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Presentación Qualcomm evento Movilidad en la empresa española
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Presentación Qualcomm evento Movilidad en la empresa española


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Gaby Treiband, Director, Sales and Business Development, Key Accounts en Qualcomm, nos cuenta los cambios que están sucediendo en el paso de la era del PC a la era del móvil.

Gaby Treiband, Director, Sales and Business Development, Key Accounts en Qualcomm, nos cuenta los cambios que están sucediendo en el paso de la era del PC a la era del móvil.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 3 big trends that are top of mind in the industry - companies to deliver on all are best positioned for success
    Redefining computing
    Mobile is redefining computing to offer experiences people expect from their smartphones
    The 1000x data challenge
    Connected experiences are dramatically increasing the amount of data traffic
    Digital 6th sense
    Senses are augmented with the ability to perceive and control the content and services that correspond to the physical space that you are in
    Will cover each in detail in this presentation
  • UX ppt
  • People getting more and more attached to their smartphones
    Smartphone is the most personal device – for connectivity, productivity, entertainment
    Smartphone owners in Russia:
    At least 3/5 have played games on them
    60% or more have used smartphones to look up directions or use a map
    Over 1/2 said smartphones provide answers quickly when they need them immediately (no more arguing in bars)
  • 不需要文字
  • Architecture is shifting to mobile
    People expect smartphone experience in all computing devices
    Mobile is the most challenging design environment
    Meeting requirements is a massive engineering efforts that takes decades of experience to perfect
    Very different from PC era:
    Wireless connectivity is a must
    More than a CPU…. Requires integration of many key technologies
  • HTML format
    Tab each icon and learn more- when tap the icons related app icon will show up
    Voice over gives an example for each icon.
    News/Entertainment: Check the score of your favorite team’s match
    Shopping: Now go Amazon and find the best offer for your needs.
    In today's fast paced life, you need a mobile device that lets you talk to your friends, update your Facebook status, tweet your latest news on Twitter, find a coffee shop on Yelp®, use GPS to find directions and keep your latest game of Angry Birds in play—all at the same time.
  • Snapdragon processors combine multiple engines on a single chip. This “system on a chip” (SoC) is custom designed by Qualcomm Technologies to deliver the power you need, when you need it. Snapdragon processors make smartphones super-fast and power-efficient.
    Do you ever notice that your smartphone gets hot when you’ve been watching a movie or playing a game for a while? That’s because the processor is working too hard. It’s overheating, guzzling power all the time. See, other processors use a lot of energy going full throttle, all the time, no matter what you’re doing.
    Snapdragon processors work intelligently.
    WORDING OPTION #1: The processor is designed to perform tasks extremely fast, so devices can quickly return to a state of low power consumption, greatly extending battery life.
    WORDING OPTION #2: The processor is designed to perform tasks fast and quickly returns to a state of low power consumption, increasing battery life.
    Snapdragon processors are designed to deliver faster performance and better battery life by using just the right engines at the right power levels for the task at hand
    That means faster web-browsing and faster gaming performance - with lower battery drain and twice the battery life as other processors. Snapdragon processors keep their cool – even under demanding circumstances.
    [VIDEO] A good indicator of an inefficient battery is heat. SD processors run cool because…. Butter video to demonstrate the reality of how much less “wasted energy” there is for Snapdragon vs. others.)
    Qualcomm Technologies designs Snapdragon processors with battery life as a top priority. A device with a Snapdragon processor works smarter, not harder. So you can keep doing the things you love on your smartphone and think less about recharging.
  • Digital 6th Sense is the next step in mobile experiences
    Extension of natural senses through technology that understands us and the world around us
    Using data from physical and digital worlds to seamlessly deliver relevant information and control, based on our context, preferences and interest
    No matter where we are or what we are doing, smartphones will provide us with the right information to get it done easier, faster, and more effectively.
    Temperature in home automatically set based on presence and preferences of its occupants
    Augmented reality enables to overlay digital interface to everyday objects like TVs and lamps
    TV content suggestions based on what social network friends are watching
  • Transcript

    • 1. Qualcomm is a leader in the Mobile revolution. >11+ billion chips shipped to date 100 manufacturers shipping with Snapdragon *Includes Qualcomm reference design 1000* devices announced or commercially available
    • 2. Redefining computing Digital 6th sense The 1000x data challenge KEY INDUSTRY TRENDS DRIVING INNOVATION
    • 3. Mobile is the largest technology platform in history ~6.7 Billion Worldwide mobile connections >1 Million New smartphone users per day ~80 Billion Downloads of mobile apps 2013 ~1.2 Billion 3G/4G connection in emerging regions
    • 4. People use their Smartphones more than ever before 3 6.2 Hours 24% Smartphone owners and intenders average smartphone usage Month of our life s 6.2 hours equals 3 months in a year Source: : Qualcomm Supporting Market Research and User Experience Research Data 25% It is a huge time
    • 5. Our most important device 3/5 + use smartphone for gaming >60% 1/2 + use smartphone to look up directions Source: Google Mobile Planet Survey, May 2011. Survey respondents are smartphone owners. use smartphone to provide answers
    • 6. Mobile device trend – Higher hardware specifications Q1 2013 Q2 2012 Q4 2011 8x30 Dual Kraits Q3 2013 8x26 Quad Core 8x25 Dual Always On Core 7x27A Always ConnectedDual Always Running Core First 1GHz Apps Single Single Core 8x25Q Quad Core Newest Quad Core First Quad Core Core 3100mAh 2100mAh
    • 7. Mobile device trend – more functions Emails, Web Surfing Camera Apps and Video recorder Multimedia apps (Video Playback and Streaming, Music, eReader, …) Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti…) Maps and Navigation Gaming Phone calls and SMS
    • 8. Industry is shifting to mobile architecture The PC Era CPU-centric approach The Mobile Era Integrated technology
    • 9. People demand a lot from their smartphones News/ Entertai nment Text Email/Cal endar Apps Shopp ing Movies Voice Video Intern et access Maps Photogra Social networ phy king
    • 10. Everything INTO a single chip Each Snapdragon processor is a system of dedicated engines that work together to deliver unbeatable performance and power-efficiency. CPU Central Processing Unit GPU Graphics Processing Unit DSP Digital Signal Processor Overall processing speed Fast, responsive graphics Crystal clear voice calls Connectivit Fast downloads, uploads and y navigation Multimedia Smooth video and clear audio Sensors Keep your phone ready to go Camera High resolution photos and video Display For high-resolution screen images @2013 Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved
    • 11. Designed for long battery life The system-in-a-chip design performs tasks extremely fast, using only the parts of the processor required for the task at hand. It the quickly returns to a state of low power consumption, greatly extending battery life. Unbeatable performance and powerefficiency.
    • 12. Snapdragon thermal advantage S3 MSM8660 Competitor 0 Minutes S4 MSM896 0 S3 MSM8660 Competitor 5 Minutes Source: Qualcomm data. Running CPU-centric benchmark Dhrystone. Case temperature limit is 45°C S4 MSM896 0 Competitor S3 MSM8660 25 Minutes S4 MSM896 0
    • 13. Smartphones will help provide a Digital 6th Sense Lighting Inside Temperat ure Multimedi a Security Fitness Sync To Cloud Friends Watching
    • 14. “If you have a smartphone chances are pretty good that it’s powered by one of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets” -TechCrunch Source: : TechCruch, 08/2011