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Marketing report

  1. 1. pimpmy facebook design & mar keting MARKETING REPORT
  2. 2. This is a compilation of all the techniques I have learned and used to get my page to over10,500 fans in around 9 months. Silent tagging got me over the threshold from 1500 fans to8000 with a huge increase in sales, this is particularly useful if you are open to sales from allover the world.I also used a paid promotion from Fan Page Promote which generated around 35-60 new fansper day, this was back when they had 14,000 fans now they have over 40,000 so its a huge fanbase to promote your page to.Silent taggingThere are a number of pages set up to help promote your page and get new fans to your page,they use a method called silent tagging. This involves sharing the status that the page is havinga silent tagging session, use the @ symbol to tag your page (type @ with no space then starttyping your page name, when it comes up hit enter), this way the fans just hover over yourpage name (which will turn blue) and click the like button, you then need to go through andlike the other pages. Listed below is a list of tagging pages I have compiled. These run at alltimes of the day, I suggest liking all the pages so you are kept up to date with when the silenttagging is going to happen.It’s a good idea once you have finished the ladder, to put a status update so right away youappear in the news feed of your new fans.Don’t bombard your fans with too many posts, if you need to upload a bunch of photos, uploadto an album rather than each photo one at a time. This can clog up a persons news feed andmake them want to unlike your page.New fans are not guaranteed to generate new business, but the more people that see yourupdates, specials, promos the more chance you have to make a sale. The more interactive youkeep your page, by encouraging people to comment on your posts, the more reach your postswill have as each person who comments, that comment will be seen by their friends. I havefans on my page who comment on a special I run and 6 months later actually purchase theproduct, if you keep your presence out there it will eventually pay off. Your posts just need tobe “in the right place at the right time”.On the last page of this report are links to over 40 pages available for networking.Paid promotionsThere are a few pages available to do this, when i was first starting out i would get between35-60 new fans a day which is great when you are just starting out, pricing is under $20, I wouldgenerally get one new sale a day while the promotion was running. all should know by now running a competition on your page like “when we get to 500 fansthere is a giveaway”, “like this photo to go in the draw”, etc, etc is against facebook policy. Theonly way to run a facebook competition that adheres to facebook policy is through a third partyapplication. I have used easypromos using the free compeition with good results. I decided totry the more expensive ($130) where entrants had to post their profile pic, get their friends andfans to vote for them and the one with the most fans won, the reason this one was so expensiveis because it required the voter to like the page before voting. I got a lot of new fans (around300) but not sure if they converted to sales. also has set up a new “offer” function which is a great way to get your offer out there,when someone redeems the offer, it gets shared on their wall for their friends to see.
  3. 3. Custom URLTo create a custom url go to and select the name you would like,if its available. Insert your URL on to your email signatures, print them on your business cardsand stationery to get word out how to find your page.How to load a contact form to your page the link and click start, follow the instructions on screen. Its always good to save theemail address of any new contacts you generate for future marketing purposes.Status updatesIf you need to post a few updates in one day then space them apart a couple of hours, this waythey are more likely to appear in the news feed of your fans. Updates with a photo are morelikely to be seen by your fans.Pay attention to your insights, see what time of the day is most effective and what content getsthe most response.Don’t make all your posts about business, ask questions, make comments that get people likingor comment on your page, this helps the chance of your posts being seen in your fans news feed.Facebook allows you to plan when your posts are displayed, this option is in the status updatebox.Using facebook as pageWhile you are using “facebook as page”, comment on other posts, like other pages, the moreactive you are as a page the more chance there is people will find your page. Don’t bombardother pages saying “new fan” as they will likely delete your post, but just have an active presenceon facebook as your page.Facebook adsFacebook ads are a very affordable way of reaching your target audience. You can target tolocation, age, sex, education etc. You pay on a “per click” basis and can reach a big audience foraround $50If your page does not come up in a searchLog a report here coverYour timeline cover is a powerful piece of real estate to show your fans what your page is allabout and what you have to offer, its against facebook policy to use any contact details on herebut you can promote yourself by using images and words explaining what you do.WebsiteIf you have a website you can have a direct feed of your website as a tab on your facebook page.Facebook shopYou can have a shop on your facebook page where people can buy products directly from you,all you need is a paypal account and you are on your way.Final wordsThe test page I used started at 129 fans and after 5 days was at 390, overnight without doinganything the page was at 407 so the power of people liking the page starts to get viral. Thisinvolved silent tagging a couple of times per day, I also paid for a promotion on fan pagepromote but this had not started when the fan base got to 407. Good luck with your page, justremember to keep your page active, use post planner to ensure you get at least one post up perday and keep interacting as your page.
  4. 4. Silent Tagging