New Presentation For Preflix Advertising Program 4 24 11 For Linked In And Facebook


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New Preflix Ad Program Information 4-24-11

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New Presentation For Preflix Advertising Program 4 24 11 For Linked In And Facebook

  1. 1. Welcome to…Preflix Advertising Program
  2. 2. Hello I’m Jim Karston Jr. Rolling out the Red Carpet for you!Proprietary and Confidential Information 2
  3. 3. Now Showing Your Business Drive Traffic to…Proprietary and Confidential Information 3
  4. 4. Your Business in front of Millions of Captive Movie Patrons Cinema companies pursuing advertising sales should emphasize attractive demographics and their Imagine Your Business on-screen unique captive environment at local Movie Theatres in front of as their primary value. Moviegoers are a captive, Millions of Captive Movie Patrons attentive audience who are more available to advertising messages due to We will drive major the unique mediaenvironment. Without remote traffic to your Web & controls and other devicesthat interrupt the viewing and v Social Media Sites listening experience, cinema audiences are some of the most available to advertising in the world. Arbitron Cinema StudyWe are #1 when is comes to taking care of Local Businesses!Proprietary and Confidential Information 4
  5. 5. A Few Facts About Cinema Advertising No ad skipping technologies 100% customer engagement with entertaining pre-shows Growing Media – Annual growth of 12.7% in 2010 2 BILLION in attendance in 2010: Enormous Exposure Low Advertiser Clutter, Limited Ad space Up to 70 foot screens with larger than life images High Quality images & sound delivered in a dark auditorium Americas favorite entertainment destination The Only Advertising Vehicle Where Your Message Is Viewed On The Big Screen By A Captive, Engaged And Receptive ConsumerProprietary and Confidential Information 5
  6. 6. Preshow Timeline of New Releases… Audiences arrive on average about 24 minutes early to the show I’m so glad Yeah, Great seats. They are in we’re early! their seats on average of 19 minutes early, plenty of time to see the 15 min. Preflix ProgramOVER 100 Million Movie Tickets Are Sold Each Month In The U.S. Proprietary and Confidential Information 6
  7. 7. Nearly 300 Theatres With Over 2,400 Screens - 22 of top 25 DMA’s, 38 of top 50 DMA’sProprietary and Confidential Information (DMA) = Designated Market Area 7
  8. 8. Minnesota Markets & AttendanceCity Theatre Name Circuit Name/Type Screens Attendance Annual MoviesAlbert Lea The Mall Cinema 7 CEC Digital 7 86,265 6,945Austin CineMagic 7 Theatres CineMagic Theatres Digital 7 120,000 8,258Baxter Movies 10 Westgate Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 10 297,201 15,300Bemidji Amigo 9 Theatre CEC Digital 9 217,289 10,710Breckenridge Cinema 6 CEC Slide 6 56,427 5,940Burnsville Atlantis 15 Theatres CineMagic Theatres Digital 15 750,000 21,840Champlin Champlin 14 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital14 254,102 25,550Delano Delano Theatre 5 Muller Family Theatres Digital 5 72,500 7,200East Bethel East Bethel Cinema Muller Family Theatres Digital 10 127,594 12,500Faribault Fairbo Cinema 6 CEC Slide 6 65,032 5,940Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Cinema 8 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 8 147,181 12,400Hibbing Hibbing Cinema 8 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 8 137,313 12,400Hopkins Hopkins Cinema 6 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 6 344,227 9,300Hutchinson Century 9 Theatres CineMagic Theatres Digital 9 130,000 9,360Lakeville Lakeville Theatre 21 Muller Family Theatres Digital 21 610,000 28,465Maple Grove Maple Grove 10 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 10 168,519 14,000Marshall Marshall 6 CEC Slide 6 105,638 5,940Monticello Monticello 15 Theatre Muller Family Theatres Digital 15 283,000 27,300Mountain Iron Cinema 6 CEC Slide 6 86,864 5,940Plymouth Willow Creek 12 Muller Family Theatres Digital 12 371,000 21,840Plymouth Plymouth Cinema 12 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 12 414,027 21,900Rochester Hollywood Stadium 12 CineMagic Theatres Digital 12 350,000 20,440Rochester Chateau Theatres CineMagic Theatres Digital 14 500,000 24,994Rogers Rogers 18 Muller Family Theatres Digital 18 192,000 32,850St. Louis Park Park 6 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 6 178,138 10,950St Michael Metropolitan CineMagic Theatres Digital 15 500,000 21,840St Paul Grandview Theatres 1 & 2 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 2 87,642 3,000St Paul Highland Theatres 1 & 2 Mann Theatres, Inc. Digital 2 82,205 3,000Waconia Waconia Cinema Muller Family Theatres Digital 6 113,594 7,000White Bear White Bear Theatre Muller Family Theatres Digital 17 419,798 30,000Winona Winona 7 CEC Digital 7 165,182 8,205_______Totals 31 Theatres 4 Circuits 295 7,337,488 446,177 Proprietary and Confidential Information 8
  9. 9. 74% of Americans Attend the Movies!Proprietary and Confidential Information Average person goes to about 5.5 Movies a year 9
  10. 10. Frequent Moviegoers Have a Higher Income! INCOME OF FREQUENT MOVIEGOERS60% 57%50%40%30% 23%20% 7% 10%10% 4% 0% $15K $24K $34K $49K $50K+ Frequent moviegoers see 12 or more films per yearProprietary and Confidential Information 10
  11. 11. Why Cinema?Proprietary and Confidential Information 11
  12. 12. •“The marketplace realizes that movies at the theatre are big event offerings,with new titles launching every weekend,” “The results clearly demonstratethat consumers bond with brands they see advertised in cinema, which drivesconsideration and purchase intent, leading to increased brand trial and loyalty.This research compares advertising in theatres to the same creative in high-profile TV events such as the Super Bowl, Golden Globes, Oscars or Emmys.”Proprietary and Confidential Information said Michael Chico, CAC Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Research. 12
  13. 13. Showcase your Business in front of these Huge Blockbusters coming soon…Proprietary and Confidential Information 13
  14. 14. Showcase your Business in front of these Huge Blockbusters coming soon…Proprietary and Confidential Information 14
  15. 15. 4 Reasons you should be on-screen Now!Did you know ONLY 4 MOVIES in the entire history ofmovies, SOLD over $100 MILLION in just 2 days?* The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Nov 20, 2009* Batman: The Dark Knight - July 18, 2008* Spider-Man: 3 - May 04, 2007* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest - July 07, 2006 All 4 of these movies have sequels Coming Soon!Proprietary and Confidential Information 15
  16. 16. Partnering with Preflix is easy and effective!Consultant… Reserve your Ad space & customize your Ad campaign.Creative Staff… Brainstorm, Develop, Innovate, Evolve new ideas.Design Team… Create your brand and top of mind awareness.Production… We will produce your custom high quality commercial.Implement… Place your Ad on-screen in local Movie Theatres of your choice.Results… Create Brand Recognition. Become the latest household name. Evolve your business to the current century. Deliver direct sales & drive new revenue streams.Our bottom line is to develop brilliant Marketing Ideas, deliver them to the Big Screen and take your business to the next level!Proprietary and Confidential Information 16
  17. 17. Increase your Viewership, Customer Loyalty & Brand Awareness We have limited inventory space, so reserve yours today!Proprietary and Confidential Information 17
  18. 18. Contact information… • For a FREE Marketing Consultation Call or Click today… • James W. Karston Jr. • • 763-222-4362 Cell • 763-390-5131 Fax • THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! www.UniqueScreenMedia.comProprietary and Confidential Information 18