First Level SupportTelefónica• End to End Servicecovering “all”Web & Mobile AppSmart Global M2M PlatformGlobal Platorm for DataAdquision & AnalysisWirelessConnectedPlug ComputerWireless Sensors& DevicesSecond Level Support foryour serviceLocal Installation &MaintenanceBoth “One payment” or“monthly fees” businessmodels supported
  • 4. Estrategia y Nuevos Servicios DigitalesTelefónica EspañaThe Wireless PlugThe Heart of the Solution and the Smart Home & SOHO enabler :• Zwave & Wifi in-home connectivity for Appliances and Sensors• 3G connectivity included with “no SIM”• Ideal for “Plug And Play” home aplications• The final customer can share it between several application companies: EffeciencyEnergy, Security, Applicances…Easy installation with no broadband connection
  • 5. Estrategia y Nuevos Servicios DigitalesTelefónica EspañaPowerhouseIt is the first service for measuring and controlling energy consumption at HomePoweredby MovistarClap sensor:-Calculate the total energyconsumption at homeRemote controlled sockets:- Can be switched on/offremotely- Meter the partial energyconsumptionOther actuators forHeat & Air ConditionControlWireless Plug:- Wireless Gatewayof the sensornetworkAllows users:• Be aware of energyconsumption• Receive alerts• Control over devices (on/off)• Control mode (eco/night/day)• Compare consumptions• Reports
  • 6. Estrategia y Nuevos Servicios DigitalesTelefónica EspañaSmart Climate Center• Turn your Smart Phone/PC in a Smart Climate Center• Measure and control your electricity consumption• With no Appliance modifications (using IR)• Easy integration with other Smart Sensors and Application• Custom integration using other standards if were neededNew capabilities for Heating/AC appliances