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Owbc Spare Update Ounce Pinch1 In Progress
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Owbc Spare Update Ounce Pinch1 In Progress


1st update from Ounce Pinch, 1st generation OWBC spare.

1st update from Ounce Pinch, 1st generation OWBC spare.

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  • 1. OWBC Spares Update Ounce Pinch
  • 2. Remember the last time we saw Ounce? He and his girlfriend Julie Young (ex-townie teen) were busy munching their way through a lifetime supply of pizza from their time at University. But let us start at the beginning…
  • 3. Ounce’s parents; Inch and Jaiden Pinch. Inch is the founder of my Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge and his wife Jaiden Danahar used to be a waitress down at Crypt’O Nightclub. Ounce is one of twins of the first generation, second mandatory, pregnancy.
  • 4. Ounce was a funny-looking toddler who at first glance seemed to be bald but actually had some downy CC hair. At the time I thought his cheeks were a bit saggy-looking and I didn’t expect very much from him in terms of looks.
  • 5. As Ounce grew into a child he suddenly became much more promising looking.
  • 6. When Ounce hit the teens there was no doubt that he had managed to collect some of the best genes from his mother and father. I added the guy-liner because I really liked the way it accentuates his big brown eyes.
  • 7. Ounce had rolled Romance and the Match maker pulled out all the stops the day Ounce asked her for a blind date and gave him a three-bolter. Julie Young, also Romance, didn’t take long to get into the way of OWBC life and was very soon appointed to become Ounce’s wife.
  • 8. When Ounce became a YA I naturally let Julie join him at University and together with the OWBC heir, Oka Pinch, they joined Bushel Pinch and Meadow Thayer at Gry Greek house.
  • 9. “ Morning Ounce.” “Morning Boobies” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)
  • 10. Ounce’s Uni days flew by with streakings, heartfarts, * mountainshade1 cancels visit campus * and itchy graduation hats, and all of a sudden it was time it was time to move back to Greenhill and begin life as a spare in earnest.
  • 11. I use the word “earnest” in the strictest sense as I decided not to let them live off motherlode as is customary for spares, but let them work and reach their LTW which happily for me were both career related. This work wear never fails to make me giggle. Yes Ounce, you look lovely.
  • 12. Just a shot of one of the many reasons why I love The Sims2; the sheer bizarre-ness.
  • 13. Blue rings – Yay! As both Ounce and Julie are Romance I had to act quickly the day neither of them had the fear of getting engaged.
  • 14. They are a lovely couple and actually rarely roll the want to be with other people. Time to “Try for Baby”?
  • 15. I do my best to make my sims keep in touch with their families and naturally my simself has to pop in now and then to keep an eye on everyone. Bushel and Meadow are being ultra romantic here with an autonomous “Dance Kiss” in Ounce’s kitchen.
  • 16. Ounce apparently does not approve on his one-nice-point nephew’s bouncing on the bed. This is Bushel and Meadow’s eldest son, Byte.
  • 17. Here we see how I sneakily managed to get Ounce and Julie married one evening while Kim and I were visiting.
  • 18. Shadey: “Books.” Kim: “Sooo funny.” See? No one noticed the red rings.
  • 19. Soon it was time for Ounce and Julie’s little one to enter Greenhill. Nice bit of heartfarting there Ounce, and Julie, smiling??
  • 20. It’s a girl, brown eyes and red hair. I shall call her Lea. Oh yes, Lea is a measuring name. A Lea is a traditional unit of length for yarn. Typically a lea of wool is 80 yards (73 meters) and a lea of cotton or silk is 120 yards (110 meters).
  • 21. Because all sim babies look the same I am skipping to the part where Lea grows into a toddler. Please excuse Riolana and I, but he is hot is he not?
  • 22. One last look at Lea before she becomes a toddler.
  • 23. Crikey! That was quite a head of hair for a young child. Even little Lea seems a bit unsure of it. I think a make-over is required.
  • 24. There she is, Lea Pinch; a spitting image of her dad apart from her red hair which she has inherited from her granddad Inch.
  • 25. As an only child it didn’t take long for her to learn all her toddler skills.
  • 26. Her uncle Olf soon became her favourite uncle.
  • 27. Here they’re trying out the AL interaction “Peek-a-Boo” Yes, that is a nanny in the background, quite a good one too; I have been making Ounce tip her everyday. :D
  • 28. Soon Lea is happily playing in the puddle in the kitchen again. Where is your doting uncle Olf, Lea?
  • 29. Silly me, I forgot I had invited Caffie over too. The simself of Caffie is Olf’s (almost) fiancee and the two are almost inseparable.
  • 30. But it didn’t take long before “Be tossed by” appeared in Lea’s queue.
  • 31. Unfortunately Olf isn’t used to ceilings yet. :P
  • 32. I’m sure Julie is not the only one who is keen to meet Olf and Caffie’s little one. Sadly I’m the simming-world’s slowest updater and I hope all of you will accept my sincere apologies for keeping you in this stewing suspense. The baby will appear and the wedding will happen, but it will be a while yet. Arm yourselves with patience, simming comrades.
  • 33. Can anyone guess why I choose this career for Ounce?
  • 34. Makes for interesting dinner conversations if nothing else. Mind you, it doesn’t seem like Olf has noticed his big brother is in the buff.
  • 35. Just one last look at Lea, doing what toddlers love best, before her Birthday.
  • 36. “ Darling Lea, let auntie Shadey help you blow out those candles.” “Toooot!”
  • 37. Apart from the biggish flatish nose, I’d say she grew up very nicely. But now she looks less like her dad, what are Julies genes doing to her? I really look forward to see her as a teen.
  • 38. And then the customary picture of the birthday child plunging her arm into the cake.
  • 39. But as there are sims present (Olf and to a certain extent Caffie) who are currently living in the OWBC house and who thus are following the Beyond Cheesy mini challenge, it was important to get the cake cleaned up before anyone took an illegal piece.
  • 40. Sim-Shadey had no qualms helping herself to a bag of crisps, trapping the birthday girl between two chairs in the process.
  • 41. Is it just me or is my simself smiling behind her hand?
  • 42. It was a nice enough birthday for Lea, and though Olf and Caffie behaved in a way that is hardly appropriate for a child’s birthday…
  • 43. … It no doubt helped bring up the party score. Doesn’t Olf Just look super pleased with himself?
  • 44. Life goes on, lea builds nice snowmen and our nice nanny gets her fun up by kicking the ornamental flamingos. I keep forgetting to dismiss the nanny, perhaps I’ll just let her come round every day, she can be quite amusing.
  • 45. One time, while Ounce was studying in his underwear *whistles innocently*…
  • 46. … The nanny came over to cheer for the picture of Alan Davies (  ) …
  • 47. … and then walked right through the desk while giving Ounce a dirty look. - So naturally she’s a keeper.
  • 48. And now for a funny glitch which perhaps should worry me, but which is just too funny for me to do so. Can anyone guess what it is?
  • 49. Yeah, Julie is making out with the invisible man, and loving it!
  • 50. And to spice things up they are doing it in full view of Cyd Roseland (who had come over to scold Julie for spying at him through the telescope), Remnington the man maid and Dagmar the post woman.
  • 51. Cyd: “It’s quite alright Mrs. Pinch, I will just wait till you’re done.”
  • 52. Eww, I thought Cyd was coming over to slap Julie for spying on him but it seems he has come over for an opportunistic boobie grab. And Reminigton is just loving it. :P
  • 53. Meanwhile, the invisible husband amuses himself in the kitchen, juggling bottles.
  • 54. But being invisible quickly wears thin so I’m going to see if taking Ounce to a community lot will help cure his invisibility.
  • 55. Taxi driver: “How are you today sir?” Ounce: “To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a little washed out.”
  • 56. Thankfully it worked and I can see my lovely Ounce again… and so can he. Now scoot off back home; the headmaster has been invited for tonight.
  • 57. Back home Ounce finds the house overrun with family and friends.
  • 58. Still, we’ll do our best to impress. Hm, why do my headmasters always do this when you ask them if they want a tour?
  • 59. Headmaster: “Say, some of these children seem awfully familiar.”
  • 60. As there are sims from the main OWBC house present, the meal consists of wholesome Grilled Cheese. Lea: “Who are the rats?” Lea! That’s not a very nice way to speak about your cousins.
  • 61. “ But they scare me.” I can see Lea’s point; these two are Byte and Bale, her uncle Bushel’s clone sons who only have one nice point each.
  • 62. As it happened it was my little Fry who took the seat beside Lea, and my oh my; doesn’t she look pleased(!)
  • 63. Even though I have bought a bigger table there wasn’t enough space for everyone.
  • 64. I always thought Olf and Fry made a fine pair, look at them there, both indoors in big winter jackets, eating Grilled Cheese with gloves on. Styyylish!
  • 65. Spot the OWBC heir with all the nice points. Yes yes Oka, I am planning to play the OWBC household again soon.
  • 66. Lea (thinking): “Why did mum have to invite the whole family, the headmaster will rejects us for sure.”
  • 67. Fry; “Mum, is it true that Caffie is really hot?”
  • 68. Three guesses as to who told him that. :P Quit looking so innocent Olf and stop corrupting my little boy.
  • 69. But the headmaster is all for corrupting young minds and readily accepted Lea into his private school. Nice one Olf.
  • 70. Just before I go, I want to show you this picture of Ounce putting the finishing touches to a painting of Will Wright holding a blue pill and a red pill, Matrix-style.
  • 71. I’ll have the blue pill, thank you very much Mr. Wright. :D Cheers for now and happy simming everyone.