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Voc.1 term1 11 12

Voc.1 term1 11 12






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    Voc.1 term1 11 12 Voc.1 term1 11 12 Presentation Transcript

    • 1. Dribble (v): kicking or tapping a ball in order to move it / to move a ball along using small repeated movements of the foot, the hand, or a stick
    • 2. Tackle:
      • * to take the ball away from the player you're playing against.
      • .* attempt to stop opponent's progress: in football, field hockey, and some other games, a physical challenge against
      • an opposing player who has the ball, puck, or other object of possession.
      • A tackle is made by seizing and forcing the opponent to
      • the ground in football, by using the foot in soccer, and with the stick in field hockey
      • .
    • 3. Hat-trick:
      • three goals scored by the same
      • player in one match of soccer
    • 4. Tournament: a sport competition
    • 5. get together : (v) meet
    • 6. Striker (n): a player who mainly attacks and scores goals
    • 7. Penalty spot (n): a spot in the soccer field from which penalty kicks are taken.
    • 8. Opponent (n): someone that you play against
      • Sport teams should do their best when the
      • ______________________ begins.
      2. I feel lonely, so I really like it when my friends and I ______________. 3. All Manchester players felt awful when the referee pointed towards the ______________. Rarely can any goalkeeper protect his nets from such strong kicks. 4.What is so special about my favorite player is the way he ____________ the ball when he’s in the middle of the playground, and also the strong and manly way he _____________ it when he’s a defense player. tournament get together penalty spot dribbles tackles
    • 5. Ronaldinho was nominated as the best _____________ in the world this year. He scored 25 awesome goals. 6.It is never easy for any player to get a ________________ in a world cup match. 7.Good defense players shouldn’t give their ______________ any chance to score. striker hat -trick opponents