Road safety tips on driving vehicles


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Do you know more than million peoples are killed in road accidents every year. The majority of the dead are not even in the car, but onlooker. The term road traffic safety is about the risk of a person being killed or seriously injured while using the road network as a pedestrian, cyclist, driver or user of on road public transport.

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Road safety tips on driving vehicles

  1. 1.  Before Driving • Check your vehicle and road condition for driving. • Should always carry your Driving License, registration certificate, insurance certificate, pollution control certificate, permits and vehicle fitness certificates with you. Vehicles should not be drive • During consumption of Alcohol Impaired Driving. • When tired, sick or injured, angry or upset.
  2. 2.  Knew - your vehicle before on drive • Should know the features of vehicle while going to drive. Example - Anti-lock brakes, 4-wheel drive. • Should be able to turn on wipers, washers, headlights, indicators etc. Fasten your seat belt • Fasten the seat belt before you start. • It should be worn comfortable to keep you safe in your seat in time of collision occurs.
  3. 3.  Tyres• Check out the pressure of the tires.• Proper tire pressure provides better mileage and safer driving.• Check tires for damage or wear.
  4. 4.  Keep left Keep always left to the road or in left-hand lane on multi-lane roads, unless you want to turn right or to overtake another vehicle. Use indicators Indicators inform other drivers that what you want to do, so that they can make adjustments accordingly.
  5. 5.  Stopping The Vehicle • You should check the mirrors to stop the vehicles smoothly. • Sit properly so that breaking is easy. • Do not press the clutch or release the gears from the distance.
  6. 6.  Basic parking rules: • Do not park the vehicle on the part of a road where traffic is flowing. • Do not park the vehicle where you do not have any clear view for at least 50 meters in directions. • Park the vehicle where it will not block. • Look around and make sure before opening the door. Close the door as soon as you can.
  7. 7.  • Park your vehicle on the left side in the direction of the traffic. • After parking your vehicle, always turn off the ignition and the lights, remove the key and lock the door to stop theft.
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