Desarrollo de aplicaciones modern ui para windows 8


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Seminario para Desarrolladores sobre Windows 8. Tuvo lugar en las oficinas de Microsoft Ibérica el día 16 de abril de 2013.

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  • “Let’s talk Windows. We like to talk of Windows 8 as Windows reimagined with a new start screen, unified input across touch, mouse and keyboard but preserving all the great work that we did in Windows 7”.Makes Windows 7 even better --- Everything that runs on Windows 7 still runs on Windows 8 (in the same architecture)Reimagines Windows from chipset to experiencenew range of capabilities, scenarios and form factors
  • and one key point I want to make is that we don’t see Windows 8 as a slate OS or a tablet OS. We see it as a unifying OS. Spanning different kinds of devices and we’ve done a tonne of work to make that happen.
  • This is the summary for the previous demos.. Mention Windows on ARM since you can’t show it..
  • Now that you have seen what the new Windows looks like, let’s talk about the platform.
  • Mentions these are not in order of importance. Hint of Windows on ARM, but don’t add it as a bullet.
  • Every language is a first class citizen.. This is the official slide, Direct X is missing from this slide.. But you can show it..
  • This is the only C++ demo for the day… It is a hellow world in C++ … ---Create new EMPTY C++ Application Open BlankPage.xamlType <Button Content="ClickMe" Click=“ Let intellisense complete it for you..Click Navigate to Event handler In the even handler , slowly, letting intellisense do the job, type auto dlg = ref new Windows::UI::Popups::MessageDialog ( "Hello world" ); dlg->ShowAsync(); Press F5 Show the compiling of CPP Run the app.. Show the DLLs that were loaded .. No .NET (for XAML) .. Show the UI in Hello World is themed.. Mention that MessageDialog is a
  • Native == performance .. There are no abstractictions here.. It is literally v-table pointer jumps.. C++ now has a new presentation language. On-going investment with XAML… tooling investment.. You can also do DirectX …. If your schedule allows definitely show a DX game..
  • Create a Camera Capture UI demo. Seamless integration with devices and OS resources.
  • This is CSharpWinRT demo.Demonstrate calling WInRT, demonstrate the previous statements as we did in C++. ** if you need help coding, the source is available, or look at the MessageDialog sample in the SDK ***Create File New Project in C#.. Select Blank Application template Add a button and an image to the BlankPage.xaml use intellisense.. <Button Content="Click Me" Click="Button_Click_1" /> <Image x:Name="selectedImage" Width="400" Height="400" > </Image>4. – Now add some code.. We are addng two snippets.. Commands this time.. One to show async..If you are not comfortable typing so much.,. Skip the image part, just show the dialog and the filePicker..
  • You just saw that WinRT leverages the Async pattern to keep the UI responsive.. This happens across all languages.. The WINRT API has meta data that the platform uses to create projections that make using the API very natural.. There is a lot of power behind WInRT… a few lines of code and we had a dialog selecting a file using a common UX paradigm that all users will be familiar with promptly..
  • Different languages work together. Write Library code in C++ or C# consumable by all (but must be included in package).Subset of Win32 APIsAgain projectionJS casing exampleControl type differences across.Mix and match different languages. Windows runtime objects or components basically DllsWinMD files, can use subset of Win32 APIs, can expose functionality to all languages through “projection” We take care of making sure that these projections work in the way the origional language intended, controling types, casing, etc. Allows writing native C++ code with xaml UI.Adapted from slides 18 and 19 of PLAT-874T
  • Reference: --- Mention more will come later.. In the Microsoft design session
  • Now that we have introduced the architecture and a bit of the language.. We need to move to the new App Execution Environment..
  • Installation process:From the store, you will trigger an install.. This pulls the bytes from the cloud, validates it, and installs it.. Installation is per user.. [windows traditionally has been per machine].. Behind the scenes, we have a single instance store.. So the apps are installed once.. The registration is per user.. Extension handlers.. System handles setup and uninstall automatically – allows us to guarantee that installed app will not be making permanent changes – nothing left after uninstall.Download app package (zip) goes to package manager
  • The app package (Appx) is abb OPC file ( a zip) The package It includes anything necessary to deploy or uninstall – It includes capabilities and declartions so we know the impact in the system. In the package you will see JS files etc. If in C++ see .dll files and what you would expect. Blockmap is a series of hashes for each block in your package. Combination of signature + blockmap verifies the package.. It can be validated as it comes off-the wire… we don’t have to download the whole thing..
  • Show it in VS and rawIf not declared can’t use at runtime. Protect system integrity. Privacy implications of devices. System prompts the user – make sure when you use you handle this possiblity, expect they may be blocked at runtime from lack of user consent. Some have no privacy implications (e.g. sensors) don’t need to be declared.VS provides a nice graphical container.Slide condensed from slides APP-389T (slides 9-13)
  • Demonstrate capabilities. If you did it earlier,
  • S
  • Talking about appdata specifically, will talk about user data later when we look at skydrive, etc.Slide 8 from PLAT-475T
  • Key, app does not have to do much – whole infrastructure built for you.Writes local and system takes care of the rest – some limitations, we will cover later.Slide 8 from PLAT-475T
  • [Speak to bullets as presented above]Analytics DetailsKey pivots:Audience demographics (age, gender, country)Device class (tablet, laptop, etc.)Paid vs. FreeKey MeasuresVol. of apps (download and submissions)Top grossingTop AppsRatingsReviewsApp quality (hangs, crashes)App performance (relative to category/sub-category)Referrals (how did people discover your app?)
  • Demonstrate the store. Make sure you cover Editorial Categories App listing Rankings
  • Windows reimaginedFor consumers, for developers
  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones modern ui para windows 8

    1. 1. demo
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    3. 3. demo
    4. 4. App gets 5s to handlesuspendApp is not notifiedbefore terminationApps are notifiedwhen they have beenresumedUserLaunches AppSplashscreen
    5. 5. Seamless dataaccessData RoamingPerformantNative platformCapabilitiesdrivenHigh isolation
    6. 6. Paid downloads, trials, and in-app purchases. Youkeep 70% of the first $25k, 80% of the restMicrosoft Confidential 30Robust analytics for free, including demographics,reviews, referrals, and usage & performance statisticsUse your own commerce engine and keep 100%or use the Windows Store’s full commerce platformThe Windows StoreAdvertise with Microsoft Advertising or yourpreferred ad vendor.
    7. 7. demo
    8. 8. A new Windows UI where touch is a first-classcitizen along with full mouse-and-keyboardsupportNew development models built on WinRT, includingnative support for HTML/CSS/JS, C#/XAML,C++/DirectXDesigned from the chipset up for multiple form-factors – tablets, laptops, desktops & all-in-onesThe Windows Store on every device with a fullcommerce platform and flexibility